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Let's Get You a Chocobo!

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FF VII Rebirth features massive regions that form a semi-open world, which takes quite a while to explore if you are legging it the entire way. Lucky for us, there are multiple fast ways of traveling, Chocobos being one of them. We will guide you on how to get a Chocobo and use it as a mount to travel around the different expansive regions of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

To get a Chocobo in FF VII Rebirth, simply follow the main questline until you reach Bill’s Ranch in the Grasslands. You’ll be able to catch and ride a Chocobo once you progress through the story.

Each region in the game has its own birdie that often (but not always) needs to be caught via a minigame. Let’s discuss everything below.

Unlock Chocobo Riding in FF VII Rebirth

Bill's Ranch Location
Bill’s Ranch Location

Once Cloud & company have escaped from the city of Kalm, they’ll continue their quest to find Sephiroth by following the mysterious hooded figures. Their progress will only be halted by a swamp protected by a giant snake (Midgardsormr).

The gang decides to capture a Chocobo to get across the swamp and potentially avoid encountering the deadly snake.

To get a Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, simply follow the main questline until you reach Bill’s Ranch, where you’ll be tasked with capturing a runaway Chocobo by playing a minigame where Cloud has to get close to the bird without being detected.

Here is a guide covering some useful tips for beginners starting their Rebirth adventure.

Reach the ranch, and talk to the kids there to start the next part of the questline. Once you unlock the Chocobo, you can call it anytime by using the Chocobo Whistle (press R1). Chocobos can travel at three different speeds: Walk, Run, & Sprint.

We recommend using the middle speed most of the time as it allows for maximum mobility and is fast enough to cover distances quickly.

Capturing Chocobos in Other Regions

Chocobo Ranch
The Chocobo Ranch

You must acquire each region’s Chocobo by progressing the main story, completing a relevant side quest, or doing the same sneaking minigame. (The unlocking requirement varies for each region)

The sneaking minigame tends to get more complex as you travel to the farther regions of the game and requires more patience and strategy for Cloud to sneak up on the birdie. Each region’s Chocobo also has a unique ability that will help you traverse the terrain in that region.

Here is a breakdown of each region’s Chocobo, how to get it, and its special ability:

  • Junon Region:
    A grey Chocobo that can Climb Steep Cliffs | Unlocked by completing the Stuck in a Rut side quest.
  • Corel Region:
    An orange Chocobo that has No Special Ability | Unlocked by progressing the Saga of the Seaside Inn side quest OR by renting one from the Rent-a-Bird
  • Gongaga Region:
    This green Chocobo can Bounce Off Mushrooms |Unlocked by progressing the main questline until you face off against Scarlet.
  • Cosmo Canyon Region:
    You can ride this turquoise-colored Chocobo to Leap & Glide around canyons | Unlocked by progressing the Bonds of Trust questline and doing the sneaking minigame.
  • Nibel Region:
    A blue Chocobo that can Surf above Water | Unlocked by completing the Esoteric Secrets of the Elders quest & another sneaking minigame.

Customizing Chocobos

Browsing Chocoboutique Shop

You can unlock Chocobo customization by finishing all quests at Bill’s Ranch and then talking to the Chocoboutique vendor. Utilize Golden Plumes to buy cosmetics for your birdie and change each piece to your liking. You can even change the color of your Chocobo!

You’ll get the first two Golden Plumes as part of a questline, and you can earn the rest through various open-world activities such as repairing Chocobo Stops. You can use these plumes to buy more cosmetic and gear upgrades for your mount.

And it’s not just visual changes. Customizing your Chocobo allows it to run faster during the Chocobo racing minigame.

Now you know everything about unlocking Chocobo riding in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and how to acquire the Chocobos in other regions. Catch them all, customize them to your liking and keep visiting WIG for more on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth!

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