How to Get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2

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Figuring out how to get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2 is the entire point of the Solstice 2022 gameplay loop. The entire event revolves around this new currency, so being able to farm it effectively is important.

To get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2 – all you have to do is complete activities around the system. That’s it. Everything from Strikes to Public Events will award you Silver Leaves providing you’re wearing at least one piece of Candescent Armor.

Not every activity awards Silver Leaves, though. And, obviously, some activities are better for farming than others. I’m going to go through the details down below, including highlighting the best Silver Leave farms in Destiny 2. I’ll also explain how to use your Silver Leaves. Just in case you’re confused about Bungie’s overly-complicated seasonal currency system.

How to Get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Destinations map.
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Complete Activities

For the most part, Silver Leaves in Destiny 2 act just like any other seasonal currency – like Vestiges of Dread. They’re a basic currency with the sole purpose of being transformed into another, more premium currency. For Vestiges, it was Bound Presence. For Silver Leaves, it’s Silver Ash.

Given that, you can earn Silver Leaves the same way you would any other seasonal currency. It’ll drop from activities and events in the system, provided you’re wearing at least one piece of the new Candescent Solstice armor set.

Typical activities you’ll want to farm for Silver Leaves include:

  • Vanguard Strikes.
  • Crucible matches.
  • Gambit matches.
  • Public Events.
  • Pinnacle Missions.

These aren’t all of the possible sources of Silver Leaves in Destiny 2, but they’re the most useful. Public Events, in particular, are a fast and effective way of farming the currency.

There are some notable activities that, for whatever reason, aren’t dropping Silver Leaves. Nightmare Containment, in particular, doesn’t drop any Silver Leaves at all. So, if you wanted to farm that Season of the Haunted activity and Solstice armor at the same time, you’re out of luck.

Fastest Way to Farm Silver Leaves in Destiny 2

Witch Queen the Ghost mission in Director.
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Bungie is notorious for quickly patching any discovered exploits or farms that let players earn massive amounts of seasonal currency. The whole seasonal event model is designed to keep players playing longer across all activities because that kind of playtime looks good to the investors. That’s no different with players figuring out how to get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2.

Initially, there was an exploitable farm with the Investigations missions on Mars that let players rack up a ludicrous number of Leaves. That’s since been patched – but there has been another exploit discovered.

The Witch Queen mission “The Ghosts” (the mission in which you find Sagira) has a checkpoint after discovering the aforementioned Sagira at the end of the mission. This checkpoint registers before the boss fight – which is super easy with a full fireteam. So, you can pass the checkpoint between each other and use this method to earn a lot of Silver Leaves incredibly quickly.

Don’t expect this to last for too long. As I said, Bungie is firmly against this sort of thing. Take advantage of it while you can, though.

If that does get patched out, then your best legit Silver Leaves farm in Destiny 2 will probably be Public Events.

How to Use Silver Leaves in Destiny 2

How to get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2 - Bonfire Bash
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You don’t really use Silver Leaves in Destiny 2. Not in the traditional sense. Once you have them in your inventory, you never need to interact with them. They’re used up automatically, with Silver Ash being rewarded in its place.

The Solstice 2022 gameplay loop works like this:

  • Silver Leaves – earned through regular activities throughout the system.
  • Silver Ash – Silver Leaves are turned into Silver Ash through the Bonfire Bash activity.
  • Kindling Kindling is rewarded for completing Seasonal Challenges on your Event Card.

Kindling is then used to upgrade each piece of Candescent armor, with each slot having three tiers. Silver Ash is then used to reroll that armor with a focus on specific stats.

So, to use Silver Leaves in Destiny 2 – all you have to do is play Bonfire Bash with Silver Leaves in your inventory to turn them into Silver Ash. You then use that Silver Ash, along with Kindling, to upgrade your seasonal armor.

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