How To Get The Poncho For Elliot in Stray

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Elliot in Stray

Elliot is a prorgammer you meet in The Slums, the first main levels of the game. You will need Elliot to progress the story mission, but getting them to cooperate is a little tricky. You have to do a mini sidequests to achieve this and while the steps are a little tricky, it’s a relatively simple series to follow. Here is how you can get the Poncho for Elliot in Stray.

Getting Elliot the Poncho in Stray

To start off, you need to do some parkouring to the tops of the slums. Here you will look for two robots tossing paint buckets to each other across rooftops. You need to go toward the one on the lower rooftop, their name will be Vapora.

Meow at Vapora

When you approach Vapora, you will have to press Triangle or the interact button. You will see a meow prompt on the screen, and you will meow at them just as they’re about to swing the paint can.

The paint can will drop to the laundromat below and you will parkour your way back to the ground and enter the laundromat.

Paint dropping at laundromat

As soon as you enter the laundromat, pick up the detergent on top of the washing machine on the machine that is closest to the door.

Picking up the detergent

With the detergent now in paw, you will head to Azooz and trade the detergent for the cable.

Buying the Electric Cable from Azooz
Trading Detergent for the cable

Take the detergent to the granny/old robot near the place you begin the level. Give them the cable and they will make you a poncho.

Giving the cable to Grandma
Getting the Poncho from Grandma

However the poncho is too big for the kitty, but you can give it to someone else – Elliot.

Giving Elliot the Poncho

Right down the alley from Grandma, is Elliot Programming. Press Triangle or interact to claw at the door and be let in. Go up the stairs on the far end of the room, interact with Elliot and offer them the Poncho.

Now with Elliot’s cooperation, they will help you with progressing the story in when you need to in The Slums Part 2.

We hope this guide was helpful, and you were able to get the Poncho for Elliot in Stray. If you have any questions, make sure to post those in the comments below.

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