How To Get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Seek the World Bosses.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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You must have noticed the purple column in your technology tab. That’s for the ancient technology you’ll be unlocking by collecting ancient points throughout your journey in Palworld.

This detailed guide will tell you how to acquire and use ancient points to unlock the different ancient technology items in Palworld.

Defeat Syndicate Bosses and Alpha Pals

The best way to acquire ancient technology points in Palworld is to kill the 5 syndicate bosses. Each syndicate boss will reward you with 5 Ancient Technology points.

Syndicate bosses are no joke. Make sure that you’ve grinded the game a bit and got the best early-game pals and equipment before you decide to take on the first syndicatee boss. Having a gun on you early on will also help you tip the scales in your favor.

Once you’ve defeated all syndicate bosses and need more ancient technology points… you can start hunting for the dozens of Alpha pals hidden throughout Palworld’s map. Alpha Pals are your standard Pals with a significantly raised health bar and attack power.

Penking World Boss
Fighting Penking Alpha Pal version.

Defeating each Alpha Pal will net you 1 Ancient Technology point. You can find these pals at the end of dungeons or other hidden areas. Some Alpha pals can also be found roaming the world. They will also drop Ancient Civilization Parts needed to craft Ancient recipes.

Each Alpha Pal will only drop 1 Ancient Tech Point the first time you kill them. Alpha Pals keep respawning, but you won’t get an Ancient Tech Point every time you kill them.

Keep hunting Alpha Pals, and eventually, you’ll have enough points to unlock whatever ancient tech you want. Once you’ve got the recipe, then it is just a matter of crafting the item from the workbench. We recommend going for the Egg Incubator as soon as you can.

That’s how you can unlock ancient technology in Palworld by spending ancient tech points in the technology tab. We hope you found this short guide useful, and keep visiting WIG for more daily content revolving around Palworld.

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