How to fix the Genshin Impact Game Verification Error on PC

Ali Hashmi
Ali Hashmi
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Genshin Impact

If you are a fan of Gacha titles, then you are probably familiar with Genshin Impact at this point. It is one of the biggest games of the year and has become a worldwide phenomenon in a matter of weeks. This is because it has a generous reward system, is available on a variety of platforms, and is free to play. Now, with each update, there are a few technical problems that make their way into the game as well. If you are on PC and are running into the Genshin Impact Game Verification Error, here is how you can fix that.

For most users, the game works fine, and the moment you hit launch, it should ideally install all prerequisite software as well. However, for various reasons, this isn’t always the case for some users.

Fixing the Genshin Impact Game Verification Error

[EDIT 2: The guide has been updated for version 1.3 1.3.2 1.4 1.5 1.5.1 1.6 1.6.1 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 3.0 3.1]

This is one of the most common problems in the game and has been there in a different form since it launched. Now with the latest 1.2 1.3 1.3.2 1.4 1.5 1.5.1 1.6 1.6.1 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 3.0 3.1 version, some users have reported running into the Game Verification Error. The error prompt is shown below.

Genshin Impact Game Verification
Game files verification Error

Now, obviously, you can try clicking the Retry button a few times, but if it doesn’t work, your game files are corrupted. This typically happens if you have an unstable internet connection or if you have paused the download. Here are a few things you can try to fix this.

Disable your anti-virus

  • First, make sure you have closed the game in the task manager
  • Disable your anti-virus
  • Rerun the launcher, and see if the error goes away

Manually download the game (Version 3.1)

You could try redownloading the game the usual way, through the launcher, but manually downloading will ensure you don’t run into an error like this again. It also allows you to use a third-party downloader, like IDM, which will net you higher speeds.

Required Downloads

To start, you need to download the following files. Everything we provide will be downloaded directly from MiHoYo’s servers. These are safe and official files that we haven’t tampered with in any way.

Now, you need to download the language files. You need to download at least one language pack your computer’s region is currently set to from the following links. If you want more than one, feel free to download it.

Setting up version 3.1

After you have downloaded all the files, follow the next steps.

  • Open the launcher, and set your installation location. The default location is the following.
C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game
  • Now, in the Launcher, click on the Get Game/Update button, and wait for 10-20 seconds.
  • Click on Pause
  • Close the launcher, and make sure it isn’t running in the task manager/taskbar
  • Head over to the following location
C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game (or wherever you installed the game)
  • Here, you want to delete all the zip_tmp files (like GenshinImpact_3.1.0.zip_tmp)
  • Also, delete the _tmp file of your chosen Audio file (Example: Audio_English(US)_3.1.0.zip_tmp)
  • Make sure to delete it permanently and double-check the recycle bin
  • Now, copy the zip files you downloaded in the first step (, and the language audio file/files (Example: Audio_English(US) and paste both of these into the following location
C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game (or wherever you installed the game)
  • After this, extract both zip files (Audio and Game) here using 7zip or Winrar (Run as admin)
  • Now, on your desktop, create a new text file, and paste the following content inside it
  • Now, save this as config.ini and make sure you select All files in the “Save as type”
Setting file type
  • It should look like this
This is how the configuration file looks like for version 3.1
Config file for 3.1
  • Now, copy/cut and paste this file into the following location and replace the existing config.ini file (it doesn’t matter if there isn’t one here)
C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game (or wherever you installed the game)
  • Now, rerun the Launcher, and if you followed the steps correctly, it should say Launch. It might also say Get Game; in that case, click that, and it will install the files.

This should fix the problem for you, and if you are sure that your internet connection isn’t the problem, you can also install the game using the launcher.

We hope this guide was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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        • What gives the error? Winrar? It’s possible that the zip was corrupted during the download. These files you’re downloading are directly from the miHoYo servers.

          • It shows this ”
            E:\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game\ Checksum error in E:\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game\GenshinImpact_Data\StreamingAssets\AssetBundles\blocks\00\02805098.blk. The file is corrupt
            E:\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game\ Checksum error in E:\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game\GenshinImpact_Data\StreamingAssets\AssetBundles\blocks\00\11788965.blk. The file is corrupt
            E:\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game\ Checksum error in E:\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game\GenshinImpact_Data\StreamingAssets\AssetBundles\blocks\00\13560181.blk. The file is corrupt

          • I’m also experiencing the error upon unzipping. Should I download the zip file again or try to repair the corrupted file?

  • Where can I find the existing config.ini file to replace it? I’ve searched but I only found config file in the native > data > etc > mono. Please help, thank you so much.

      • Hey, are you talking about the “Launch” button? If yes, try running the game directly from the Genshin Impact Game folder

        • hey this is really late but how would you run the game directly from the folder? sorry im not the best with this stuff

          • Hey, simply open the Genshin Impact Game folder, and you’ll see the executable to run it. It will have the game icon

          • Oh no, that’s a very tricky error to fix.

            There is a method that you can try though.

            Please make sure Windows Security is turned off for this one.

            1. First rename your “Genshin Impact Game” folder to “GI_old”
            2. After that, make a new folder in the same directory called “Genshin Impact”
            3. Open the GI_old folder, and delete “blob_storage”
            4. Move everything from GI_old to the new Genshin Impact folder
            5. Inside the Genshin Impact folder, make a new folder inside it called “Genshin Impact Game”, your file structure will look like this: \Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game
            6. Drag and drop these files from the Genshin Impact folder to Genshin Impact Game:
            7. Move your ScreenShot folder somewhere on the desktop if you have it, if there isn’t one, simply ignore it
            8. Launch the game.

            This is the most effective way to fix the error.

            If it still persists, try deleting the mihoyo folder in \Appdata\Local

    • Hey if try out the manual download method for then ext patch update will it be ok to auto update? Actually I have never had any problems with the patch updates and it was always smooth going but recently I uninstalled the game and now I an reinstalling it and I run into the verification error during download and I do suspect it might be because of my net but the whole process seems quite tedious to perform for each patch

  • Omg, it actually worked! Thank you so much!!! Uhm but it said data error, it’s not the latest game file. Error code: 31-4302.

  • I don’t get here:
    [Here, you want to delete the GenshinImpact_1.2.0.zip_tmp file (make sure to permanently delete it and double-check the recycle bin)
    Now, copy the zip file you downloaded in the first step and paste it in the following location]
    so which one should I delete and where exactly should I paste the zip file?

    • Hey! So, when you first update the game using the launcher and closed it, it will download the GenshinImpact_1.2.0.zip_tmp in the following location

      C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game (or wherever you installed the game)

      This is what you want to delete. After this tmp file is deleted, simply copy the zip file you downloaded from this link and paste it in the same location, which is

      C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game (or wherever you installed the game).

      Hope that helps

  • I’m struggling so much. So, I downloaded the zip folder and copied it to the correct Genshin folder, and then I use winrar to extract the files to that folder, and it keeps telling me that there are errors with corrupt files and I can not for the life of me figure it out. What am I missing?

    • Hey! You shouldn’t be getting any errors at all :/ The file is from the official Genshin servers. Can you maybe try 7zip to extract it?

        • ok now it works, u just need to use 7zip, unzip it with errors then run the game after doing all process then login and select the server.
          After that, before starting the game u need to click on “Verify Files” button adjacent to ur login credentials after u logged in (right side of screen top most button) after verifying it would say “Some files are missing, login again to resolve error”. Then just Login again and start the game, it will automatically download the missing files and ur game will start.

          • Well, im having the same issues with Winrar and 7zip. But I cannot even start the game. I can just open the Launcher and try to download it again automatically and even there I’m running into Problems, saying it failed to decompress Gamefiles

          • i have the same error
            when i download the file it keep getting some error
            i dont know what am i gonna do now so i play on my phone

          • im sorry i dont understand when u said “unzip it with errors”
            and i cant found “verify files” in the launch screen.

  • Oh sorry , i trying opening the account on the mihoyo website and its work , i think genshin impact getting some bug ,. Sorry bro

  • Bro, you saved me. Im was desesperated because i couldn’t reinstall with official launcher after formated my PC and this helped me a lot. Thank You!

  • Bro, you saved me. Im was desperate because i couldn’t reinstall with official launcher after formated my PC and this helped me a lot. Thank you!

  • hi! after the update, should i keep the former zip file (the one i manually downloaded on this site) and also download the updated file (for 1.3), or should i delete the 1.2 and 1.3 diff file as well as the zip.tmp file? (so, delete both the one that was indicated on this site and the one for manually updating in 1.3

  • Hey Ali, before we launch the game we should copy and replace a file with the *config.ini* right?
    but i haven’t found any file to replace, it is okay if *config.ini* just copied there?

  • So in the real Genshin file i have : Cache, QtWebEngine the config and the genshin impact zip file copied and pasted.
    I tried downloading the game again and it got to verifying where it then told me to retry again as there was an error.
    Please tell me what i’m doing wrong, i just really want to play the game T_T

  • After I did all the setpes above when I lunch the game it freezes in a white screen ( after the company name displayed )

    • Hey, you probably need to install DirectX. First, see if there is a DXSETUP folder in the game directory, and install it using DXSETUP.exe. If not, you can download it from here

      • i have just downloaded the “directx_Jun2010_redist” , should i put into the Genshin Impact folder or just install instantly?

          • Okay, this is a bit unorthodox, but apparently, it has helped some users.

            1. Press the Windows key, and type About your PC
            2. Now, click on Rename this PC
            3. Type in any random name, it should only contain English Letters (A-Z), and no spaces
            For example: Rename it as Desktop
            4. After that, click Restart Now
            5. Now, press Win + R, and type in %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\miHoYo\Genshin Impact
            6. Delete info.txt (Skip if file is not present)
            7. Now, relaunch the game

  • Hi, I have a question. Do this work when there is nothing in the “Genshin Impact” folder? or it does not matter?

    • The Genshin Impact Game folder will have the GenshinImpact_1.3.0.zip_tmp file, only after you run the launcher first.

  • I have this error while extracting the file GenshinImpact_1.3.0.”CRC failed: GenshinImpact_Data\StreamingAssests\AssetBundles\blocks\00\15727583.blk” I am using 7zip to extract the file.

  • Ali reis beyaz ekranda kaldı ya bunun sebebi nedir? ingilizce bakacaklar için white screen problem ı can see mihoyo read but after ı see just white screen ı am waiting 20 minute but game is not loading

    • Okay, this is a bit unorthodox, but apparently, it has helped some users.

      1. Press the Windows key, and type About your PC
      2. Now, click on Rename this PC
      3. Type in any random name, it should only contain English Letters (A-Z), and no spaces
      For example: Rename it as Desktop
      4. After that, click Restart Now
      5. Now, press Win + R, and type in %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\miHoYo\Genshin Impact
      6. Delete info.txt (Skip if file is not present)
      7. Now, relaunch the game

  • I downloaded the zip file, followed every step correctly but when I open the launcher it says Get Game and begins installing and after that verifying which failed every time (3x failed already). It says on the steps that it should be Launch, but in my case it’s Get Game then installs and verifies.

      • Hey uhm, the original launcher (the one you get from installing the game from mihoyo’s website) is still making it install and verifying but the launcher from the folder from the zip file has no problem. When I start the exe file, it directly opens the game without the launcher and I have no problem playing it, no errors whatsoever. Thank you so much for this, you’ve helped a lot of people saving internet data and time and stress. In my case I downloaded the game twice, and both failed twice after verification..this is probably because of my internet connection which is fast but sometimes it is unstable. On my third attempt I tried this method of yours and it worked. Again, thank you. I can now play the game on my pc and not on my phone which burns up the longer I play. Thanks thanks thanks.

        • Hey! I’m glad I could help through this! Hopefully, the developers can streamline their update procedure in the future so players don’t run into these errors at all. Enjoy the game! 😀

    • Hey! Let me break it down for you

      1) First, on your desktop, right-click anywhere, and then select New, followed by Text Document
      2) This will create a text file
      3) Open that, and then paste the text I have mentioned in the article
      4) Now, on the top left, click on File, and then Save As
      5) A prompt will open, and you want to set the File Name to config.ini, and the Save as type to All files
      6) Now, copy/cut and paste this file into the following location, and replace the existing config.ini file

      C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game (or wherever you installed the game)

  • so uhh idk what happened but when i tried to extract the file, it said “the archive is corrupted”. do you know how to fix it or should it download the file again?

      • Try the following

        1)Head over to the following location
        \Genshin Impact\updateProgram (ex: C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\updateProgram)
        2)Here, manually unzip the file, and select Replace All
        3)Relaunch the launcher

        If that doesn’t work, try the following
        1) Download the latest version of the launcher from this link
        2) End the instance of the launcher in the Task Manager
        3) Now, run the launcher installer and install the launcher at where you had it originally installed (Click Advanced Options to change Game file Installation path)
        4) After that, run the launcher again

  • Hello, i tried this n thankgod it works very well ^_^
    So uhh can i delete the genshin 1.3 zip? Or should i keep it? I’m afraid that something will happen to the file if i delete it. Since the size is big im afraid that it consumed the space on my pc

  • Yo, thanks for the tip! Tried several other solutions, got the game working from its install folder but the launcher was still busted, needed the launcher fixed to properly download the Lanterns update, and this did the trick.

  • I did this in the past to download 1.3 but I’m getting the verification error again for the newest lantern update

      • do you think this can be an internet problem?, My internet hasn’t been the best for the past 3 weeks could that be part of the issue?.

        • It is very possible. Can you try a VPN, and see if that works?

          Additionally, you can try a DNS resolver. I’ve mentioned the steps for it here

          • huh, I l went into my files and noticed I had a 1.3.2 file so I ran genshin skipping the launcher and everything’s working. I have the new update. Guess the launcher is just messed up or something

  • Ok Hi I had the same problem when I was downloading the 1.3 update and this procedure did the trick but then the new lantern rite update gave me the same problem but now this solution doesnt work anymore I dont know why or how… But yea tried doing the same procedure for about an hour or so and I still cant play the game still kept saying “Game verification failed”… would appreciate this if You can helo me resolve this issue…

    P.S Net is not the problem I can download it for more or less 40 mins so I dont think my internet is the problem

  • Hi it actually worked the only thing is i can hear sa BG music the cursor is genshin design but it displays a black screen. I followed the instructions pls help thank you

    • You will still use the launcher, but this is to manually install it. Once the game files have been installed properly, you can use the launcher to update, and play the game! 🙂

      Manual installation is used to avoid downloading the main game through the launcher.

  • hey! i still have this problem, its 99% of verifying and then boom, game veryfication error, do you know what i can do?

  • Hi ! now i can go in to the launcher and login but stil have a problem when it verifying files before go in the game it show `Error code 9904´. So what i need to do?

  • Hi
    I did launch 6th time and always show that” Game files verification error. Select Retry to try again”.
    Help me please.

  • Here I did that: “Now, copy the zip file you downloaded in the first step and paste it into the following location”, and I extracted, copy file config.ini
    Should I delete the zip file that I’ve copied and extracted?

    • Hey, keep trying to extract. Run Winrar/7zip as an admin. If it keeps giving an error, then it is possible the downloaded rar file has been corrupted.

  • what if I downloaded the big file, just the big file from v1.2.0, and the another program or apps is already updated like genshin.exe, the launcher, atc for v1.3.2. is it work?, coz there is some corrupted file in your genshin file. I already used winrar dan 7zip who run from admin and its still failed to unzip, for the detail is always failed on 9.53 GB. or maybe U can reuploud the new one from your PC.

    btw, im sorry for my bad english language. I Hope U understand what I mean

    • Hey, if you have 1.2.0, you can try manually updating to 1.3.0 first, using this guide.

      Then, use this patch, and follow the same steps for manual update.

      Also, the file is from the Genshin Impact servers. I haven’t uploaded these. These are directly from miHoYo servers.

  • Hi! so when I tried downloading the game from the official website, somehow after finishing the download, it verifies but says “verification error, pls retry”, so I tried using your method by downloading manually but somehow I can’t seem to unzip the files with neither winrar nor 7zip. The error that keeps popping out is “The path could not be specified”. Is there anyway to fix this problem?

  • It really works, I’ve been reinstalling for like 5 days, I just happen to have bad internet. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can finally enjoy the 1.3.2 content

    • Not sure why it is that, but the resource pack is from their main servers. It is possible that there are issues while downloading because so many people are accessing these files. I hope they fix these problems in future updates.

  • Can you please make a video tutorial step by step of this? We really get lost in the later parts of your guide, please. I need it.

  • hey what if i dont want to update the game but im downloading all the 18gb from the start like the first time i installed this game and this error appears?

    • Completely safe! The files are from Genshin Impact’s servers. The methods are officially posted by their moderators as well.

  • Do you have the 1.4 version of this yet? I’ve followed multiple guides but I can never get the launcher to work but if I have the zip file I can play it from the files

  • Hey, so I keep getting this ‘data error, please download latest game files from official website and log in again.’ Should i be seeing this?

  • I followed the steps above then i tried to launch the game, but when i was trying to launch the game, my screen turn black then the game just crashed

    Can u help me pls i want to play this game

  • mine didnt work 🙁 i did all of those steps and when i open the launcher, there’s only a download button. send help pls

    • You might have forgoten to upload the downloaded files into the game forlder along with the ini files try check it out. or review the steps again in the instruction posted here at this website. It work’s for me though.

  • Hi. I’m having a little bit of trouble. I downloaded the zip file and copied it over but it is saying access denied when i try to extract the files to the location. can I please have some help? I really wanna play this game with friends.

  • Thanks so much 😀
    This method works after me downloading from the client directly 2 times and fail..
    Saving a lot of time ^^

  • Hi! I have a problem Im extracting the 1.3.2 version since I had to manually redownload the game again… but it kept saying on winrar “the archive is corrupted”…

  • hi please help me after i pressed start the game and error 31-4302 appeared, what do i do TT i dont want to delete whole game again like interent says

  • hiii it worked but i cant use the launcher,, when i try to use it to play the game, it says “get game” and that i needed to download 18gb again. so what i do is play the game from the folder. im worried for the 1.4 update because i cant use the launcher to update the game

  • This article helped me so much, cause i accidentally uninstalled everything and forgot to make a backup, I also had to point out that I did things differently from your instructions Mr. Ali and it still worked! So I did download the 1.3.2 zip file that you linked, thank you very much for that. Then after downloading, i copied it to the zip_temp in the genshin impact game folder, but instead of unzipping them, i went straight to the launcher and clicked “GET GAME”, the launcher itself installed it for me and verified it after, and then it’s done. Thanks for this article man, cheers!

  • is there a way where i can download the latest game. i just got my computer and tried downloading through the launcher but it keeps on repeating from the start. thank you

  • This is great! Thank you for saving me 🙂 I was about to give up (took half a day uninstalling/reinstalling everything). This worked for me!

  • so it’s basiclly you need to delete the file from the launcher download, and then replace it with the file that you download from this website and made some file that called config.ini then place it on the file where you instal the game. Like that ? Sorry for my bad english 😉

  • I do all passage but when i start the game and do the verifing file stopped at 2.64% and have error 9908, i try to do all passage another time but always the same problem.

  • Hi bro I finish Downloaded it It says verifying then it tells me the error and restart the download

    Any fix I dont want to wait 4 hours again

  • It’s work for me. but, when i re-open the game, there’s the error notif “data error, please download lastest game file from official website and log in again. Error code: 31-4302”

    • This is a fairly tricky error, but there is one fix you can try. Please make sure Windows Security is turned off for this one.

      1. First rename your “Genshin Impact Game” folder to “GI_old”
      2. After that, make a new folder in the same directory called “Genshin Impact”
      3. Open the GI_old folder, and delete “blob_storage”
      4. Move everything from GI_old to the new Genshin Impact folder
      5. Inside the Genshin Impact folder, make a new folder inside it called “Genshin Impact Game”, your file structure will look like this: \Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game
      6. Drag and drop these files from the Genshin Impact folder to Genshin Impact Game:
      7. Move your ScreenShot folder somewhere on the desktop if you have it, if there isn’t one, simply ignore it
      8. Launch the game.

      This is the most effective way to fix the error.

      If it still presists, try deleting the mihoyo folder in \Appdata\Local

  • Hey the zip file i downloaded only reached 5gb and finished then when i tried to extract it, its says failed and corrupted

  • By the power of god and anime on my side: Bless your soul and I hope you enjoy the eternal 2D harem in your afterlife

  • I got verification error issue since 1.3, after downloaded the game for 16gb that time, the verification error and let me redownload for another 16gb
    And when 1.4 update released, I updated the game and got the same issue, and it wanted me to redownload the whole game for 20gb. lol I was so tired waiting so THANK YOU! this worked for me. there’s no problem during downloading the zip files also, but when I extracted the files in to the game folder, I got another error issue, but then i just went and tried to do next step and launched the game. And it worked, there’s no problem. thanks!

  • I have been try to download the game from the launcher 3 times, but I still can not play it. But after I try this, I can play it. Thanks bro. 😀

  • Thank you so much! It work for me..Hope you continuously make this for every update in case I’m facing the same error

  • I followed all the steps and the launcher now says launch but nothing happens when I click the launch button. Could you help me please? Thank you!

  • Thank you very much for the fix been struggling a couple of days for this error and its also very annoying to install because im using a potato laptop basically hdd takes a lot of time to verify the files then at the end just says verification error. Thank you very much

  • hello Mr.Ali I want to ask my genshin impact still cannot lauch. where shoul i put the config.ini at the open file or at the genshin impact data?

  • Doesn’t work for me – the zip file has corrupted data, and the game is stuck after the Mihoyo Logo, right after launch.

    Where did you find this zip file anyway? Is it available on the official site?

  • Bro I received the data error 31-4302 saying please download from official website, isn’t the link is from the official website already. I tried deleting blob storage but it didn’t work. Any other fix left??

    • Aitee bro i got it, we have to delete the extra files we had before extracting, i check the properties and had like 40gb+ so yeah deleted and loaded ready for venti. thanks bro. You’re the man!!!

  • Hello, I tried this and it did work but then as i opened genshinimpact.exe, it couldnt open because unityplayer.dll is not found. what should I do?

      • Ok so when I opened genshin impact folder, there’s 2 genshin impact game folders.
        one of them is a file folder type and one of them is a zip Archive, and also the config.ini.
        Inside the zip archive folder, there is\GenshinImpact_Data – ZIP64 archive, unpacked size 24,277,059,468 bytes
        the genshin impact.exe
        and the Unity Player. dll

        I tried extracting the genshin impact.exe and i can play it but it took a while for it to load the file integrity and even the map isnt fully shown and then it suddenly just exits the game
        by itself out of nowhere.

        • This is strange because you can get into the game, but the textures aren’t loading correctly, right? Can you ensure that you have the latest DirectX, visual c++ redistributables, and GPU drivers?

          • I’ll check it later. Today I tried to play the game but I have to extract it in WinRAR everytime I want to play it ;-;

  • Ok so I tried to unzip the genshin file using 7-zip admin but it also comes up with a ‘delete files’ list with a bunch of assest .blk files named inside, attempting to open the game gives a ‘driver error’ text file saying ‘The program is abnormal. Please close the antivirus software and other blocking software and try again(type 1)’ I don’t know whats causing this. Using the launcher it asks me to get the game and still fails to verify my files. Any help?

  • Hi

    I’m having trouble fixing the game, when I download the 1.4 file, it comes with a ‘deletefiles’ text with asset files listed inside, I assume these are corrupted?

  • Hi Ali. Just wanna say a huge thanks to you for the guide!! I’m so happy to be able to download it finally. I was disappointed at first when the launcher (on my desktop) still says “Get Game” instead of “Launch” after I did all the steps, but when I click on the launcher from the game folder, it works!!

    Really appreciate your guidance! Thank you once again!

  • It works but I didn’t extract the zip and I launch the launcher and let the launcher install the zip file after that I put the Config.ini while its verifying on the launcher and it works like a charmer

  • hii it worked thanks!! but its stuck at warning screen… like it launches but then warning screen appears and buffers, when i click it says genshin is not responding. i see you said something about directx or something but i dont know much about computers and stuff (though i should, i would be glad if you had some site or videos for me haha) and this pc isnt mine so i dont want to change and download more stuff here. do you have any other solutions? if not can you simply explain me why is this happening thank youu

  • i keep getting checksum error while extracting. any help? also i tried let the launcher install the zip file and keep getting failed to unzip game file

  • Thank you for this!
    I have a problem tho. It doesnt say “launch” when I use the launcher so I tried launching it directly from the folder and the game screen is just white and doesnt load anything? I also got errors when extracting with WinRar so maybe it was that?

  • Extracted with 7zip with run as admin ofc, there were error about the blk file assuming its corrupted. Tried running the game after that, stuck with white screen right after mihoyo logo appear. any help?

    and yes i did installed directx again

  • Hi, I have finished all the steps and open the launcher but it still show download instead of launch…

  • This one really works. Btw if it doesn’t work, reinstall the genshin impact launcher then wait for a tiny update, and then download the content. After that, close the launcher then go to the genshin impact game folder and delete the genshinImpact_1.4.0.zip_tmp file. Now paste the 22.6gb file content of the game. Then that is it.

  • Yo, I commented earlier saying it wasn’t working but after trying again, the white screen is gone and the game actually launches.
    However, it says “Error 9908: Failed to download resource files or network error”, which is the reason I tried reinstalling in the first place and went through this verification error bullshit. I don’t think it’s a network error because I use ethernet and it downloads at 25 mb/s, so it’s not unstable or anything. Anyone know what’s wrong and how to fix this? Nothing seems to be helping 🙁

  • Hi, Mr. Ali, I’ve done all of those, but when the laucher verifying, there’s a pop-up says somethig about cannot unzip the zip file ? Could you help me ?

    • Every time I’m trying to extract the zip there this : ! C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game\ Checksum error in C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game\GenshinImpact_Data\StreamingAssets\AssetBundles\blocks\00\03869813.blk. The file is corrupt

  • and also this : ! C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game\ The archive is corrupt

    • Try running Winrar/7zip as an admin. Also, it is possible that the file got corrupted during download.

  • There is an existing config file but no config.ini file.

    Now do I have to delete the config file or I will only create the config.ini file without deleting anything?

    • Type File Explorer Options in Windows Search
      Here, click on View
      Uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types”

  • hello, I badly need help. Mine keeps on saying “the system cannot find the path specified” and “access denied” ( I have already set as administrator ) what should I do?

  • there are two genshin impact applications in my pc now. the one from this site and the official one, can I delete the official one? it just says “get game”, the genshin i’m using is from the extracted file from this site, in the folder.

    • Uhhh, wait, it’s in the same folder? Don’t delete the launcher, if that is what you’re referring to.

  • help! It was working just a few hours ago and now it says, “Failed to download resource files or network error Code: -9203” I tried verifying files, switching from servers, deleting cache, and running as administrator but none work.

  • can you help me…i did all the previous step but i keep getting the message FAILED TO LOAD il2cpp
    what should i do?

  • So I’ve already commented here but after I manually installed, the game only worked once then it started doing the white screen again. I tried manually installing twice more but it’s still doing it, is there anything else I can do? I’ve tried the DNS resolver which didn’t help. It seems like I just can’t play the game at this point 🙁

  • Okay so my problem is basically a cause because of my doings.. So I followed all the steps and everything, I didnt miss anything, Everything went well except one thing which is that I didn’t download it manually from the link you gave, instead I closed the launcher after it completely downloaded the game (2nd time downloading) from the launcher and made a backup file of the temp file in the Genshin Impact Game folder.. Which feels obvious why I’m getting the problem of the launcher not saying “Launch” but “Download” instead and starts verifying again resulting in complete deletion.. Which I’m also aware of that there is supposed to be an executable file in GI game folder which would work for me If I had downloaded manually, but my network is crap, the download servers are crap so I didnt really want to download it.. I’m going to try one last time. I’m going to keep my backup file, delete everything else, the game, the launcher, and follow your steps again use my back up file again instead but this time with a clean install. If that doesn’t work I guess another week of download is what I should prepare for 😐

  • Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for this article; I’ve just bought a new PC, but was having the ‘verification error’ and the re-download happen to me. After following the above steps, I’m back in the game. Total life-saver!

    Can I ask: will you be updating this page with the most recent Genshin Impact file as and when it becomes available? Hopefully, I’m all sorted, but on the off-chance it happens again, will we be able to get 1.5 etc. from here?

    • Hey! Thank you so much for the kind words, and we’re glad to have helped you!

      Yes! We update this article every time a new update is out! 🙂 I’ll also write an additional pre-load guide so you can be set before the update is out 🙂

  • Does putting GI launcher in exclusion list prevent file corruption. because my internet connection is unstable

  • Hey can i ask something. If there’s an update should i just press the update button from the launcher? Or should i download the genshinimpact zip file again?

  • Hi!! I did everything correctly and it now it does say ‘launch’! ..but when i click on it I only get a black screen (like its trying to load) for like,, 2 seconds and then i get kicked back to the launcher with no error or anything, just like nothing had happened. Is there any way to fix that?:(

  • Hi can you help me? I can’t find the config file that I should delete in C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game. what should I do? 🙁

    • If you can’t, then just create one, and paste it in that location. I have explained how you can do that in the steps. 🙂

  • idk who u are and idk where u came from, but i SINCERELY wish u THE MOST pleasant life ever. This worked instantly and I no longer need to look at that god forsaken downloading screen that always sat at 100% and that error that wouldn’t stop showing up!! I hope all good comes your way. I hope u get every Genshin character u want and i hope you have an amazing day 😌

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! We’re very glad it’s working for you now, and that we got to help you! Enjoy the game 🙂

  • So I want to update V1.5 from the launcher but it says Get Game when I turn it on. I’ve been playing from the main game file without the launcher. And after I repaired the game files, it says “Game file integrity verified. Please start the game” but still the Get Game button remains.

  • About the V1.5 update, is it also possible it update it manually from this site? Because I can’t seem to connect to the Launcher as it shows Get game even after verifying the files!

  • I keep getting “Get Game” instead of “Launch” despite following all of your instructions to the T, even trying to run as admin and launch from within the game folder. Just keep getting “Get Game” which sends me into the same loop of it taking forever to re-download files and then reaching the same verification process.

      • I am trying to newly install the game, I didn’t have it on this PC prior. It keeps running into the verification issue, and when I tried the method you list out here in the article it then gives me a new issue about “being unable to unzip game files” which still sends me back to the launcher forcing me to redownload the entire package, and then run into the verification process.

          • [General]

            game_install_path=C:/Program Files/Genshin Impact/Genshin Impact game

          • Hey, can you check something for me. Navigate to the following location, and see if there’s a Genshin Impact folder there too
            C:\Program Files

      • I uninstalled and deleted everything from my last attempt at installing the game using the method you have listed, and I retried everything you mentioned in this article and now this time included the 1.5 patch folders that you linked me to. STILL showing me “Get Game” instead of “Launch,” even after running launcher as admin (and running 7zip as admin while extracting 1.4 update, plus running Notepad as admin during config.ini process).

        • same here….I keep getting “get game” instead of “launch” despite following the instructions too. 🙁 I have also tried the things mentioned in the other comments, such as updating my directx and visual c++ . I also get errors when I extract the files with 7-zip.

  • I got it to where the launcher will now show me the “Launch” button and say the pre-installation files are available, but it’s not letting me into the game – just sends me into a loop of the launcher minimizing and popping up again every time I press “Launch”. Very confused since update maintenance isn’t supposed to have started yet as of right now.

    • Can you tell me what got the Launch button to show up? Might be helpful for future queries.

      The launcher minimizing bit is definitely confusing, have you tried launching it directly from the exe after this loop thing started?

  • Hey man, thank you for helping us all out!! I have a problem though with the latest update.
    Like I have done in the past, I follow all your steps thoroughly, but it keeps saying “Get Game” and not “Launch Game” as it should. I have also noticed that the GenshinImpact.exe file has not been updated, and that its last modification date is 05/03/2021. So this means that when I try to log in to the game using the .exe file, the game is still stuck to the 1.4 version and a window pops up saying I have to update my version. Is there a way to update the .exe file or should I try to manually download every patch?

      • I have tried to manually update it as well, and the latest .exe file exists. But when I click on it, a new text file is automatically created named “drivererror”, which states inside that “the program is abnormal, please deactivate your antivirus or any other blocking application (type 1) “. And that’s it, I can’t log in to the game. I have tried disabling my Windows antivirus, even put the .exe file in the Exlusions, but the same error appears.

        • Press on Windows Key, type System Configuration, press Enter. Navigate to Services Tab, check the box for Hide all Microsoft services.

          Untick BattlEye Service, EasyAntiCheat and vgc, and press OK, restart PC and try launching game again

  • i followed all the steps and the game opened but then after starting, it says “data error, please download the latest game file from official website and log in again Error code: 31-4302” ;-;

    • Can you tell me what the config file in your Genshin Impact Game folder says? Also, for the corrupted files, you click on the gear icon in the main menu and repair/verify the files.

      • it worked! i tried the unzip step once again and now it works perfectly! tysm you seriously helped a lot ;-;

          • sorry just one more question lol, can we download the english AND the japanese audio files?? the game is working perfectly i just wanted to know if i could get the japanese voice overs as well

          • Hey, you don’t need to apologize. Yes, you should be able to download additional audio packs, and manage those in the game’s settings 🙂

    • These files are being downloaded from the main servers, as long as you have a stable internet, there shouldn’t be a problem

  • Is there any chance I could get your discord so I can screen share to make sure I’ve done everything correctly? I’ve done it 3 times by myself already failed 3 times. I followed all the steps and it still says retry.

  • It worked!! Thank you so much I wanted to download the game for the first time not update it but i couldn’t finish downloading it kept showing error.. now the game is installed & playable.

  • When I copy the zipped files into the Genshin impact game folder, some files say they can’t be copied so I skip them. Problem is, right after the “genshin impact” screen shows up when I launch the game, the game’s screen goes white

  • hello thank u i have downloaded both zip files but how do i extract them using winrar i dont have winrar or 7zip and when i tried to extract both files it says pretty much like error

    • Try extracting it a few times, and run Winrar as an admin. If Winrar keeps showing errors after a few tries then it’s possible the files were corrupted during download.

      • i see thank u sir, but if the files were actually corrupted during download is there any ways on how to fix the files that were corrupted

  • Hey~ started the operation today everything went smooth, until when I open launcher It did not say launch, it said download, I then located the files and it was on the Genshin Impact Game Folder with the Extracted Files, so I checked the config.ini file everything’s fine, I then check the Recycle Bin but it is empty, now I don’t know what to do, PS There are two folders btw, 1 is the main folder where my 1.4 and files are located and with the launcher but when I iniatiated the Setting Up 1.5 Steps’ 5 bullets It was on the same folder as the Genshin Impact and was not inside the Genshin Impact Game Folder, just say anything if your having trouble understanding btw, even I don’t know if I can understand my words.

    • Okay, this is pretty confusing, and I’m sorry I can’t seem to understand it. My suggestion is this. If you have the downloaded files, the most recent ones (1.5.1). Start from scratch, and make sure there’s nothing left of the last ones. That will ensure that you have a clean fresh installation.

        • Yeah, just make sure you uninstall it properly. Apologies for not being able to help in your current situation :/

          Oh, and please ensure you download all the files that are for 1.5.1. I updated that today since there is a new patch out.

        • Now I get it, my files were wrong I downloaded the files from your other website which was 5 gb only and here it has 12 maybe that’s the problem.

    • If you mean just one language, then yes, you can! 🙂

      Simply copy the file to the location as explained, and the launcher will detect it.

  • Thanks man it worked for me . I was facing the same verification error. so i downloaded it from here. it was version 1.4.0 but now the update it 1.5.1 i was afraid that i have download it again the whole file. But i followed the few other steps as mentioned here and and config.ini i wrote 1.4.0 instead of 1.5.1 and opened the launcher it show launch then update now i just have to update 5 gb more. I’m glad it worked. Thanks alot man .

  • Hey I need help pls, first of all thanks everything worked out fine but when I click “Launch” It just closes the launcher and does nothing and when I clicked the Genshin File from the Genshin Impact Game Folder it does the same, I really need your help, pls.

  • Everything works fine but when I clicked launcher it didnt do anything same for the Genshin Impact.exe

  • Hi, I’m back again because it stopped working and i just gave up for a while but now I’m trying again.
    What do I do if there’s checksum errors when extracting zip file?

    • Launch the game, and in the main menu, try verifying/repairing the files. Also, try running Wirar/7zip as an admin.

    • Sometimes you have to download it multiple times for it to work right. Additionally, you can make sure that you run Winrar/7zip as an admin. Furthermore, you can try running the game, and verifying/repairing game files to fix any checksum errors.

  • Hi ali i have a question – i do not have the game also i do not have the 1.4 files so if i just simply download the launcher/installer and put the 1.5 files as you say. will my game work or not please help

    • You don’t need any of those files (previous versions), but make sure you download all the files I have listed in this guide.

      Genshin Impact 1.5.1 (12.13 GB)
      China (2.48 GB)
      Japan (2.79 GB)
      Korea (2.37 GB)
      Everywhere else – English (2.79 GB)

  • Sry i am unable to find those link will you please give me directly ….

    And also if i only download english -2.79GB and game files will it work or not

  • Just wanna say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! I was having a problem with Genshin for months and your article was my last hope (I decided that if your solution didn’t work I’ll just give up). Anyway, really from the bottom of my heart Thank you.

    • Also I didn’t get the “Lauch” directly, I had the Get game, then it downloaded some installation package, then it launched

    • You’re welcome! Thank you for the kind words 🙂

      I’m glad it is working for you. Enjoy the game! 🙂

      • Thanks! one more question, instead of extracting the files can i just copy them into the genshin impact game folder? everytime i restart my pc the file get corrupted and just copying and pasting makes it much easier

  • I download and extract the game files that were given in the article and made new config.ini file after that i copy the extracted files and the new config.ini paste them in ganshin impact game after that I delete the temp files then open launcher but it said download in place of lunch. did I do one step wrong? please reply i wanted to play this game so badly

  • Hi, I’m back again (hopefully for the last time haha), but with good news – I finally got the game working!
    Manual installing allowed me to launch the game, but I couldn’t progress past the login screen and would just get a blank white screen instead, or I’d get the error “GenshinImpact.exe stopped responding”.

    However, I finally found a solution: You go to Genshin Impact > Genshin Impact Game > GenshinImpact.exe, then right-click GenshinImpact.exe, and select “Properties”. In properties, go to the Compatibility tab, and click the box next to “Disable fullscreen optimizations”. This article has pictures:

    I don’t know if anyone else had this specific problem, but if anyone reads this, hopefully it can help

  • Hi, so we have recently have a new pc and my brother wants to play with me, but as siblings we share the same things, both are wifi are weak but fortunately I was able to download the game on my PC, but my brother can’t on launcher, I was wondering if I could just make zip files of the files I downloaded in mine and send it to his’, is this possible? and no we dont have a usb and our parents wont allow us to

    • Hey, if you have the same files that you downloaded here, you can use those to install the game there too. 🙂

      You will need the following

      >Launcher from the main site
      >Zip of Genshin Impact 1.5.1 (12.13 GB)

      Then you need the audio pack of your choice

      >China (2.48 GB)
      >Japan (2.79 GB)
      >Korea (2.37 GB)
      >Everywhere else – English (2.79 GB)

  • for the config part should i put it in the file genshin impact game? and delete the orig config file?

  • OK so I have a problem and when I go into the gesnhin game file I found a text file and it said “The program is abnormal. Please close the antivirus software and other blocking software and try again(type 1)” help plz 🙂

  • if i already downloaded all the neccessary files, but i wanted to change the sound to Japan, how to? already downloaded with the link you provided

  • Hi! I’m on 1.5 version and the game was already installing but then it said “Failed to unzip game files. Select “Retry” to try again.”

    I’ve retried 2 times already but it still says the same. How do I fix this?
    Thank you in advance!

        • Can you try running the launcher as an admin? If that doesn’t work, please report back, I’ll provide another solution

          • Hello again!
            I’ve tried to run the launcer as an admin but it still doesn’t work

          • Try the following

            1)Head over to the following location
            \Genshin Impact\updateProgram (ex: C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\updateProgram)
            2)Here, manually unzip the file, and select Replace All
            3)Relaunch the launcher

            If that doesn’t work, try the following
            1) Download the latest version of the launcher from this link
            2) End the instance of the launcher in the Task Manager
            3) Now, run the launcher installer and install the launcher at where you had it originally installed (Click Advanced Options to change Game file Installation path)
            4) After that, run the launcher again

  • hey! i had genshin impact on my pc and i upadated it 2 days ago but when i tried to open it yesterday it was not working. so i deleted it and tried to reinstall. I downloaded the launcher from the official website but when i try to install the game it says that “the client is currently running. Continuing the installation process will close the client”
    what should i do?

    • And i tried it install the game into the other user on the pc. it kinda worked cuz the normal page(with the launch option) opened up before the launcher even downloaded completely. But i didn’t launch it as i thought it had been installed finally and i could play the next day!!! but now i can’t find anything except the launcher i downloaded from the official page.

  • i followed these steps to install it again but when i open the launcher and try to install game again it says-“the client is currently running.”
    i have already deleted everything i had installed earlier from even the recycle bin.