How to fix the Judgment Ultrawide Issue on PC

Ali Hashmi
Ali Hashmi
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SEGA recently released both Judgment titles on PC, further expanding Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s catalog on the platform. These titles run similarly to previous Yakuza releases, meaning while there are minimal performance issues, some graphical settings and support for features are missing. If you want to fix the Judgment ultrawide issue with borders, here is how you can fix that.

Fixing the Judgment Ultrawide Issue with black borders

While Judgment and Lost Judgment run on ultrawide monitors, you’ll get black bars during cutscenes and certain gameplay parts. Thankfully, Lyall from the Widescreen gaming community has created a fix for both titles that fixes the issue. They’ve uploaded it to PCGamingWiki, and you can follow the steps below to use it.

  • Either directly download from the Google Drive link or head over to the PCGamingWiki, which leads to the same link
  • Download the zip file, which is a bit large (440 MB)
  • Extract the zip file, and open the folder for the game you’re targeting (Judgment or Lost Judgment)
  • Copy the file inside
    • ui.judge.en.par for Judgment
    • ui.coyote.en.par for Lost Judgment
  • Now, head over to where the game is installed and navigate to the following folders
  • Here, paste the file you copied earlier

That’s all you need to do, and the next time you launch the game, it will run in proper ultrawide resolution.

All credits for the fix go to Lyall, and you can consider supporting them at ko-fi.

There are bound to be some minor bugs here and there, especially when it comes to the UI, but right now, this is your best bet. Make sure to keep checking the PCGamingWiki page for any updates on the patch.

If you wish to remove the fix, either delete the file from the location or just verify your game files through Steam.


Here are a few screenshots provided by the mod author that give an idea of what the game looks like with the patch enabled.

This is how Judgment looks with the fix applied
Judgment with Ultrawide Patch
This is how Judgment looks with the fix applied
Judgment with Ultrawide Patch

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We hope this guide was helpful and that you were able to fix the Judgment Ultrawide issues on PC. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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