How to Get a Horse in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Horses in Breath of the Wild are tameable creatures that can greatly increase your travel speed. They can also be useful tools, as you can engage in horseback combat which is quite nifty. Don’t know how to get one? Then continue reading to find out how to get a horse in Breath of the Wild!

How to Get a Horse in Breath of the Wild?

Wild horses found near Dueling Peaks in Hyrule.

To get a horse, you need to first tame one. Horses can be found throughout Hyrule and can be snuck up to by crouching. Once you are right next to the horse you want to tame, you will be able to tap the A button. This will cause Link to jump on the horse. You then need to tap L constantly to soothe the horse into submission.

The mount option being displayed as Link is close enough to mount the horse.

Soothing a horse requires using stamina, and if you don’t have enough stamina you will be flung off of the horse’s back. Horses found in the wild vary in stats, and so some will require less stamina than others to catch.

Additionally, you can land on the back of the horse by gliding onto it using a paraglider. This helps greatly for players that prefer not to sneak up on their target horse. Sneaking up to horses requires patience and timing. The process can be greatly enhanced by using certain food, elixirs, and armor that provide sneak bonuses.

Link riding a horse he has just caught.

When sneaking up behind a horse, try to position yourself so that you are directly behind it. This provides a blind spot that the horse can’t detect you, so long as you stay crouched and approach slowly. If the horse spots you, it will run away. Moreover, nearby horses that detect your presence will flee, and will have a domino effect on your target horse.

The process takes some getting used to, and a large degree of trial and error. If you are struggling to tame a specific horse, try to tame another one.

How to Register a Horse

Link being offered to register his horse.

Once you have successfully tamed a horse, you will then need to register it. This only applies if you wish to name your horse and reuse it. To register a horse, make your way to a stable within Hyrule and talk to the stable’s keeper whilst riding the horse. You will then be given the option to register the horse for a fee.

Registered horses can be boarded and stored within stables. They can then be summoned later and from a different stable. Whilst out in the wild, you can tap the down button on your d-pad to whistle. Whistling calls your nearby horse to you. It does not work if your horse is too far away, however.

Link choosing which horse to take out.

How to Tame the Giant Horse

The giant horse is a large horse located in the Taobab Grasslands. It is the largest tameable horse in the game. Giant horses can be identified as they will appear larger than others, and will have orange hair with a darker colour.

The Great Horse stats.

Giant horses can be tamed in the same way other horses can, however, they require significantly more stamina. It requires at least one and a half full circles of stamina to tame a giant horse. Any less, and you will not be able to soothe it in time. Giant horses can be boarded and stored within stables just like ordinary horses.

The great horse, tamed and registered. Being ridden by Link.

That brings us to the end of the guide. Hopefully, you now know how to get a horse in Breath of the Wild. If you have enjoyed this article, I have a bunch more that you can check out here.

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