How to Get Ore Fast in Palworld (AFK Farm)

Ore Galore.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Ore is one of the most important and excessively needed resources in Palworld. Sure, you can find and farm ore deposits around the map but that’s not a permanent solution. You’ll be needing a lot of ore in the game’s mid-to-late stage. This guide will help you get an unlimited supply of Ore in Palworld by setting up an AFK farm for the resource.

You’ll need a few pals, a second base, and clever chest placement to pull this off effortlessly. We’ll be briefing you on the whole thing through this guide. Read on, and start farming!

Build a Second Base

2nd Base Location
Recommended 2nd Base Location (High Ore Density Area)

We first need access to a second base to start our ore farm in Palworld. You need to level up your main base to level 10 first. So, play the game, catch some pals, level up your base, and get it to level 10.

Once you can start a second base, head to the area we’ve marked in the image below and place your Palbox there. You need to create a basic base with beds, a food box, a water source, some workers to manage everything, and some specific pals required for ore farming. (we’ll get to that bit shortly(.

This location was suggested as it is located in an area with a high density of ore deposits.

Catch Digtoise and Vanwyrm

Step 2 is acquiring a few pals that will make the whole farming process a cakewalk. We’ll need these two pals to pull this AFK farm off with maximum efficiency.

  • Digtoise: The pal who’ll be mining ore deposits for us. ┃Mining Level 3 ┃Drill Crusher
  • Vanwyrm: The pal who’ll be carrying mined deposits to the chest for us. ┃Transporting Level 3 ┃Aerial Marauder

You can find Digtoise in the desert area, near the Anubis boss. The exact location is marked in the image above.

Vanwyrm can be located near the coast on the left side of the Ravine Entrance fast travel point in Palworld. The exact location is marked in the image above.

Place the Chest Near the Palbox

Chest Placement
Put the chest near the Palbox for easy transfer of resources.

Once you’ve built the base and got the pals… go back to your second base and assign each pal to their station. Now, the last step…. placing a chest near the Palbox. You have to put the chest next to the Palbox on both bases.

The reason is that you’ll be able to transfer a boatload of materials from one base to the other without having to move while being overweight. Maximum efficiency, baby!

Your pals will mine, and transport unlimited amounts of ore into your box even when you are AFK, and then you can move it around your bases using fast travel and use it however you want.

Congratulations! You now have an AFK farm setup for farming Ore in Palworld. Check out this guide on how to use mounts on your pals if you are interested and keep visiting WIG for all things Palworld.

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