How to Jump in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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In all Animal Crossing games, there has never been a jump button. Players can only jump in some situations and using specific tools. Want to learn about all the ways you can jump in Animal Crossing? Then you are in the right place. Keep on reading to find out!

The vaulting tool item in Animal Crossing.

How to Jump in Animal Crossing?

To jump over something in ACNH, you need to approach the gap that you will be jumping over and begin to walk toward it. Your character will then jump over the gap and land on the other side automatically

If you are walking over a body of water, you will need to have a Vaulting Pole equipped. You then will have to press the A button when approaching the edge of the area you want to jump over. 

The only times that you can ‘jump’ in Animal Crossing are:

  • Over water such as a river, using a Vaulting Pole
  • From cliff to cliff, provided there is no more than one block in between.  
  • Off the pierrocks, or airport deck into the sea
  • Over dug up holes in the ground. 
The rocks that you can jump into the sea from in Animal Crossing.

You cannot technically ‘jump’ whenever you feel like it in Animal Crossing, unlike in other games. You can only jump in certain situations, and your character will automatically perform the jump animation if you guide them toward one of these situations. 

How to Jump Over Water in Animal Crossing?

If you want to jump over a patch of water, you will need either a Vaulting Pole or for the gap to be one block wide. Gaps that are only one block wide can be jumped over without a Vaulting Pole. 

To do so, just approach the gap and walk toward the edge. Your player will automatically jump the gap. 

For larger spaces, you will require a Vaulting Pole. Whilst equipped, you will need to approach the body of water and press the A button right when you hit the edge. Your character will use the Vaulting Pole to hoist themselves over the body of water. 

Note, you can’t jump over bodies of water that are too far apart. I found from my gameplay that I could only jump over three to four block-wide spots. 

Jumping over water in Animal Crossing

How to Jump Over a Cliff in Animal Crossing?

Did you know that you could jump over cliffs? As long as there is a one-block wide gap between the two cliffs, and no more, you can jump over the space. 

To do so you don’t require a tool, so you can just approach the edge and jump over it automatically. This can be a pretty fun way to make a particular place inaccessible to other villagers so that you can have a secret cliff-top hideaway.

If you are trying to get down from a cliff, you don’t need to ‘jump’ down per se. Instead, you need to use a ladder, vines, or set-up ladder to climb down the cliff. The same thing applies if you are trying to climb up a cliff. 

Jumping over a cliff in Animal Crossing

How to Jump into the Sea in Animal Crossing?

To jump into the sea in Animal Crossing, you need to first prepare yourself for sea swimming. If you haven’t already, I’ve got a great guide on everything you need to know about how to swim in Animal Crossing. 

Simply put, you need to equip yourself with one of the wet suit options in the game. Only then will your character be able to automatically jump off of a suitable surface into the sea. 

Next, you need to find a suitable place to jump from. You can jump off the following areas into the sea in Animal Crossing:

– The pier where Kapp’n’s boat is. 

– The rocks that spawn around your island – such as in the top right and left corners of your island. 

– A cliff that is next to the sea

– The airport deck

A player jumping off of the airport deck in Animal Crossing.

As with other ‘jumping’ in Animal Crossing, all you must do to jump is approach the edge facing the sea. If you have a wet suit equipped, then your character should automatically engage in the jump animation. You should then dive into the water. 

And that’s all there is to jumping in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As you can see, jumping isn’t something that is explicitly possible in the game. However, there are certain times when you can do it such as those mentioned. If you enjoyed reading this article, please feel free to check out my other Animal Crossing ones

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