How To Find the Radioactivity Suit In Biomutant

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The Anti-Radiation Suit is an essential item if you want to explore the Radiation Zones in the game. Find out how to find the Radioactivity Suit in Biomutant.

There are different environmental zones scattered around in the game. One of those zones is the Radioactive Zone. When you enter any Radioactive Zone, a radiation meter on your upper right shows up and slowly counts up to 100%.

Once the meter reaches 100%, you get damaged every second longer you stay inside a Radioactive Zone. There are certain quests where you are required to explore a Radiation Zone, so you’ll have to get some resistance, one way or another.

There are two ways to increase your Radioactivity Resistance stat. The first way is by spending Bio Points to increase your stats by 10%. This method requires you to spend at least 10 Bio Points to get to 100% Radioactivity Resistance.

Anything lower than 100% will only slow down the build-up of your radiation meter, but you’ll still get damaged once it reaches 100%.

The second method is by equipping some armor or clothes with some Radioactive Resistance. This is where the Radioactivity Suit in Biomutant comes in. The Radioactivity Suit offers the highest Radioactivity Resistance Stat in the game. It will allow you to explore Radiation Zones with ease.

Follow the steps below to find out how exactly to get the Radioactivity Suit in Biomutant.

The Radioactivity Suit Quest

The first step to finding the Radioactivity Suit is, of course, triggering the quest. You can’t get it if you don’t have the quest. Triggering the quest is similar to the other suits like the Biohazard Suit. All you have to do is enter any Radioactive Zone. This should automatically play a short cutscene and start the quest.

The Radioactivity Pingdish

Once you’ve activated the quest, you’ll have to find the Radioactivity Pingdish. You’ll have to use it to locate the suit itself.

The Pingdish is located in the Surfipelago, so you’ll have to get your Googlide ready. The Radioactivity Pingdish is Pingdish 3F. You’ll have it marked down on your map if you’ve already been there before.

There are a few enemies within the area, so be prepared for a fight. They should be relatively easy to take down since they only have standard attacks. However, there is a big armored enemy, so you should still be careful.

After defeating the enemies, head to the satellite or Pingdish, where you’ll have to solve a rotation puzzle. It’s a simple puzzle that only requires you to match each color, so you should be able to do it in no time.

Moving the Pingdish to find the Radioactivity Suit in Biomutant

Just move the Pingdish until you get a very fast pulse from the satellite. You should aim it within the area of the destroyed building in the nearby Biohazard Zone, and you should be able to get a Ping.

The Signal Back

Once you’ve found the signal, you should be given a new marker named Bangshelter 2G. Bangshelter 2G is roughly 1000m away, and you’ll have to use your Googlide to access this area.

Be careful as you approach the area since there is a relatively tough miniboss guarding the entrance. The Tincan Tougho can deal some pretty solid damage using his laser attacks, so make sure to dodge properly.

If you can dodge his lasers right and get up close to him, you should quickly take him down. He doesn’t have a good melee attack, so make sure to spam your melee combos to defeat him.

Inside the Bangshelter, you can find a turret hanging from the ceiling. The best way to deal with the turret is to simply dodge his laser as you approach him and fire your ranged weapon once you are close enough.

That should be the last obstacle you’ll have to face, and everything should be easy from now on. At this point, all you have to do is open up the door using your Old World Klawbar and collect the Radioactivity Suit.

Finding the Radioactivity Suit in Biomutant
Obtaining the Radioactivity Suit located in Bangshelter 2G

The suit comprises three different parts, the Anti-Radiation Hood, Anti-Radiation Jacket, and the Anti-Radiation Pants. All of these are of Ultimate 100 Rarity. Wearing the whole set will grant you a total of 27 armor and 145% Radioactivity Resistance.

To eliminate the damage caused by radiation, you only need 100% Radioactivity Resistance. This means that you can choose to wear a specific part/s of the suit if you already have a high Radioactivity Resistance stat.

Congratulations! You now know how to find the Radioactivity Suit in Biomutant and can now explore the highly radioactive areas.

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