How to Get Kingdom Credits in VALORANT

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Valorant has just launched Episode 7, and we all know what that means; a ton of new in-game content. One of the most exciting new features of the new update is the new Valorant progression system. The progression system also highlights the new Kingdom Credits in Valorant.

Kingdom Credits are a huge part of the progression system. It will be your main way to access all the new unlockable content in a new Accessories Store in Valorant. This includes everything from Agents, Agent accessories, and battle pass accessories. So I’m sure that we’ll all be spending a ton of Kingdom Credits for Acts to come.

Here’s how you can get Kingdom Credits in Valorant.

How to Earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant

Kingdom Credits explanation.

As part of the introduction of the new progression system, Riot gave a launch reward for everyone to enjoy. All Valorant players will be receiving a total of 5,000 Kingdom Credits to start things off. However, from then on out, players will have to work hard to earn the KCs.

Don’t worry. Kingdom Credits are completely free, unlike the existing in-game currencies. All you need to earn Kingdom Credits is hard work, time, and playing Valorant. There’s no way to buy Kingdom Credits, so everyone will have to save up if they want something unlocked.

Kingdom Credits are quite easy to come by in Valorant. You don’t have to stray too far away from what you’re already doing each time you play Valorant. There are also a couple of main methods to get Kingdom Credits in Valorant, allowing you to save up quickly.

Playing Valorant Matches

A photo of the end-match summary screen in Valorant.

Playing the game is the primary way to get Kingdom Credits in Valorant. All game modes, aside from Custom games, will reward Kingdom Credits. However, the amount of Kingdom Credits you receive will mostly depend on the specific game mode you’re playing.

Here’s a list of the amount of Kingdom Credits you can earn per game mode:

Game ModeRounds WonRounds LostFull Game Participation
Unrated4 KC2 KCN/A
Competitive4 KC2 KCN/A
Switfplay4 KC2 KCN/A
Premier4 KC2 KCN/A
Spike Rush  20 KC
Escalation  15 KC
Normal Deathmatch  15 KC
Team Deathmatch  20 KC

Introducing the New Dailies

A photo of the Dailies in Valorant.

Daily missions got a partial revamp with the launch of Episode 7. They are now called “Dailies” and no longer require you to complete specific tasks to get your rewards. Instead, you now need to win rounds or play games to progress through your Dailies and earn rewards.

There are four different checkpoints, each consisting of four progress points. Completing each checkpoint gives you 1,000 XP and 150 Kingdom Credits for your troubles.

You get a single progress point per round you win in Unrated, Switfplay, Competitive, and Premier. This means that you’ll need to win a total of 16 rounds to complete all four checkpoints for 4,000 XP and 600 Kingdom Credits.

You also get two progress points for each match of Spike Rush, Escalation, and Team Deathmatch you finish. You’ll need a total of 8 completed matches to progress through all checkpoints.

Through the New Agent Gear System

A photo of the Agent Gear in Valorant.

The new Agent Gear System also rewards you with a solid amount of Kingdom Credits. The items found in Agent Contracts before can now only be unlocked using Kingdom Credits.

However, they still come in tiers. Tier 5, the Tier where you used to unlock the Agent, now gives you 2,000 Kingdom Credits for free. Unfortunately, you still need to buy the other tiers using KCs before you get the reward.

Best Method to Earn Kingdom Credits

It’s clear that the best method to get Kingdom Credits in Valorant is by finishing Dailies. The massive 600 Kingdom Credits you get within a couple of games is a game changer.

Here’s an estimated breakdown of the amount of Kingdom Credits you can get by playing each game mode and finishing Dailies.

Game ModeAverage Games Required to Finish DailiesAverage KC Per WinAverage KC Earned Per LossAverage Time to Finish Dailies
Unrated, Competitive, Premier2-3 Games64 to 74 KC48 to 6470 to 100 mins
Swiftplay5-7 Games24 to 28 KC18 to 24 KC65 to 91 mins
Deathmatch, Escalation8 Games15 KC15 KC65 to 75 mins
Team Deathmatch, Spike Rush8 Games20 KC20 KC64 to 80 mins (TDM), 70 to 88 mins (Spike Rush)

The best way to easily stack Kingdom Credits will probably be through playing Spike Rush or Team Deathmatch. These faster game modes allow you to consistently earn Kingdom Credits within a couple of minutes.

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