How to Get to Volcano Manor in Elden Ring

There are multiple ways to get to this location!

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Elden Ring features tons of secret locations where you can discover and find strong weapons and equipment. One such location is called the Volcano Manor. Here, you can complete interesting quests, find good equipment, and even fight a strong boss. That is why this guide will show you how to get to Volcano Manor in Elden Ring.

Getting to this area is easier said than done. Since it is located in the Altus Plateau, you can expect tough enemies and other hurdles as well. So, make sure that you are prepared for all that and more before you head to the manor. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

Elden Ring: How to Get to Volcano Manor

Surprisingly, there are multiple methods that you can use to reach this area. Some of these methods are quick and simple while others will require you to do certain steps and fight through tough enemies. Worry not because we will show you each step so that you can follow whichever method you prefer.

Walk / Ride To Volcano Manor

Volcano Manor

The first way to reach the Volcano Manor is to ride there. For that, you need to unlock Altus Plateau either by climbing the Ruin-Strewn Precipice or by using the Grand Lift of Dectus. From here, you need to head over to the area with lava on the map.

On your way, you will face tons of strong enemies and various optional bosses as well. However, with enough determination, you will eventually reach Volcano Manor. While you might think that riding here is easy, it takes time and effort. But this is a simple method since you do not have to do any quests or meet any prerequisites.

Get in the Abductor Virgin

Abductor Virgin

Secondly, you can get abducted by the Abductor Virgin in Raya Lucaria Academy to reach this area. After slapping around Patches for a bit when you first meet him, he will relocate to the Scenic Isle site of grace in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Talk to him here and he will tell you about a secret path into Volcano Manor. Now, head inside the Raya Lucaria Academy and head to the Schoolhouse Classroom site of grace. From here, head outside where the giant water wheel is and travel down the waterwheel.

You will see the Abductor Virgin in this location. To make sure that you get to the Volcano Manor, make sure that you are grabbed by it and also killed during the grab attack. Otherwise, you won’t get to this area. Plus, you will lose your Runes since you died to an enemy.

This method brings you to a completely unique area in the Volcano Manor that you cannot access otherwise, So, make sure that you explore it and defeat the enemies to get tons of Runes.

Follow Rya’s Questline

Rya's initial location.
Rya’s initial location.

The final – and easiest – method to reach the Volcano Manor is to follow Rya’s quest line. Fortunately, the quest is short and you can complete it after defeating Godrick and heading to Liurnia of the Lakes.

  • Once you reach the Liurnia of the Lakes area, head over to the Scenic Isles.
  • From there, make your way east, and you will come across an NPC in the tower.
  • Talk to her and she will ask you to retrieve her necklace from a nearby person.
  • Once you receive the quest, go north of the Scenic Isle and you’ll come across a desolate shack. The NPC will be standing in front of the shack. Talk to him and you can either kill the NPC or buy the necklace from him.
  • Get the necklace and give it back to Rya – the NPC at the tower.
  • Now, she will appear at the first grace site at Altus Plateau, in a ruined building.
  • If you speak with her, she will ask you to join her clan. Agree to it and she will teleport you to the Volcano Manor.

This method is extremely quick and you will reach this area in no time. However, you might find the enemies there a bit tougher than expected since you will get to this location with a relatively lower level.

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