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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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You’ll be able to earn and spend the rare Pieces of Eight currency upon entering the endgame stages of Skull and Bones. But acquiring this currency is a tad bit tricky. You might not be able figure out how to effectively farm for these coins and where to use them. That’s where WIG comes in!

You can get pieces of eight in Skull and Bones by delivering White Rum and Blue Opium to delivery points via the Order Registry and capturing/funding manufactories that are spread across the map.

Let’s talk about these mechanics in detail and make you the wealthiest pirate of them all. We’ll also shed some light on the different uses for this particular currency.

How to Use Pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones

Helm Black Market
Endgame Purchases.

You’ll need hundreds, if not thousands of Pieces of Eight coins if you intend to upgrade your ship to its fullest potential in Skull and Bones. This currency is prominently used for making purchases from the Helm Black Market.

You can buy ship upgrades, weapons, cosmetics, complete armor sets, blueprints, and a whole lot more from this shop. There are a few other uses for this currency as well, and we’ll be mentioning them in the guide below.

Needless to say, this is one of the most important things you’ll be farming in the late hours of your pirate adventure in Skull and Bones. With that out of the way, let’s figure out how to actually get our hands on these coins.

Prerequisites for Farming Pieces of Eight

Before we get to the part where you start earning chestfuls of Pieces of Eight coins, you’ll need to fulfill a few requirements, reach certain infamy ranks, and just level up a bit.

Here are all the prerequisites you need to meet before you can start effectively earning Pieces of Eight coins in Skull and Bones:

  • Reach infamy rank: Kingpin. (This will allow you to access Hostile Takeovers and Legendary Heists, which are pivotal for earning these coins)
  • Finish John Scurlock’s “Unsettling Grip” quest. (Necessary for getting Yanita’s invite)
  • Unlock the Helm Black Market by talking to Yanita Nara. (She can be found at the Sainte Anne Den) – The Octopus Wheel icon.
  • Finish her quests to unlock the Order Registry.
  • Unlock Manufactories across the map to produce Pieces of Eight coins.

Completing all of these activities can be quite dull if you are alone. Did you know that Skull and Bones supports crossplay and cross-platform play? Read more here!

Deliver White Rum and Blue Lotus Opium

Order Registry
The Order Registry.

Once you’ve completed all the prerequisites we’ve discussed, the next step is to start earning Pieces of Eight currency in Skull and Bones. There are multiple ways to do so, and we will cover all of them.

Let us start with the Order Registry, where you’ll be tasked with delivering illegal goods at a certain location while fighting against Rogue ships. (The Order Registry orders are refreshed after one in-game day passes).

Most of these orders will ask for White Rum and Blue Lotus Opium to be delivered to a certain location. Once you have produced the goods, load them into your ship’s cargo and sail towards the location.

  • White Rum can be produced at the Distillery in the Sainte Anne‘s den
  • Blue Lotus Opium can be produced at the Laboratory at the Telok Penjarah den.

Beware! You’ll be fighting Rogue ships along the way. Sinking and pillaging those ships is highly recommended, as they’ll drop some much-needed resources that we can use for making the White Rum and the Blue Lotus Opium, among other craftable necessities.

Earn Pieces of Eight via the Helm Empire

Takeover Opportunity - Skull and Bones Pieces of Eight
Hostile Takeover opportunities spawn on the map every 30mins.

The Helm Empire is a claimed territory map in Skull and Bones that can be accessed from the den or anywhere else by pressing E on the keyboard while the normal map is open.

This map lets players see all of the different manufactories that are available and can be captured at that time. You will need these manufactories to produce pieces of eight in Skull and Bones.

Manufactories can be captured via both PvP encounters (Hostile Takeovers) and PvE activities (Legendary Heists)

  • In a Hostile Takeover, 6 players compete to take over a manufactory location by weakening its defenses and then defending against counterattacks while fending off other players as well. Once the danger is over, the manufactory will be yours to keep and profit from.
  • In a Legendary Heist, you’ll be teaming up with two other players and sinking another CPU-controlled ship. Once you destroy the ship and loot the resources it drops, you’ll need to sail back to any den and turn the resources in.

Once you’ve captured the manufactory, the next step is to fund it with silver and upgrade it as you see fit to reduce the time needed for production and increase each manufactory’s storage size.

Note: You can also upgrade the Helm Empire using Pieces of Eight to unlock things like a longer countdown between you picking up the coins from a manufactory and delivering them to a den, increasing profit per run, etc.

Collecting Pieces of Eight from the Manufactories

Filled Manufactories - Skull and Bones Pieces of Eight
All these golden icons indicate that the manufactory has produced the maximum amount of coins.

Go around and collect Pieces of Eight from all of your manufactories, but beware that you need to travel back to a den and turn these coins over before they can be added to your inventory. You will be attacked by rogue ships along the way, just like the Order Registry runs.

Plan your route, and try to haul as many coins as you can per run to make it as efficient as possible. This is the best way to earn pieces of eight in Skull and Bones.

You’ll also need these coins to unlock the different parts of the Helm Empire map so that you can also capture manufactories in those regions. You’ll never have enough Pieces of Eight currency, so good luck on the grind!

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