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Invest in turnip stonks!

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Whenever the question about earning Bells is brought up, one answer always pops up: turnips. But how and where do you get this vegetable? And what makes Animal Crossing turnips so valuable that they can give players millions of Bells in just one transaction?

Time for your wallet (and Tom Nook) to rejoice! We’re here to give you the ultimate guide on how to get turnips in Animal Crossing. From buying to selling, we’ve included the best-kept secrets in becoming a Bell-ionnaire through turnip stonks.

What Are Animal Crossing Turnips?

Buying Animal Crossing turnips is one way to earn lots of Bells in the game

Before we delve into the wonderful world of the Stalk Market, there are some things you should know about turnips first.

  • The Stalk Market involves the buying and selling of turnips for profit.
  • Turnips cannot be planted. To get more, you have to buy them.
  • Turnips can be sold to your Nook’s Cranny or another player’s Nook’s Cranny.
  • You cannot put turnips in your storage. You can drop them on the ground or on the floor, or bury them underground. Some players even design mini farms for their turnips.
  • Turnips go bad and rot a week after buying them, at exactly 5 AM the next Sunday. Spoiled turnips only sell for 100 Bells a piece.
  • Time traveling backward, even for a bit, will spoil your turnips! Time traveling a week forward will also rot them.

Where To Buy Animal Crossing Turnips?

The best way on how to get turnips in Animal Crossing is by buying from Daisy Mae

Get Turnips Through Daisy Mae

The best way to get turnips in New Horizons is by buying them from Daisy Mae. She shows up every Sunday morning, from 5 AM until 12 PM, and will be randomly roaming around your island. To get Daisy Mae to show up for the first time, you need to have constructed a Nook’s Cranny first.

Daisy Mae sells her turnips in bunches of 10. Her turnip selling price varies from 90 Bells to 110 Bells. There is no limit on how many turnips you can buy—as long as you have the Bells for it and are willing to risk it!

You can also go to another player’s island to buy turnips from their Daisy Mae. If Daisy Mae offers turnips at a lower price than yours, you can buy your turnips there.

After three different weeks of buying at least 100 turnips from her, Daisy Mae will gift you some bamboo shoots and turnip DIY recipes! What a turnip angel.

Get Turnips Through Joan

This might come as a surprise to some New Horizons players, but yes, you can now also get turnips from Joan. In the Happy Home Paradise DLC, Joan shows up in the hospital on Mondays and will give the player either 30, 50, or 100 turnips.

Joan is the grandma of Daisy Mae and was the turnip seller in previous Animal Crossing games. She decided to retire and give her turnip business to her grandchild.

What To Do With Animal Crossing Turnips?

Animal Crossing turnips can be sold, eaten, and even used in crafting

Now that you know how to get turnips in Animal Crossing, here’s what you can do with them.

  • Sell turnips: The primary purpose of turnips is to sell them for profit! Scroll down for a guide on how to sell them.
  • Eat turnips: You can eat a whole bunch of turnips at once, which will immediately max out your stamina. Stamina lets you break rocks or dig up trees.
  • Cook turnips: Thanks to the 2.0 update, you can now cook turnips! You can get turnip DIY recipes from Daisy Mae as a thank-you gift for being a loyal customer.
  • Get ants: Rotten turnips can attract ants when left on the ground. They might not sell much anymore due to being spoiled, but they can at least help you with your bug collection.
A bunch of spoiled turnips lays on the ground

How To Sell Animal Crossing Turnips?

Now that you have this goldmine of a veggie, how do you sell turnips in Animal Crossing? Well, my turnip friend, the gist of the Stalk Market is to buy low and sell high.

You can sell turnips at Nook’s Cranny from Monday to Saturday. Timmy and Tommy will give you two prices per day, one for 8 AM to 11:59 AM and another for 12 PM till closing time at 10 PM. Their buying price can go as low as 9 Bells per turnip or as high as 660 Bells!

Animal Crossing turnips can sell as high as 660 Bells

These buying prices can have a pattern: Random, Decreasing, Small Spike, and Large Spike. With the Random pattern, prices will randomly increase and decrease throughout the week.

The decreasing pattern has prices going down day by day. Small Spike will see a slight increase in prices, while Large Spike can sometimes give you a 200% to 600% boost in buying prices, which is how you get Timmy and Tommy asking for 660 Bells per turnip!

You can earn millions of Bells with turnips

Your current pattern can influence next week’s pattern. So if you unluckily have Decreasing, you have a bigger chance of getting a Large Spike next. If you already had a Small or Large Spike this week, you might get Random after. Sadly, there’s no way to know your Nook’s Cranny’s pattern other than checking and observing your prices every day.

If this sounds complicated and you’d rather go to another player’s Nook’s Cranny instead, there are fan-made websites like Turnip Exchange that have made turnip selling easier.

Sell turnips at Nook's Cranny

Whew, that was quite a lot to take in, but hopefully, you learned the essentials needed for the Stalk Market. Good luck with your future turnip ventures, and may turnip luck shine upon you! Check us out for more Animal Crossing guides.

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