How to Get Tonberry King’s Crown in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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Having trouble finishing the last objective of The Saga of the Seaside Inn side quest? Well, worry not, as this detailed guide will tell you exactly how to acquire the Tonberry King’s pristine crown in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and help Johnny renovate his Inn.

We’ll discuss the prerequisites you need to complete the quest and even talk about an effective strategy that helps you avoid getting insta-killed by this funny-looking boss with a chef knife.

The Saga of the Seaside Inn


You’ll pick up The Saga of the Seaside Inn side quest during chapter 7, but this quest cannot be completed until you’ve reached chapter 9. You’ll be helping Johnny locate all his clones who went out to look for materials for the Inn’s renovation.

The first few Johnnys are easy to find since they are near the beach area. You’ll be searching for materials near the ziplines, and a few of them are found around dig sites that require the help of your trusty Chocobo.

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Towards the quest’s end, you’ll be tasked with stealing the Tonberry king’s crown. Most players will be confused here since they won’t know where to go. This is where you leave the quest and proceed with the story until you’ve reached chapter 9 and have acquired the buggy.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Tonberry King’s Location

You won’t be able to fight the Tonberry King immediately. Here are all the steps you need to complete to make him appear.

  • Reaching Chapter 9 and unlocking South Corel.
  • Explore and visit at least 4 Lifesprings in South Corel to uncover his location.
  • Go to the location marked on your map and summon him.
  • Fight him and steal the crown once he is in the Pressured state. (Pristine Crown)
  • You can also defeat him without stealing the crown mid-fight and then pick it up from the ground later. (Marred Crown)

Let’s take a look at an effective strategy for defeating the Tonberry King and acquiring his pristine crown.

How to Beat the Tonberry King

Ranged Party Setup
Parry Setup for the Fight.

This will be a tough fight if you are not careful. Tonberry can perform instant death moves with his Chef Knife. To avoid those, we highly recommend fighting from a distance. You will also need the Steal materia (Yuffie has this by default) if you want to acquire the Pristine Crown.

Note: The outcome of the quest does not change much whether you get the pristine or marred crown. Johnny, however, will be ecstatic if you bring him a shiny crown.

With that in mind, we went with a Cloud|Barret|Yuffie team. You should stay at a safe distance to avoid his instant death attacks and use Cloud’s new ranged attack to catch his attention.

Once the Tonberry King starts attacking him switch to Barret and use his abilities to punish the boss until he enters the Pressured state. Keep Yuffie’s (or whichever character has the Steal materia) ATB bar charged since she has a key role to play here.

Yuffie steals the crown.

Once he enters the Pressured state, you can use the character with the Steal materia to steal the crown. After that, you are free to defeat him at your own pace. Get rid of him and get back to the Johnny clone waiting on the other side of the shallow water to hand over the crown.

That’s how you get the Tonberry King’s pristine crown in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. All that’s left now is returning to Johnny’s Inn and watching the whole cutscene. Yoila! The Inn will be remodeled and can house your trophies now.

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