How to Get the Dragon Defender in OSRS

Here's how you can get the Dragon Defender!

Scott Livingston
Scott Livingston
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Every OSRS mid to high-level account will have to obtain their Dragon Defender at a certain point in the game. This will allow the players to maximize their strength bonus on their desired bracket.

After training some of your skills and completing some quests, you should be ready to enter the mid-game. In this article, I will show you how to get the Dragon Defender on your account and its importance.

There are some basic combat requirements for you to be eligible to enter the Warrior’s guild. The guard Ghommal will allow you to enter the guild after you’ve achieved a combined level of 130 strength and attack levels. This could be 65 on each skill or 90 strength and 40 attack, which will allow you to enter the guild also.

How To Get to Warrior’s Guild?

Combat Bracelet and Games Necklace

The quickest way to get to Warriors Guild is either by a Combat bracelet or a Games Necklace. The Combat Bracelet will take you right outside the door of the Warrior’s Guild. Whereas, the games necklace to the Burthorpe games room, and you must run to the guild.

Farming The Tokens for Dragon Defender

The gear you get is not very important, though having protection prayers will highly impact your efficiency. Get some decent enough of heal, and also get a Mithril armor set without the kiteshield.

The Armor is required for farming the warrior skill tokens. You go to the animating room and place your Armor into the ‘Magical Animator‘. Animate the soldier and then kill it; after you kill the soldier, pick up the Armor and repeat. The mithril armor is the most efficient Armor to use for farming tokens.

Mithril Armor for Magical Animator

Before going for the defender, you should farm 1,500 to 2,000 tokens to make sure that you will get your rune defender. Then, if you need to re-stock or re-fill your food, there is a bank on the first floor for you to use.

Note: You need at least 100 Warrior Guild Tokens to enter the cyclopes enclosure.

Farming Your Defenders

Once you’re done farming the tokens, resupply yourself with potions and food. Head upstairs two floors to the cyclopes room and speak to ‘Kamfreena‘; she will let you in to get your bronze defender.

OSRS Kamfreena

What To Expect

The cyclops you will be killing are weak to melee and range, their attack style is melee based, and their max hit range is between 6-8.

As long as you’re going from bronze to rune defender, the cyclopes will drop the defenders at a 1/50 rate, and their average GP per kill is 150. Every time you get a new defender, you will have to leave the area and talk to ‘Kamfreena’.

You can kill the higher-level cyclopes once you have achieved the rune defender. These cyclopes drop a dragon defender at a 1/100 rate, and they also have higher GP per kill (1200).

Grab Your Best in Slot Melee Gear

Melee Gear

Make sure to get your best in slot melee gear. You can use Dragon Scimitar if your attack level is limited to 60 attack. If you have a higher level and extra GP on your account, make sure to bring the best gear you can afford. The higher the Strength and Attack bonuses, the faster you will be done with the defender grind.

Once you enter the Cyclopes’ room, every minute you spend will cost you 10 tokens. Every time you get a defender drop, leave the room and use the defender onto Kamfreena. You also must keep the last defender that you obtained as a drop in your inventory or wield it.

If you need extra supplies, leave use bank on the first floor and come back. In my account, getting all the defenders from bronze to rune took me an average of 270 tokens per defender.

Getting Your Dragon Defender

Getting Dragon Defender

After you’ve gotten your rune defender, you can now leave. Now, head down to the ground floor, exit through the door in the back, climb down the ladders onto the basement, and speak to ‘Lorelai‘. You need at least 100 tokens to enter this door, also. Use your overhead prayers to sustain your trips, as these Cyclopes tend to hit higher.

If you’re lucky, you will get your dragon defender very quickly. I’ve got mine in less than 15 minutes, but keep in mind that it might be quite a grind, also!


The Dragon Defender is very important from mid to late game, as it is one of the best melee off-hands in the game. It will be used for a very long time and for different combat scenario. Not only that, when you finally get to the end game, you can upgrade your Dragon Defender with an Avernic defender hilt, which can be obtained from Theater of Blood.

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