How to Fix: Halo Infinite No Sound Bug

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Vigan Osmani
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After years of waiting, Halo Infinite is finally playable for the PC community. The 343 Industries title has been very well received by both Veteran fans and newcomers excited enough to try Halo for the first time. Despite an excellent multiplayer with very smooth gameplay and mechanics to the original, the game has some groundbreaking flaws. For many people, launching the game with a headset causes crackling sound issues, or even no sound at all. Here’s how to fix the Halo Infinite no sound bug.

As with many technical problems, pinpointing an exact solution will take some time. The developers will surely have to claim some responsibility, nevertheless you should try these solutions.

Fix 1 – Configure Sound Output Settings (PC)

For a majority of people, and judging by personal experience, this method seems to permanently fix crackling audio bug in Halo. Simply ensure that your headset is properly configured in the Playback setting under Sounds.

Headset Fix One
Headset Fix Two
  • Click on the Speaker tool on the bottom right of your screen
  • Select ‘Sounds’
  • Go to ‘Playback’ settings
  • Disable all ‘Headphones’ devices except for your actual headsset

Personally speaking, this solution has permanently fixed my crackling audio bug in Halo Infinite. If you continue to experience no in-game sound, you should also try to update your USB Device Drivers (if applicable).

  • Click on the Speaker tool on the bottom right of your screen
  • Select ‘Sounds’ and go to the ‘Playback’ tab
  • Double-click on your personal ‘Playback’ device
  • Select ‘Properties’ and go to the Driver tab
  • Update or Reinstall your Drivers
  • Restart your Computer

Fix 1 – Configure Sound Output Settings (XBOX)

Headphone Headphone users have been experiencing audio bugs in Halo Infinite despite playing on Xbox consoles.  Luckily you can fix this issue by configuring some sound settings on your device.

How to Fix: Halo Infinite Audio Bug
  • Press the Xbox button on your controller
  • Click the RB button and select your profile
  • Go to System Settings
  • If you’re using a Headset, go to audio settings and set format to ‘Windows Sonic for Headphones’ or ‘Stereo Uncompressed’
  • If you’re using a TV, make sure your audio is on the HDMI format

Depending on your headset, you could also switch the headset audio to Surround Sound.

Fix 2 – Download latest Drivers

As previously mentioned, players are experiencing various types of audio bugs in Halo Infinite. In addition to no sound and crackling bugs, there are also complaints of stuttering audio. If this sounds familiar, you should consider updating or reinstalling your audio drivers. Lots of gamers use critically acclaimed devices, such as Razer and Logitech headsets, so you may need to do this manually on their respective programs or website pages.

How to Fix: Halo Infinite Audio Bug

Should the problem persist, you could also update your Windows drivers

How to Fix: Halo Infinite Audio bug
  • Go to the Start/Search button on the bottom left of your screen
  • Type and select ‘Windows Update Settings’
  • Download and Install latest updates

Fix 3 – Put In-game sound to Compressed Mode

Halo Infinite has two recognizable sound system modes: Dynamic and Compressed. Switching the Dynamic range to Compressed mode could fix your no sound issues. In contrast to Dynamic, Compressed mode mixes the game’s sound evenly so that all sounds are heard equally.

How to Fix: Halo Infinite Audio Bug
  • Launch Halo Infinite
  • Press F1 to open up the Control Panel
  • Select ‘Audio’ tab under the Settings option
  • Change from Dynamic Range setting to Compressed Mode

Fix 4 – Use a Central Sound System

If none of the above fixes solve your audio bugs, you could always try using a central speaker system. Many modern monitors offer this option, so you won’t necessarily have to spend money to buy one. Either way, this should be considered a temporary fix until the developers implement a new patch.

Central Speaker how to Fix halo infinite audio bug
  • Click on the Speaker tool on the bottom right of your screen
  • Select ‘Sounds’ and go to the ‘Playback’ tab
  • Select your Central Speaker System and make it your Default Device

Fix 5 – Turn off Communication Devices

All gamers know that there’s no better feeling than owning together with your friends. That being said, your voice communication platform may be what’s causing your audio bugs in Halo. Luckily, You can switch some options around to fix this problem (if communication services are the culprit).

Halo infinite communications off
  • Click on the Speaker tool on the bottom right of your screen
  • Select’ Sounds’ and go to the ‘Communications’ tab
  • Click on ‘Do nothing’
  • Apply changes and restart your computer.

Halo Infinite is currently in its Beta stage, so some bugs are undeniably expected. The game hits worldwide stores on December 8th, 2021, giving the developers enough time to solve some prevalent issues.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to fix the Halo Infinite no sound and crackling audio bug. For more on Halo, make sure to check out our page and to follow us on Twitter.

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