How to Get the Frenzy Refit in Destiny 2

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Eoin Black
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The Frenzy Refit in Destiny 2 is a reward for finishing the Should You Choose to Accept it quest. At least, it’s a reward for finishing the first part of that quest. The following parts of the quest are related to other Refits, but let’s not worry about that right now. Instead, I’m going to run you through how to get the Frenzy Refit in Destiny 2.

I’ll be walking you through how to complete Should You Choose to Accept it Part 1, and by extension – explaining how to unlock the Frenzy Refit. If you’re looking to spruce up your Revision Zero, this is where you start.

Destiny 2 Frenzy Refit – How to Complete Should You Choose to Accept it Part 1

Step 1 – Complete Operation: Archimedes

Destiny 2 Should You Choose to Accept it part 1 Warmind Launch Facility node.
Image via Bungie

Should You Choose to Accept it Part 1 is a relatively short quest, but it’s only one part of a much larger whole. Our reward for this section of the quest is the Frenzy Refit, which will increase the reload speed of Revision Zero based on how many rapid kills you got beforehand.

The first step to getting the Frenzy Refit is to complete Operation: Archimedes. If that sounds familiar, good – you’ve done it before. You’ll have the node to launch the mission in the H.E.L.M. and once you complete it, the node is gone.

It’s impossible to actually get Should You Choose to Accept it without having gotten to a certain point in the seasonal story, so you will have seen this mission before. There’s nothing to it – it’s a simple and fast run.

Step 2 – Travel to Europa

Destiny 2 Should You Choose to Accept it part 1 Europa.
Image via Bungie

After completing Operation: Archimedes, your quest objective will update to “travel to Europa.” That’s pretty vague, but don’t fret – you’re not going to have to run around the planet looking for the next quest trigger.

Instead, as soon as you start loading up the Europa Landing Zone, your quest step will update.

Step 3 – Complete Patrols and Kill Targets on Europa

Frenzy Refit Destiny 2 - Should You Choose to Accept it Part 1 step 3.
Image via Bungie

Upon loading into Europa, Should You Choose to Accept it Part 1 will update. It’ll now tell you to decrypt a passcode by completing patrols and defeating combatants on Europa.

Unlike the Seasonal Challenges, which are similar in wording, this quest step is remarkably quick. So quick, that I didn’t even manage to get any actual figures while doing it. I jumped into a Public Event half-way through and did one Lost Sector – no Patrols at all. That’s all it took to get it done.

Step 4 – Finish the Perdition Lost Sector

Perdition Lost Sector terminal.
Image via Bungie

Once you’ve got step three done, the next step in getting your Frenzy Refit in Destiny 2 is to complete the Perdition Lost Sector – technically.

The Lost Sector is located in Cadmus Ridge, embedded in the cliff-face leading towards Eventide Ruins. If you’ve played endgame PvE in Destiny 2, then you’ll be familiar with this Lost Sector. Even on Legend or Master, it’s incredibly easy to get a sub-three-minute run. You only need to finish it regularly, so hop on it.

The actual quest step involves interacting with the terminal pictured above at the end of the Lost Sector. This will finish the decryption process you started in the last step and move you on to step five.

The terminal has a limited range once you interact with it – so make sure you stay right next to it until it decrypts the password. Otherwise, it’ll reset the process and you’ll have to start it again.

Step 5 – Find the Schematic During Operation: Seraph’s Shield on Legend

The hell room in Seraph's Shield. You know the one - with the light-up floor.
Image via Bungie

All that’s left to get the Frenzy Refit in Destiny 2 is to complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield on Legend difficulty. In case you didn’t know – that’s the Exotic quest that you got Revision Zero from in the first place.

There are two quest steps left in Should You Choose to Accept it. Step five isn’t to actually finish the mission, but to find the schematic for the Frenzy Refit. This schematic is located on a dead Exo in the microwave chamber about halfway through the mission. It’ll be lying where I’m aiming in the image above (it disappears when you interact with it).

You know the chamber I’m talking about – the one where you have to look at the floor pattern from outside the room, then remember it and what terminals to activate once you go inside it. You’ve died to it before – I guarantee it.

Finish the puzzle and interact with the Exo to receive the schematics. It’s worth noting that there are other, un-interactable dead Exos dotted around the mission. Chances are that you’ll have to interact with these for the other Refits later on down the line – so take note of any you find.

Step 6 – Complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield on Legend

Should You Choose to Accept it step 6.
Image via Bungie

After you obtain the schematic, all that’s left to do is actually complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield on Legend difficulty. If you’re in a Fireteam, that’s not so bad. If you’re solo, it’s a far greater ask.

Naturally, you’ll want to make sure you’re using Solo Operative if you are solo – it’ll make things infinitely easier. What’s more, Weakened Clear will also help you keep your debuffs up if you’re not already running Void (which you should be – survivability is key here).

Beyond that, I Highly recommend you run Grand Overture. The most difficult part of this entire mission is the section with the three Brigs. That, combined with the ludicrous amount of Arc shields in this mission, makes Grand Overture phenomenal. You’ll be able to pop any shield in one hit, and a full rocket volley will completely take out a Brig from full health.

The boss is a bit of a challenge – one full volley takes out about half of one health bar or 1/6 of the boss’ total health. So, if you want to swap Grand Overture out for something with a bit more oomph, feel free.

Once you complete the mission, you’re done with Should You Choose to Accept it! You’ll get the Destiny 2 Frenzy Refit from the chest at the end, and be able to reshape it into your Revision Zero back on Mars.

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