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Starfield offers a rather palatable variety of factions for players to join. Each faction has different questlines, rewards, and characters to interact with. But what if you cannot decide on just one? What if you want to join all of the available factions in Starfield?

Yes, you can join all major factions in Starfield at the same time. You will be able to do it by progressing the story, visiting each faction’s HQ, or triggering a quest/event that lets you interact with a certain character who will introduce you to the faction.

This informative guide will discuss everything you need to know about all major & minor factions in Starfield, how to join them, and the benefits they provide. So, let’s get into it!

Joining All Factions in Starfield

Once you are a few missions into Starfield’s story, you’ll reach New Atlantis. You’ll be introduced to a lot of the factions, communities, and game mechanics here.

You’ll never be forced only to play the main quest. Instead, you may join any other faction in the game and start completing quests for them.

Each faction in the game follows a separate agenda, has different rules, and will introduce you to a diverse and colorful cast of characters.

Starfield does not gatekeep any content from you. Meaning you wont be locked out of quests from faction B in case you joined faction A.

You can join all of them at the same time & their missions will appear under separate faction icons. You may complete them in any order, with only a few exceptions.

Sometimes, the objectives of two factions might collide with each other, in which case you’ll have to side with the faction that you like more. Your actions might upset the other faction.

Let us now look at all of the major factions in the game and how you can join them.


Constellation - Join All Factions in Starfield

Constellation is the first faction that you come across. They are a group of explorers and scientists intrigued by the mysteries of the vast universe.

They don’t have any particularly strict rules other than remaining within the limits of the law and moral grounds.

Constellation will help you with your quest to understand the mysterious artifacts & all of the main quests in Starfield will also be tied to this faction. You don’t have much choice here, as joining Constellation is compulsory.

Join them by: Finishing the first few missions and reaching New Atlantis. After that, you will be invited to their HQ, where you’ll become an official member of the Constellation.

United Colonies (UC)


The United Colonies or UC are the marine corp. of Starfield. A faction of absolute authority whose members maintain peace throughout the star systems. You’ll come across them during one of the main quests in the game.

UC is the strongest faction in the game; joining them would mean that you are becoming a space marine and will be tasked with becoming an undercover agent for them and infiltrating the Crimson Fleet for information.

Join them by: Either getting arrested in UC territory or talking to the UC representative in the Mast Building on New Atlantis.

Freestar Collective (FC)

Freestar Collective - Join All Factions in Starfield

The Freestar Collective faction acts as the police or sheriff department of Starfield. They have been fighting with the UC on who gets to control which area for quite some time.

They aren’t as resourceful or powerful as the UC, but people still trust them to maintain peace in their star systems. Their headquarters is based in Akila City. You’ll first encounter them while trying to find the best starter ship in Starfield.

Join them by: Resolving the hostage situation in Akila City and then talking to Emma Wilcox. Tell her you wish to serve as a deputy under the Freestar Collective badge.

Crimson Fleet

Crimson Fleet - Join All Factions in Starfield

The Crimson Fleet guys are the space pirate faction of Starfield. They are the bad guys everyone hates and wants to arrest or kill. The Crimson Fleet isn’t as organized as the UC or FC.

You’ll start encountering CF members from the start of the game, and your proper exposure to their leaders happens when you try to infiltrate their ranks as an undercover UC officer.

As we’ve mentioned in our beginner tips guide, there are a few benefits to permanently siding with the pirates. They won’t attack you if you are a permanent and well-known member.

This can be quite helpful for players who are trying to complete a non-violent playthrough of the game.

Join them by: Joining the UC and then accepting the mission where you are tasked with infiltrating the Crimson Fleet.

Ryujin Industries

Ryujin Industries

Ryujin Industries is your typical rich, business-minded faction of the extremely rich folk. They only care about how to grow their business and be better than the competition.

Masako Imada, the company’s CEO, will mostly task you with quests that revolve around undermining the competitor company’s business and other corporate espionage tactics.

Join them by: Unlocking the “Back to the Grind” side mission by spending time in either New Atlantis or Neon City until you come across the company’s information cell.Once you have applied for the job, you can then speak to Lane, who can be found in the Ryujin HQ on Neon City. Do that, and you’ll start receiving job offers from them.

Joining Minor Factions in Starfield

Minor Factions

We’ve already talked about the five major factions in Starfield. There are a few minor groups as well. Some of them are religious, while others are more corporate.

You cannot fully join them, but still they have a separate existence and can have an opinion about you based on your decisions throughout the game.

  • The Enlightened is one of the three religious groups in the game. They are atheistic in their approach and beliefs. This religious group is based in New Atlantis and firmly believes in science and exploration to understand the workings of the universe.
  • House of Va’ruun is another religious group that works more like a cult. They are firm believers that the whole universe is enveloped by a giant serpent who will one day destroy everything.
    Most people in the Starfield believe that House of Va’ruun has died down and doesn’t have a proper following any more. Which is obviously not the case.
  • Sanctum Universum is the third religious group you’ll encounter in the game. They believe in a higher power hidden in the vast universe. They believe that this power controls all the decisions and happenings of the world.
  • Ecliptic Mercenaries are your standard run of the mil bounty hunters of the game. You’ll encounter them throughout the star systems as they come in and try to take you down.
  • Xenofresh Corporation is another mega-corporation like Ryujin Industries but far less influential. They were the ones who built Neon as a fishing town but later realized its potential as a tourist attraction and started making money from it.


That covers all of the factions in Starfield and the methods required to join them. We suggest that you enter all factions and start taking quests from all of them.

This will allow you to experience Starfield to its fullest. Some quests will have you fighting alien bugs, while others will task you with defending farmers from bandits. In the comments below, let us know which factions are your favorite and why.

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