How To Get All The Badges in Stray

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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The Badges are a separate collectible in Stray, after the memories, these are a separate bunch of items you gather as the fluffy feline to learn more about the world. These are awarded to you for certain actions and a mix of story progression. Here is how you can find all the badges in Stray.

Get all the Badges in Stray

For this trophy, you have to collect 6 badges across multiple levels. Some of them involve you helping other people in the world, and others are given to you over the course of the game or the story.

Here are the badges you can get in Stray and how you can get them:

The first and earliest badge you will get is either the Music Badge or the one given to you by Seamus. Depending on which one you prioritize.

The Slums

You can earn the following badges in The Slums.

The Music Badge

The Music Badge is given to you by Morusque after bringing all 8 music sheets to them found throughout the world, you can find our guide for getting all 8 music sheets in one convenient link.

Getting the music badge in Stray

The Outsider Badge

Seamus will give this to you on your story mission, to help you find Doc. It counts toward the badges.

The Outsider Badge in Stray

The Antvillage

You can earn the following badges in The Antvillage.

The Plant Badge:

Given to you by Malo for finding 3 colors of flowers for them. Yet again, you can follow our guide for this.

Getting the Plant Badge in Stray


The following badges can be earned in Midtown.

The Neco Badge:

Getting the Neco Badge in Stray

The Neco Badge is given by helping the factory worker during the Midtown mission by helping them find their keys. Here is a short video guide on how to get this badge.

The Cat Badge:

You get this badge by going into a certain store early in Midtown. It will be the second store right after you get the Midtown title card. The store is to your left with a customer and store owner talking to each other. Climb into the store using the main window, and scan the wall for the code to the safe on the top of the shelf.

How to get the Cat Badge in Stray
The Cat Badge in Stray

From here, just parkour up to the safe and enter the safe code to get this badge. If you want to save yourself the trouble, the safe code is:

The Dead Prisoner Badge:

This one is a little technical and by far the one you’re going to most likely miss, so you can follow the video below to find your way to it. Find your way to the giant hologram in the center of Midtown as the starting point for this guide.

How to find the Police Badge in Stray
The Police Badge from Stray

If you have followed all the steps so far, this should be the last badge you need for the trophy.

We hope this guide was helpful, and that you were able to find all the badges in Stray. If you have any questions, make sure to post those in the comments below.

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