How to Level Up Fast in Starfield (XP Farming Guide)

Rack Up Skill Points - Fast

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Since there are 1,000 planets to explore in Starfield and a massive skill tree to invest in, most players always look for ways to level up fast and farm XP as efficiently as possible. This guide will help you quickly level up and gain skill points in Starfield. It will allow you to explore high-level areas with ease.

To level up fast in Starfield, you must marry a companion, sleep often, eat foods that boost XP, explore planets, and complete missions.

Let’s discuss all of the methods mentioned above in detail to see just how fast you can level up in Starfield and which method is the most potent for farming a bucketload of XP.


Explore Planets

Explore Planets
Explore planets to find, scan, and kill animals & aliens.

The first one is going to be quite obvious. Just keep exploring the different star systems and planets. Each planet you visit has some POEs, Flora/Fauna variety, and places to discover that provide players with decent XP.

Almost every action you perform on a planet or in space will net you some amount of XP. So, as long as you are not sitting idle, you will earn XP and Level up.

The higher the planet’s level, the more dangerous it will be. But you will also get a higher amount of XP for each activity.


Complete Missions

Complete Missions
Complete Story, Faction, and Side missions.

Starfield offers a ton of different missions, ranging from main storyline quests, side quests, faction-based quests, and planet-specific quests. Each category offers its challenges, which all net you a decent chunk of XP.

So, if you don’t like farming XP in Starfield, just stick to completing missions, and you will rank up in a more natural way.


Sleep Often

Rest Up
Sleep to get the Well Rested XP bonus.

Sleeping in Starfield lets you pass the time and rest up to heal yourself. You can also gain a temporary XP boost by sleeping in your bed. Once you wake up, you will get the Well Rested XP bonus.

The Well Rested status provides you with a temporary 10% XP boost. This boost compared with other ones and specific food items raises your overall XP gain by a lot.


Marry a Companion

Marry Companion - Starfield Level Up
Marry a Companion to get the Emotional Security XP bonus.

You can also romance most of the companions in Starfield. Marriage becomes a viable option if you really like someone and have a good relationship with them.

Marrying a companion allows you to gain the Emotional Security bonus every time you sleep in your bed. This bonus provides you with a 15% XP boost.


Eat Foods that Grant XP Buffs

Eat XP Boosting Foods - Starfield Level Up
Some food items in Starfield provide XP buffs for a set amount of time.

You can use dozens of food items and consumables in Starfield to gain different buffs and cure ailments. There are some foods and drinks that provide temporary XP boosts as well.

You should consume them before clearing outposts, killing aliens, or starting any kind of XP farming run to maximize your XP gain. Here are some foods that provide XP boosts:

  • Shepherd’s Pie: Provides a +2% XP boost for 60 minutes.
  • Alien Tea: Provides a +2% XP boost for 15 minutes.
  • Grandma’s Meatloaf: Provides a +2% XP boost for 120 minutes.

These dishes can be cooked at any cooking station in Starfield, provided you have all the required ingredients.

Best Method for Farming XP in Starfield

Look for Planets that have Abundant Fauna. - Starfield Level Up
Farm Fauna on high-level planets.

You can combine all of the methods mentioned above and apply them in a way that your XP gain is maximized. To do that, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Set the game’s difficulty to Very Easy. Aliens are easier to kill on this difficulty and provide the same amount of XP per kill.
  • Rest up and trigger the bonus. It will be 10% or 15%, depending on whether you are married or not.
  • Eat XP-boosting foods when you are about to start farming for XP in Starfield.
  • Open up the map and start looking for high-level planets that have Fauna in Abundance. Your goal is to travel to a planet that is quite a few levels above your character level, then land somewhere with forests or plain ground and start farming Fauna.
  • You can use weapons or the rock cutter to farm them. Using the cutter would save a lot of ammo (which is also hard to come by and expensive if you buy it from the vendors).

Use this farming method to level up fast and become powerful enough to travel to far-off start systems. You will also be able to unlock different skills and diversify your character’s abilities in Starfield.

We hope you find this guide to be useful and easy to follow. Let us know about any other farming methods you might have discovered while roaming around the expansive star systems of Starfield, and keep visiting WIG for more of the same.

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