How to Get the MP60-R SMG in Remnant 2 (Get OP Early)

An OP Sidearm For Early Game

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Once you’ve selected your preferred archetype in Remnant 2 and talked to Ford near the big red door, your adventure is about to begin. What if we told you that there is an OP SMG you can get right now that should even the odds against powerful enemies? Well, we are talking about the MP60-R SMG in Remnant 2.

To get the MP60-R SMG in Remnant 2, you need to get the flashlight from Ford and then return to his office to get a key from the chest. The code to unlock the chest is scribbled on the back of the flashlight. Once you acquire the key, head over to the container area of Ward 13 and unlock a door there to get the SMG.

Learn how to get the MP60-R SMG early on in Remnant 2 and have an incredible sidearm before leaving the Ward 13 area. If you don’t acquire it right now, you’ll get the same SMG as a default weapon with the Summoner Archetype.

Get the MP60-R SMG Early in Remnant 2

After you’ve talked to Ford and got the flashlight from him, backtrack to his office, which is located on the second floor of the warehouse. There is a locked chest on the right side of his office. A 4-digit pin code protects this chest.

Unlock the Chest

4-Digit Code Under Flashlight - Remnant 2 MP60-R SMG
The 4-Digit code is 0415

In Remnant 2, a lot of items contain puzzle solutions and hints about whatever they are going to be used for. You have to inspect them and check every corner, similar to how you do in Resident Evil games.

You need to inspect the Flashlight Ford just gave you, and upon inspection, you’ll find a 4-digit code etched on the back. The code is 0415. And… you guessed it, this code unlocks the chest in Ford’s office.

Inside, you’ll find a conspicuous-looking key. Now where does this key fit? What does this key open?

Find The Locked Door

Head Left from Docks - Remnant 2 MP60-R SMG

Next, you must leave the warehouse and take a left towards the docks. And instead of entering the docks, keep heading leftward, and you’ll eventually see a bunch of containers. This should indicate that you are headed the right way.

Cross the containers and head deep into that area until you see a sort of covered, underground opening. This opening will take you to a corridor with a green-colored door at the opposite end.

Locked Door Having the MP60-R SMG in Remnant 2

Open the door using the key you found inside the chest, and voila! , you should see the MP60-R SMG inside the room. The MP60-R is one of the most OP SMGs you can get early on in Remnant 2.

MP60-R Stats

 MP60-R Stats

The MP60-R has the following stats:

Base Stats

It’s a very effective weapon in close range against hordes or fast-moving grunts. If you want to install a useful mod on the SMG, we suggest Hot Shot. This mod imbues your rounds with fire and increases your weapon’s range by 15%. You’ll also be dealing 200 fire damage for the next 10 seconds.

And that’s how you can get the OP MP60-R SMG early on in Remnant 2. We hope this weapon will make the starting levels of the game a bit more bearable for you. You can also upgrade the SMG by gathering more materials and improving its damage output.

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