How to Get More Hearts in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

A guide focusing on how to get more hearts in Breath of the Wild.

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Are you struggling with staying alive when encountering even the weakest of bokoblins? Well, I’ve got just the guide for you! Continue reading to find out how to get more hearts in Breath of the Wild!

How to Get More Hearts in Breath of the Wild?

To gain an extra heart in Breath of the Wild, you must trade four Spirit Orbs with a Goddess Statue. Goddess statues can be found in various locations around the game’s map, such as the one in Kakariko village. Goddess statues will offer you the choice between an extra heart container and a stamina container.

Purchasing a heart container will increase your maximum HP by one entire heart. This container can be depleted but also refilled by consuming food.

One of the goddess statues found in Kakariko village.

When you first start your journey throughout Hyrule, you only have three heart containers. This makes you pretty weak and easily killed by some of the stronger mobs you encounter following the Great Plateau. It can be really helpful to focus on increasing the amount of hearts you have first, before allocating orbs to stamina.

However, more experienced players on further playthroughs choose to focus on stamina first – as they are comfortable dodging enemy attacks.

A player receiving a heart container from a Goddess statue.

Hearts from Divine Beasts

Additionally, each Divine Beast that you defeat will reward you with an empty heart container. There are four Divine Beasts in total scattered across the map, so in total, you can get four extra hearts using this method.

How to Get Temporary Hearts in Breath of the Wild?

Temporary hearts in Breath of the Wild are those that do not replenish when eating food. They will last until you are hit by an enemy and depletes them. Temporary hearts are a bright green/yellow colour and appear next to your regular heart containers.

Certain foods, when cooked, reward you with temporary hearts. The best examples of these types of food are the Hearty Durians and Hearty Radishes. Hearty Radishes can usually be found scattered across the green parts of the game, such as around Hateno and Kakariko. Hearty Durians however can only be found in the Faron Region.

The hearty durians found in the Faron jungle.

Both of these fruits can be thrown into a cooking pot and cooked on their own to enhance their healing properties. This imbues them with the power to provide temporary hearts. It is important to note that combining any power-enhancing food with another differing power results in food with no bonus.

Five hearty durians cooked into a hearty simmered fruit dish - that provides 20 bonus temporary hearts.

How to Get Spirit Orbs in Breath of the Wild?

As mentioned, spirit orbs are necessary to trade with goddess statues for heart containers (or stamina containers). Spirit orbs can be obtained by successfully completing one of the shrines found in the game. This includes the four shrines located on the great plateau.

A screenshot showing spirit orbs in a players inventory.

In total, there are 120 shrines scattered across the game’s map. This means that in total, you can get 120 spirit orbs. Four spirit orbs are needed to trade with a goddess statue, so you can trade with the statue 30 times.

You can only ever have 30 hearts in total – this includes the temporary hearts that you get from eating certain types of food. If you try to consume food that will increase your number of hearts past 30, it will have no effect up to the maximum amount.

That brings us to the end of the how to get more hearts in Breath of the Wild article! If you have enjoyed it, please consider taking a look at the other articles I have written!

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