Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Increase Party Size

This is how you become the penultimate commander.

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If you want to be the supreme commander on the battlefield, you’re gonna want to know how to increase your party size in Bannerlord. You probably went through all the hassle of starting a kingdom in Bannerlord, time to enjoy the benefits.

Getting a massive party size is easy, the hard part is maintaining a full party. You probably should be raising a massive army if you don’t have the infrastructure to support it first.

The Perks You’ll Need to Increase Your Party Size in Bannerlord

Having the right perks is integral if you want to achieve a large party size. Every skill tree has at least one perk that increases your party size. However, the two most important skills are Leadership and Steward.

Ultimate Leader

how to increase party size in Bannerlord Ultimate Leader

Ultimate Leader is undeniably the most important perk to have if you want to increase your party size in Bannerlord. However, it’s also the last perk in the Leadership tree, which means that it’ll likely take some time before you can unlock it.

The reason Ultimate Leader is so good is because it gives you +1 Party Size for every Leadership point past 250. To earn Leadership skill points, maintain high morale in your party and lead armies as much as possible.

Famous Commander

Famous Commander

Famous Commander is the second most important perk to have if you want to increase your party size in Bannerlord. It doesn’t increase your party size directly, but it does help you farm Renown in Bannerlord, which ultimately increases your clan rank.

At Clan tier 6 you can control +150 soldiers, not a negligible amount at all. Plus, the more soldiers you have, the more prisoners you can acquire. There are many uses for prisoners in Bannerlord. If you know how to use them that is.

Leader of the Masses

how to increase party size in Bannerlord Leader of the Masses

Leader of the Masses gives you a +5 party size increase for every town you control. This is the main argument for hoarding towns in Bannerlord. The other benefit is the monetary gains. Just be aware that your allies will hate you for it.

Use Policies To Your Advantage

Policies are the quickest and easiest way to increase your party size in Bannerlord. After all, the best factions in Bannerlord should also have the best policies. And when it comes to policies, there are no better options than:

Noble Retinues

Noble Retinues

Not only does Noble Retinues increase your party size directly, but it also increases it for every Tier 5+ clan in your kingdom as well. That’s a lot of soldiers! Definitely something that will have your enemies sweating.

Royal Guard

Royal Guard

Royal Guard is my personal favorite policy. It gives the ruler a +60 party size increase, at the cost of 0.2 Influence per day to non-ruling clans. Once you’ve formed a kingdom, this should be the first policy that you pick up.

The Steward Skill

Steward Skill

Unlike Leadership, Steward directly increases your party size. However, not many people know how to properly farm Stewardship skill. To farm Stewardship skill, you’re going to want to have a large variety of food in your inventory at all times.

Additionally, you’re going to want to avoid all the perks that reduce food consumption in your party. Steward skill experience is earned per food item consumed, so each time you reduce the consumption, you reduce how much experience you earn. To maximize experience gains, you’re gonna want to feed your men like pigs.

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