How To Get Family Matters Trophy in The Quarry

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Rizwan Anwer
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The Quarry is one of the newest entries in the Supermassive Games’ portfolio of titles that has a new publisher – 2K Games. The title was only announced earlier this year and has already gotten the attention of fans. If you are here, you are probably looking for a way to get the Family Matters trophy, this guide will help you get The Quarry Family matters trophy and one step closer to closure.

How To Get Family Matters Trophy in The Quarry

If you are in pursuit of Family Matters – Killed all the Hacketts, we assume you have done at least one playthrough of the game, and are ready to take on the antagonists.

The Family Matters Trophy/Achievement asks you to kill all of the members of the Hacketts. While this is a slightly missable trophy, we have a guide for you to help make sure you get this trophy along your journey.

Kaylee Hackett (Young Girl) – You automatically kill her as a part of the story in Chapter 6 as Laura. As long as Laura is alive at that point, this confrontation is scripted.

All of the below occurs in Chapter 9 until stated otherwise.

Constance Hackett (The Old Woman) – There will be a struggle between Constance and Laura over a gun, win the QTE and then shoot Constance.

Bobby Hackett (A Very Strong Man) – When playing as Ryan, do not pull the knife out of his torso. When Bobby eventually catches you, use the knife to stab him. Eventually, he will succumb to his injuries and die at the end of the chapter to another scripted event.

Jediah Hackett (The Old Man) – You will eventually get into a room with a piano and blue wallpaper as Laura. All you have to do is choose the Attack prompt and kill him.

Chris Hackett (The Leader of the Camp) – When you see Ryan, Laura, and Monster Chris fall through the attic, a scripted scene will occur where Ryan will reach for the shotgun and aim it at Chris, simply choose the Shoot prompt.

This is the end of the guide for Chapter 9 kills.

Caleb Hackett (The Monster) – In Chapter 10, you will play Kaitlyn. There are two ways to killing him, and this happens in the final showdown of the game, but they’re also contingent on a couple of factors:

  • Abi and Emma are alive and you were able to find silver shells in a bunker in Chapter 9. Kaitlyn will get the prompt to investigate a noise coming from Chris’s door and they will give Kaitlyn the shells. She will then use the shells to kill Caleb.
  • You can also set this up as early as Chapter 1, leading to his death in Chapter 5. If you break into the locked cabins and took the teddy in Chapter 1 as Abi, followed by leaving Abi’s bag in the kitchen when hiding from Bobby in Chapter 5, You will take control as Kaitlyn and have the choice of hiding in the kitchen or throwing the teddy at Caleb. If you choose to throw the teddy, throw it in the freezer. Caleb will run after it, and he gets locked in.

He will freeze to death in the Epilogue.

Travis Hackett (The Sheriff) – A prerequisite for this scene is that in Chapter 7, As Laura you must not shoot Travis in the prison cell. Later in Chapter 9, Laura and Travis must agree to work together toward the end of the chapter.

In the final scene, Sila’s fate is being decided and there will be an option to raise your gun, do not raise the gun (avoid raising the gun when you are getting closer to Silas and the nest). This will make Travis angry and forcefully take the gun from you, you must completely fail all the QTE’s and let Travis get shot.

If you followed all the necessary steps, you should have the trophy unlocked and be one step closer to your platinum trophy.

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