How to Get the Portable Pot in Tears of the Kingdom

Cook wherever you are without any issues.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Zonai Devices are a new addition to Tears of the Kingdom, and they allow players to make creative things. Depending on the device, you can make a car, a plane, or something completely different. One such device is the Portable Pot. That is why this guide will show you how to get the Portable Pot in Tears of the Kingdom.

If you have played Breath of the Wild, you’ll know how important cooking is. The same can be said in Tears of the Kingdom as well. So, if you are on a grueling journey and have to cook to restore HP or gain certain buffs, worry not because this Portable Pot will come in handy.

Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get the Portable Pot

Map For Portable Pot

To get the Portable Pot, you need to head to the location shown on the map above. Here, you will also find the Koroks that want to be reunited. After reuniting them, look to the left of the Koroks and you’ll notice a zipline and a minecart.

The Nearby Hook

Attach the nearby hook to the cart and place the hook on the left zipline. All of this can be done using Ultrahand so you shouldn’t have any issues. The reason why you need to place it on the left zipline is because the right one is broken midway and the cart will fall.

If you are having issues with the cart, look at the image above and follow that. Also, make sure that you place a fan behind the cart so that you can boost it and get to the other side. After getting to the other side, you’ll notice a small building with a staircase leading into it.

The Portable Pot

Upon climbing the staircase, you will find a chest in the building. Open the chest to get the Portable Pot. To leave this area, head to the left of the building and you’ll get an option to jump in the lake. Since you do not take damage while jumping in the water, you can safely go down and continue on the main path of the game.

Having a Portable Pot is crucial as you never know when you need to cook to gain hearts or get additional buffs. Since there is a snowy area next to this region, you will have to cook food that will give you cold resistance. So, having this pot will allow you to place it in the snowy mountains and cook hot food.


That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Portable Pot in Tears of the Kingdom. This Zonai Device is available early in the game, and it will help you out in the snowy area where the third Shrine is. So, make sure that you grab it to easily progress through the game.

Did you manage to find the Portable Pot? What do you think about the Zonai Devices in Tears of the Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below!

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