How To Get the Merciless Long Gun in Remnant 2 (Explained)

Decisions Decisions.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Remnant 2 is packed with decisions and possibilities that branch into different outcomes and reward you with a different gear. Almost all major boss fights in the game will prompt you with a decision that will affect the weapon or mod you get as a reward. This guide will talk about how you can get the Merciless Long Gun in Remnant 2 and what choices you have to make to do so.

To get the Merciless Long Gun in Remnant 2, go into the Corrupted Ravager’s Lair, and shoot the Ravager when given the choice between killing or saving the Doe to start the fight. After that, keep the Doe alive until the second phase is triggered.

That’s when the Ravager will eat the Doe, and then you’ll get the long gun once you kill him.

Let’s discuss the whole process in detail and break down each step for you. The Corrupted Ravager boss fight can give you four different item drops based on your decisions. So it can be a bit tricky to remember for some people.

Unlocking the Merciless Long Gun in Remnant 2

First up, you need to reach the end of Yaesha and solve the Music Puzzle in the Lost Temple to unlock access to the Corrupted Ravager’s Lair. Once you go inside, a lengthy cutscene will play out, and then the Corrupted Ravager will offer you a choice.

The Choice

Choose to Shoot the Ravager
The Choice

Either Kill the Doe or Save the Doe. All of the different rewards you can get from this boss fight branch out from this decision. Here is a breakdown of what can happen during this decision:

  • Saving the Doe: The most morally correct option. Choosing this option will allow the Doe to escape the arena, and you’ll be awarded the Doe’s Antlers (used to craft the Red Doe Staff melee weapon)
  • Shooting the Doe: Killing the Doe rewards you with the Ravager’s Mark (amulet)
  • (DO THIS) Shoot the Ravager & Keep the Doe alive until the Second Phase:
    You need to pick this option if you want to unlock the Merciless Long Gun. You need to shoot the Ravager when he gives you the choice, and MAKE SURE that you keep the Doe alive until the second phase starts. That’s when the Ravager will eat the Doe & you’ll get the Crimson Membrane at the end (used to craft the Merciless).
  • Shoot the Ravager & the Doe also dies before the Second Phase:
    If you shoot the Ravager and the Doe also dies either by taking damage or for whatever reason, you will get the Ravager’s Maw (used to craft the Feral Judgement melee weapon)

After making the correct decision and acquiring the Crimson Membrane, take the weapon part back to McCabe to craft the Merciless Long Gun.

Merciless Long Gun Stats

Remnant 2 Merciless Long Gun stats
McCabe Weapon Crafting Screen

Here are the complete base stats for the Merciless Long Gun in Remnant 2:

Ideal Range20m
Falloff Range45m
Max Ammo250
Crit Hit Chance10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier0%
Base Stats

The built-in weapon mod, Bloodline, allows players to shoot a powerful bullet projectile that can pierce through enemies and deal 150 damage with a 25% Crit damage bonus.

Merciless is excellent for Bleed or DPS builds, and it can be upgraded to increase the weapon’s per-hit damage and make it even more deadly. Now that you’ve acquired a powerful weapon, you are ready to take on the more challenging bosses Remnant 2 has to offer. Keep checking WIG to uncover more secrets about Remnant 2.

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