How To Get & Beat True Ending In Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers' true ending gives players the closure they needed and here's how you can get it too.

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Since its release, fans of the franchise have been roaming the Starfall Islands in Sonic Frontiers exploring its secrets. One of the biggest in the game was the discovery of a true ending that most players completely skipped over on their first playthroughs. This guide will help you meet the criteria necessary to reach Sonic Frontiers’ True Ending and defeat the final boss.

Sonic fights a different final boss in the sonic frontiers true ending
Image credits: Sonic Team

Sonic Frontiers – New Open-World Sonic Game

Sonic Frontiers is the latest and most ambitious entry in the iconic gaming franchise featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. The Blue hedgehog is not only one of the most popular and recognizable characters in gaming history but also the key part of a series of games that have constantly evolved over the decades.

This latest iteration of the Sonic Franchise is the series’ first foray into open-world action with a side of exploring. And with such a huge open-world setting filled to the brim with exploration opportunities, it’s normal that some players missed the craziest easter egg of them all: the True Ending.

How To Get Sonic Frontiers’ True Ending

The ending in question is not just a variation in story borne of a story choice or action, it features a completely different final boss fight as well. To unlock the True Ending for the game, all you need to do is set the difficulty level to Hard before obtaining the last Chaos Emerald.

What this means for players is that they can still play the entire game on their preferred difficulty setting without feeling like they missed their chance at the secret ending. As long as you switch the difficulty level to Hard before getting to the final boss fight, you’re good to go. From that point onwards, you need to play the game on Hard to get the True Ending.

Boss Battle – Supreme Titan

First and foremost, you need to get to the regular final boss: the Supreme Titan. The titan is the final adversary in the game and can be found on the fifth and last island of the game. Be sure to adjust the required setting before approaching this battle, and save your game file for good measure. With everything ready for the final showdown between Sonic and this behemoth mecha, let’s get into the battle.

sonic Frontiers final boss before the True ending
Image credits: Shadiochao

Like previous Titan bosses, Supreme also battles in 2 various phases of combat. For optimal efficiency, as soon as the battle starts ignore the towering mass in front of you and immediately dash and attack the nearest turret. A quick combo and it’ll go down swiftly.

Supreme will notice at once and will engage in the fight by smacking you back and unleashing a giant yellow laser. You can parry his attack and immediately dish out your combos on the titan and lower his health as much as you can.

Sonic Fighting the Supreme Titan in his first form
Image credits: Shadiochao

Depending on how much damage you deal to Supreme, it won’t be long before he’s in phase 2 of his attack. In this state, it’ll fly around and attack with countless projectiles that you need to dodge. However, the overall plan of action is the same as before. Dash in, attack his turret and then wait for him to retaliate and shoot his lasers which you can parry, and then counter-attack with your own combos.

Sonic fighting the Supreme Titan in its second form
Image credits: Shadiochao

Keep this game plan on repeat for 2-4 turns and you will have successfully destroyed the Supreme Titan. This counts as the first step to getting that sought-after ending for the game, so let’s move on ahead.

Fighting The End – Normal/Easy

the planetary final enemy for getting the sonic frontiers true ending
Image credits: BossFightDatabase

If you defeated Supreme on Normal/Easy difficulty, this is the part where you get the regular ending. The events that follow aren’t even classified as a boss battle since all the player does is perform some Quick Time Events (QTEs). After defeating Supreme, Sonic and Sage head off into space where they come face-to-face (face-to-terrain?) with the planet-sized foe, The End.

Image credits: BossFightDatabase

This particular “boss fight” is the shortest in the entire game and is basically just a sequence of QTEs that end with the heroes winning, albeit with some losses. As soon as they face off against the planetary foe, it fires a giant laser directly at Sonic. And, despite being in Super form, it gives our hero trouble as he can’t deflect it.

Ultimately, Sage comes to help Sonic deflect the deadly beam and gain the upper hand against The End. Sage then proceeds to hurl Sonic at the enemy and after 3 successful QTEs involving a meteor attack, the fight is over.

These usher in the final cutscene, credits, and post-credit scenes, and the game is officially over for players in terms of story. You can now spend time in-game uncovering secrets, completing challenges, or finishing the map.

Fighting The End – Hard

And. If you defeated Supreme Titan on Hard, it’s time to fight The End and get Sonic Frontier’s True Ending. The story progression after the previous boss fight plays out the same way with Sonic and Sage heading off to space but changing the last fight to an actual battle. The battle turns into a shoot ‘em up minigame like the ones before but with the game’s climax at stake here. 

The final boss fight has the same mechanics as the hacking minigames from earlier but plays out against the planetary foe in space. Players, as sonic, are aboard a ship that fires 2 distinctly colored bullets: Dark and Light. Each bullet type destroys the same-colored bullet attacks from The End and both must be used to effectively stay alive and damage the boss.

Additionally, the battle features a special meter for players that fills up from all the bullets you destroy. And when the meter is full, Sonic unleashes a barrage that damages The End and gets rid of enemy bullets along the way. Weaving and dodging are vital to survival, but countering attacks is just as important. You need the extra firepower to whittle down the boss’s health and gain the upper hand.

Throughout the battle, The End will sustain enough damage to occasionally fire a strong and powerful beam directly down the middle. It’s fairly easy to anticipate since the giant planet-sized enemy charges a huge amount of pink energy before shooting it. It’s even easier to dodge since all you have to do is move to one side in time.

Image via StarBrine2020

At other times it will attack with coordinated laser beam attacks that you need to avoid while still shooting at it. Keep firing at all times and clear out the waves of colored attacks. This will eventually bring down The End’s health to almost 10% and give you victory.

The boss battle then switches over to the normal version with QTEs and you finally finish off the True Final Boss and get your True Ending. Now just enjoy the ending cutscenes and watch the extra post-credit scenes for closure and you’re good to go.


Whether you’re a completionist or a fanboy, hopefully, we helped you get to Sonic Frontier’s True Ending. Now sit back and enjoy the joy of knowing you managed to tie up loose threads in the story and continue your open-world exploring at your leisure.

Let us know how you think Sonic Frontiers did as the first open-world Sonic game in the comments down below and also check out our Sonic Frontiers Beginners Tips and Tricks guide.

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