How to Get Bamboo in Animal Crossing

Get ready to fill your island with bamboo trees!

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Aside from cedar, hardwood, fruit trees, palm trees, and money trees, Animal Crossing also has bamboo trees. Like the rest of the plants in the game, it gives unique materials that can be used for bamboo-themed DIY recipes.

Unfortunately, new players might not know about it immediately since it’s a rare tree that doesn’t grow on your island from the get-go. But don’t worry, little sapling, we’re here to guide you to where the bamboo grows. With a bit of luck and some patience, here is how to get bamboo in Animal Crossing!

Easiest Way To Get Bamboo in Animal Crossing

Here are three easy ways to get bamboo in the game. No bamboozling involved!

Method 1: Fly to a Bamboo Mystery Island

Chopping bamboo trees lets you get its bamboo materials

Since bamboo is a tree that doesn’t naturally grow on player islands, you have to get it from a bamboo Mystery Island. Here’s how to fly to one:

  • Get a ticket: Redeem a Nook Miles Ticket (or NMT) from your Nook Stop located inside your Resident Services. Nook Miles Ticket costs 2,000 Miles each.
  • Head to the airport: With your ticket, go to your airport and talk to the dodo managing the desk named Orville. Pick the option that says “Use Nook Miles Ticket.”
  • Time to fly: Your NMT will take you to a random Mystery Island. Since the islands are randomly generated, you can’t choose to land on a bamboo island, unfortunately. It might take you a few tries to find it, which will need several more tickets and some luck.
  • Chop and dig up bamboo: Once you find bamboo island, it’s time to chop and dig! Hit bamboo trees with your axe to get bamboo materials. Then, dig up the cracks in the ground to get bamboo shoots to plant back home. You can also dig up bamboo trees to replant on your island. Make sure you eat food to gain stamina in order to dig up trees.
  • Plant bamboo: Fly back home to bury bamboo shoots or replant your bamboo trees. Just dig up a hole and bury them. It’ll take three days for bamboo shoots to grow into trees, and a day more to make bamboo shoots around it. If you don’t dig up the new shoots, they’ll grow into more bamboo trees. Bamboo-tastic!

Tips: Empty your pockets beforehand to make space for bamboo stuff. Bring lots of fruits and extra shovels for digging!

Method 2: Receive Bamboo Shoots From Daisy Mae

Another way on how to get bamboo in Animal Crossing is through Daisy Mae

Another way to get bamboo is through Daisy Mae. Not only will her turnips give you lucrative turnip stonks, but you’ll also get bamboo shoots as a bonus!

All you need to do is buy 100 turnips from her in three different weeks. The next day, she will send you three bamboo shoots through the mail as thanks. After the 2.0 update, she’ll even include a DIY cooking recipe! But instead of cooking your bamboo shoots in these recipes, you should plant some of them first.

Method 3: Get Bamboo From a Friend

Trading bamboo with friends is another way to get bamboo in Animal Crossing

Figuring out how to get bamboo in Animal Crossing becomes easier if you have a friend who’s willing to share some of their bamboo loot!

You can pop into their island to cut or dig up some of their bamboo trees and shoots—with their permission, of course. Note that you have to be “Best Friends” to be allowed to use tools on another player’s island. An easier way is to just have them drop off bamboo stuff on your island.

Gathering enough bamboo materials will help you craft bamboo DIY items

With these methods, you’ll turn your island into bamboo heaven in no time! For more tips and tricks that can aid your island life, check out our other Animal Crossing guides.

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