How to Get a Gun (Early) in Palworld

Guns Guns Guns!!!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Pokemon with guns. That has been the appeal for many of us stepping into Palworld. We can get pals from the get-go, but the guns are a different story. They require some grind and progression. WhatIf we told you that you can get a gun pretty early on in Palworld? Find out how in this guide!

We’ll talk about a few pals that let you use weapons as part of their partner skills and also mention the location of a weapon blueprint you can pick up early on and craft a handgun.

Get Lifmunk and Tanzee

Lifmunk and Tanzee are two of the best pals you can get early in Palworld. We’ve already discussed the reasons in a separate guide (linked above). They are both being mentioned here because of their partner skills.

  • Tanzee has a skill called Cherry Rifle that allows this pal to wield an Assault Rifle once you unlock it through the technology tab (at level 12).
  • Lifmunk has a skill called Lifmunk Recoil, which allows this cute little pal to climb on top of your head and use an SMG to mow down enemies. You can unlock this skill via the technology tab (at level 11).

You can easily find both of these pals roaming the hills near the Grassy Behemoth Hills fast travel point. The exact location has been marked in the image above.

Palgear Workbench
Crafting Lifmunk’s Submachine Gun

Once you catch the pals and unlock their respective skills… head over to the PalGear workbench and craft their weapons. This is the quickest way of getting weapons in Palworld. You might not use the weapons directly, but your pals can keep you covered.

Get the Handgun Blueprint in Palworld

If you want a weapon for yourself without waiting for the grind and leveling up your technology tab, this next portion of the guide will be perfect for you. Turns out… there’s a handgun blueprint near the starting area of Palworld.

Just below the Plataue of Beginnings, there’s a tiny island at a distance with three chests. One of these chests will contain the handgun blueprint we are looking for.

The best way to get to this island is to fly there. So, how do you fly? Well, you’ll need a flying pal called Nitewing. Nitewing can also be found in the starting area of the game. Capture one and then fast travel back to the Plataue of Beginnings.

Then, start flying towards the island and check all three chests that we’ve marked on the map to see which one has the handgun blueprint.

Here’s how you can revive a pal in Palworld in case you have any misadventures.

Craft the Handgun and Pick Ammo

Once you have the blueprint in your inventory, go to the weapon bench in your base and craft the weapon. You’ll need Ingots, High-Quality Pal Oil, and Ancient Civilization Parts to craft the handgun.

But that’s not all. We got the gun early in Palworld but still need to procure some ammo for it. We’ve got you covered on that front as well. Head to the Fisherman’s Point fast travel. You can use Nitewing’s services again to get there quickly as it is a bit far from the game’s starting area.

Fisherman’s Point is a hub area that has vendors as well. You can talk to the wandering merchant in that market to buy handgun ammo from him using coins. Coins are easy to come by; you should have a decent amount of them by the time you get to this location. We got the gun and an infinite supply of ammo as well. Yay!

And that’s how you can easily get a gun and ammo early on in Palworld. Now, you can gain a clear offensive advantage over your opponents and get through the starting hours of the game relatively easily.

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