How to Get a Pet in The Sims 4

Find a furry friend and adopt them today!

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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When Maxis announced the Pets expansion, players were extremely excited since pets are always fun to have in The Sims. Luckily, they behave just like you would want them to and are a treat to play with. That is why we will show you how to get a pet in The Sims 4 because everyone needs a friend.

Unlike previous games, you need to do something different to get a pet in The Sims 4. Worry not because the process is quite simple. With that said, let’s jump straight in and get started.

The Sims 4: How to Get a Pet

Go to your phone and choose the hire a service option to adopt a pet.

Adopting a pet is extremely easy in The Sims 4. Unlike previous entries, you do not need to go to the animal shelter. Instead, you’ll have to open your phone and choose the ‘Hire a Service‘ option. This will open a small menu where you can hire various services like maids, butlers, and more.

You can either get a cat or a dog from the animal shelter.

Scroll down in the menu and you’ll find ‘Adopt Cat‘ and ‘Adopt Dog‘ options. Depending on what type of pet you are looking for, you can choose to adopt either (you can get them both if you like!)

Choose which pet you like most and adopt them!
Just look at the cute little cats staring at you. I want to adopt them all!

There are several options to choose from, so, make sure that you get whatever pet you like most. If you hover your mouse over them, you can see additional details like their gender and age. Regardless of which pet you choose, all of them are amazing.

Keep in mind that the adoption fee is 200 Simoleons.

Jack roaming around my house in The Sims 4.
How can you not want something as cute and small as this wonderful cat?


  • Open your phone and choose the ‘Hire a Service‘ option.
  • Select either ‘Adopt Cat‘ or ‘Adopt Dog‘.
  • Choose from the selection of pets by finding the ideal one.
Press 'OK' to adopt the pet and add them to your household.
  • Congratulations! You now have the pet of your dreams.

How to Get a Free Pet (Adopt a Stray)

Alternatively, if you find a pet roaming around the world, you can interact with them to get to know them better. The more you interact, the more the meter will be filled. Once the required amount is filled, you can add them to your family by choosing the “Adopt” social interaction.

This will add them to your household and you can bring them back to your lot. Keep in mind that the word “Stray” must be written next to their name. Also, once you install the Pets expansion, NPCs will start adopting pets randomly. So, make sure that you quickly get a stray pet that you like before they get adopted by someone else.


That’s everything you need to know about how to get a pet in The Sims 4. Whether you are a fan of cats, dogs, or any other pet, you can easily get them by adopting them either through your phone (animal shelter) or by finding them on the street.

Which pet do you like most in The Sims 4? Have you adopted any yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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