How to Get Pearls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Pearls are an in-game crafting material that can be used to create a bunch of really cool DIY recipes from the mermaid sets. These recipes produce some of the coolest beach and summer aesthetic items in the game. They aren’t really very easy to come by however and are quite rare. So, for those struggling to find them, here is my guide on how to get pearls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to get pearls in Animal Crossing
The perfect summer beach scene!

How to Get Pearls in Animal Crossing?

There are two ways that you can find pearls in the game. The first way is by diving underwater and coming across pearls at the bottom of the sea. They will appear the same way fish shadows do, however, they won’t be moving.

The second way that you can find pearls in the game is by being given them by Pascal. Pascal is an NPC that you can meet swimming in the ocean. He appears when you find scallops and will ask for your scallop in return for a really cool item. Most of the time he gives you DIY recipes for things in the mermaid set. But, he can also give you pearls.

How to get pearls in Animal Crossing

Pascal will only ask you for a scallop once per day. This means you can only get a maximum of one pearl (or DIY recipe) from him per day.

Alternatively, you can always get pearls via trading with other players such as your friends or those that you meet on trading sites such as Nookazon.

What Are Pearls Used For?

As mentioned, the most common use for pearls is in crafting furniture items from the mermaid set. All items in the set require at least one pearl alongside other materials. Some of the bigger items require more. Thankfully, these are the only items that require pearls. You don’t need to worry about hoarding them if you are interested in the particular set.

How to get pearls in Animal Crossing

Another use of pearls is to sell. Pearls sell for 10,000 bells each at Nook’s Cranny which makes them one of the most valuable materials in the game alongside gold nuggets. So, if you don’t care about the mermaid set and come across some, you can always sell them along with the other sea creatures you find for some extra bells.

Finally, pearls are also used as the apparent ‘best item’ to give villagers in hopes they will give you their villager picture. Pearls are great gifts to give villagers anyway because they won’t be able to do anything with them. So you don’t have to worry about them placing the gift somewhere or in the case of clothes, wearing it. However, they might give you something nice in return!

You should now have a good understanding of how to get pearls in Animal Crossing after reading this guide. I have a bunch more Animal Crossing guides on this site, so if you feel like checking those out, please do!

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