How to Get XP Fast in Remnant 2 (Farming Route and Build)

Level Up Your Archetypes Fast!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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There are ten archetypes in Remnant 2, and leveling them up can become quite the grind. Most archetypes unlock their true potential once they hit level 10 (max rank), and since you can equip two classes at the same time, you need to level both of them up. So let’s see how to Get XP Fast in Remnant 2 and level up your classes in a more effective way.

To get XP Fast in Remnant 2, make sure you level up the Scholar Trait, equip the Sagestone Ring, and drink the Mudtooth’s Elixir consumable to gain a total XP boost of 40%. This should help you drastically increase the amount of XP you gain per run.

Before we talk about an effective XP farming route, lets take a look at some essential items you need to equip to maximize earn XP farming run.

Best Build for XP Farming

Remnant 2 Best XP Farming Build
Breakdown of the best XP farming build.

To ensure that you earn XP Fast in Remnant 2, you need to equip and use a few items. These items will provide you with an increased XP gain %. So, here are the essential XP farming build items:

  • Scholar Trait: Maxing out this trait provides you with a permanent 15% XP gain boost.
  • Sagestone Ring: This ring provides an additional 10% XP boost.
  • Mudtooth’s Elixir: A consumable that provides a 15% XP boot for 60 minutes (Real Time)

If you use all of these items in tandem, your total XP boost will go up to 40%. And once you get used to any farming route, you’ll navigate it faster and, in turn…get even more XP per minute.

Widow’s Court Fast XP Farming Route

To start this route, you need to spawn at the Great Bole in Yaesha. Once you spawn in… turn around and exit the dungeon through the yellow gate. Drink your Mudtooth Elixir. Once you exit the gate, keep heading straight and take the first left.

Take a Left After Exiting the Domain Gate
Turn Left Here

After turning, you will spot a staircase on your left and a straight path going under a broken bridge. There is one dual-wielding heavy enemy under the bridge and three enemies on the top level.

Remnant 2 Widows Court XP Farm - Enemies Here

We recommend going up first and killing the three enemies up there. Then coming down and killing the last enemy. After you’ve killed all the enemies here, simply use the Liquid Escape and spawn back at the crystal again.

This whole run should net you close to 2,000XP. This is by far the most effective solo Fast XP run we have came across in Remnent 2 after The Chimney Elevator XP farm got patched.

Note that you should only level up one class at a time. To ensure that, make sure one of your equipped classes is maxed out so that all of the earned XP goes to the second class. If both classes are under Level 10, then all earned XP will be divided between both classes.

This covers our quick guide on how to earn XP fast in Remnant 2. Make sure your classes are leveled up, and weapons are upgraded enough before you head into the late-game areas. You can learn about a lot of tips and tricks by reading our beginners guide for Remnant 2.

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