How to Get Kudos in OSRS: Ultimate Guide

Here's how you can get some easy Kudos!

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Scott Livingston
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Kudos in OSRS signify your contribution to the Varrock Museum. As it stands, a player can accumulate a maximum of 230 Kudos, divided as follows: 28 can be gained from a natural history quiz, 50 from cleaning finds after the completion of the dig site quest, 75 from various other quests, 5 from presenting ancient relics from barronite deposits to ‘Curator Haig Halen,’ and the last 72 can be earned upon the completion of the bone voyage quest.

For member users, a minimum of 100 Kudos is the entry ticket to start Bone Voyage, unlocking the gates to Fossil Island. A further increase to 150 Kudos allows users to enter the Volcanic Mine. Finally, amassing a total of 153 Kudos permits players to use the gate that paves the way to the Digsite.

To check your Museum Kudos tally, all you need to do is visit the Varrock Museum. Your Kudos count is displayed in the upper left corner. If you can’t see a number, don’t worry – it simply means your Kudos account is yet to get off the mark.

First Way to Get Kudos in OSRS

Requirement: Beneath Ice Mountain

Let’s start our journey with the pursuit of ancient relics to get Kudos in OSRS – a task achievable even for free-to-play users. If you have successfully completed the ‘Beneath Ice Mountain’ quest, you already possess access to the barronite mines located in the city’s northwest corner.

Your task is to mine barronite. However, it’s not as straightforward as it might seem, as there’s only a 1 in 350 chance of unearthing an ancient relic in each attempt. When you manage to gather all 5 barronite pieces, you can take them to the Varrock Museum and submit them to ‘Curator Haig Halen.’ Perseverance is crucial in this task – so don’t lose hope!

Natural History Quiz

Varrock Museum: Orlando Smith

When you arrive at Varrock museum, go down the stairs from the main floor and talk to ‘Orlando Smith.’ He will ask you to put together the information for some creature exhibits, and say ‘sure thing‘ when he asks for help. The order you decide to answer the questions doesn’t matter.

To begin getting your first Kudos, you’ll want to head North. Look for the plaque situated in front of the exhibits. Upon clicking it, a panel with six potential questions for each exhibit will appear in a random sequence. Don’t be daunted by this; as you correctly answer three of them, Orlando will acknowledge your efforts with a comment, and your museum Kudos will increase by two.

If you’re utilizing the Runelite client, the process becomes easier as the correct answers will be highlighted in a distinct color. Now let’s dive into the specifics of how you can earn your first Kudos:

Answers On the North Room

Varrock Museum: North Room

How does a Lizard regulate body heat? Sunlight
Who Discovered how to kill lizards? The Slayer Masters
How many eyes does a lizard have? Three
What order do lizards belong to? Squamata
What happens when a lizard becomes cold? It becomes sleepy
Lizard skin is made of the same substance as? Hair

Battle Tortoise:
What is the name of the oldest tortoise ever recorded? Mibbiwocket
What is a tortoise’s favorite food? Vegetables
Name the explorer who discovered the world’s oldest tortoise. Admiral Bake
How does the tortoise protect itself? Hard Shell
If a tortoise had twenty rings on its shell, how old would it be? Twenty years
Which race breeds tortoises for battle? Gnomes

What is considered a delicacy by dragons? Runite
What is the best defence against a dragon’s attack? Anti-Dragon-Breath Shield
How long do dragons live? Unknown
Which of these is not a type of dragon? Elemental
What is the favoured territory of a dragon? Old battle sites
Approximately how many feet tall do dragons stand? Twelve

How did the wyverns die out? Climate change
How many legs does a wyvern have? Two
Where have wyvern bones been found? Asgarnia
Which genus does the wyvern theoretically belong to? Reptiles
What are the wyverns’ closest relations? Dragons
What is the ambient temperature of Wyvern bones? Below room temperature

Answers to the East Room

Varrock Museum: East Room

What is special about the shell of the giant Morytanian snail? It is resistant to acid
How do Morytanian snails capture their prey? Spitting acid
Which of these is a snail byproduct? Fireproof oil
What does ‘Achatina Acidia’ mean? Acid-spitting snail
How do snails move? Contracting and stretching
What is the ‘trapdoor’ which snails use to cover the entrance to their shells called? An operculum

What is snake venom adapted from? Stomach Acid
Aside from their noses, what do snakes use to smell? Tongue
If a snake sticks its tongue out to you, what is it doing? Seeing how you smell
If some snakes use venom to kill their prey, what do other snakes use? Constriction
Lizards and snakes belong to the same order – what is it? Squamata
Which habitat do snakes prefer? Anywhere

Sea Slug:
We assume that sea slugs have a stinging organ on their soft skin – what is it called? Nematocysts
Why has the museum never examined a live sea slug? The researchers keep vanishing
What do we think the sea slug feeds upon? Seaweed
What are the two fangs presumed to be used for? Defense or display
Off of which coastline would you find sea slugs? Ardougne
In what way are sea slugs similar to snails? They have a hard shell

Which type of primates do monkeys belong to? Simian
Which have the lighter color: Karamjan or Harmles monkeys? Harmles
Monkeys love bananas. What else do they like to eat? Bitternuts
There are two known families of monkeys. One is karamjan the other is? Harmless
What color mohawk do Karamjan monkeys have? Red
What have Karamjan monkeys taken a deep dislike to? Seaweed

Answers to the South Room

Varrock Museum: South Room

Kalphite Queen:
Kalphites are ruled by a? Pasha
What is the lowest caste in kalphite society? Worker
What are the armoured plates on a kalphite called? Lamellae
Are kalphites carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores? Carnivores
What are kalphites assumed to have evolved from? Scarab beetles
Name the prominent figure in kalphite mythology? Scabaras

What is a terrorbird’s preferred food? Anything
Who use terrorsbirds as mounts? Gnomes
Where do terrorbirds get most of their water? Eating plants
How many claws do terrorbirds have? Four
What do terrorbirds eat to aid digestion? Stones
How many teeth do terrorbirds have? 0

Answers to the West Room:

Varrock Museum: West Room

Which sense do pengiuns rely on when hunting? Sight
Which skill seems unusual for the penguins to posses? Planning
How do penguins keep warm? A layer of fat
What is the preferred climate for pengiuns? Cold
When do pengiuns fast? During breeding

What habitat do moles prefer? Subterranean
Why are moles considered to be an agricultural pest? They dig holes
Who discovered giant moles? Wyson the Gardener
What would you call a group of young moles? A labour
What is a mole’s favorite food? Insects and other invertebrates
Which family do moles belong to? The Talpidae family

What is a produced by feeding a chilli to a camel? Toxic dung
If an ugthanki has one, how many does a bactrian have? Two
Camels: herbivore, carnivore or omnivore? Omnivore
What is the usual mood for a camel? Annoyed
Where would you find an ugthanki? Al Kharid
Which camel byproduct is known to be very nutritious? Milk

What is the favoured habitat of leeches? Water
What shape is the inside of a leech’s mouth? ‘Y’ Shaped
Which of these is not eatenby leeches? Apples
What contributed to the giant growth of Morytanian leeches? Environment
What is special about the Morytanian leeches? They attack by jumping
How does a leech change when it feeds? It doubles in size

Once you’re done, go back to ‘Orlando,’ and he will say nice job and give you a 1,000 of experience each on slayer and hunter.

Second Way of Obtaining Kudos in OSRS

Requirement: The Dig Site Quest

To earn Kudos in while cleaning dig site objects requires the completion of ‘The Dig Site‘ quest, which is a relatively easy quest. Head on the area that is divided by a rope on the main floor, just south of Varrock Museum entrance, and you’ll see the tool rack on the wall.

Second Way of Obtaining Kudos in OSRS

Grab one of each tool and then put on the leather gloves and boots. Then from the lump, you can grab a dig site specimen rock. Remember, you can only take one at a time! Use the uncleaned ones that you find on the table and clean them on the next table. The 5 items that you’re looking for Kudos are:

Ancient Coin
Ancient Symbol
Old Coin
Old Symbol
Clean Necklace (Achievement Diary item)

Any other stuff that you get, you can just drop them, as they are very useless. Once you get one of the items, talk to the archeologist, he will tell you to put it in one of the display cases, so depending on the item, you have to use it on a specific display case.

Symbols and Display cases: Varrock Museum

Third Way of Obtaining Kudos in OSRS

This is the most annoying way for some players when they find out how one should get Kudos in OSRS. To obtain your next kudos, you will have to finish these quests:

Free to Play (5 Kudos each):
Demon Slayer
Rune Mysteries
Shield of Arrav

Members (5 Kudos each):
A Tail of Two Cats
Hazeel Cult
In aid of Myreque
Making History
Observatory Quest
Priest in Peril
Temple of Ikov
The Grand Tree
What Lies Below

Miniquests (10 Kudos Each):
Curse of the Empty Lord

Once you have completed the quests, head upstairs to the museum and engage in conversation with ‘Historian Minos.’ Select the dialogue option ‘I have some information that might be of use in your displays.’ Upon concluding the dialogue, you will be awarded your Kudos.

Remember, diligently following this Kudos guide OSRS will effectively lead you to attain your goal of 230 Kudos.

Last way of Obtaining Kudos

Requirement: Bone Voyage Quest

After completing the ‘Bone Voyage’ quest and unlocking Fossil Island, you’ll have the potential to earn the final 72 Kudos. One of the most efficient ways to gather fossils is by chopping Sulliuscep trees, which also offers a decent Woodcutting experience.

If you prefer a more laid-back AFK method, then farming Ammonite Crabs would be your go-to approach. While slower, Fossil Island Wyverns and Herbiboar are alternative methods that can be quite profitable, offering another option if you’re willing to invest a bit more time.

After you get your fossils, you have to clean them at your specimen tables, in overall there are:

14 Small Displays, 12 medium, 5 plants, and 5 Large; each giving you 2 kudos upon completion.

You will go to the small, medium, and large displays and put in the necessary pieces and get a lamp with experience: 2k for a small display, 3.5k for a medium, and 5k for large displays.

Fossil Displays: OSRS


This is the best way to get Kudos in OSRS. It’s not always fun, but if you’re going for an achievement diary or completion, then you might as well invest your time in this. Getting the fossils, in my opinion, is the most annoying, as it is RNG based.

But nevertheless, you will get a sense of achievement after you’re done with your goal. Do you think that this minigame could be easier? Do you think OSRS staff should have never included Kudos as a minigame?

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