How to Make a Snowman in Animal Crossing

A guide on how to make a snowman in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Including how to get the frozen ice DIY recipes.

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Have you stumbled upon random snowballs on your island? You may have also noticed that you can kick them, forming larger balls. If you have and aren’t sure what they do, then continue reading to find out how to make a snowman in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Snowballs on an island in Animal Crossing.

How to Make a Snowman in Animal Crossing?

To make a snowman, you need to push a snowball into another one. When you do so, the one that you are pushing will jump on top – and create a snowman. You can experiment with different-sized snowballs to create funny-looking snowmen. However, only ‘perfect boys’ will reward you with frozen ice DIY recipes. Perfect boys are snowmen that have perfect proportions.

A player kicking a snowball in Animal Crossing.

Snowballs appear around your island during the winter season. When you first approach them, you can only kick them. Eventually, they will grow big enough to be pushed. You can then continue to push them to create large snowballs.

A player pushing snowballs in Animal Crossing

Once you have pushed the snowballs into large enough snow boulders, you are on track to create a snowman. Ideally, you want the base snowball to be slightly larger than the one that you will push on the top. You also want to make sure that the base snowball is not too big. Eventually, snowballs will stop growing, reaching their largest size.

It is easier to work on the base snowball first, and then push the top one onto it. This will cause it to jump up on top and form a snowman. The snowman will then greet you and tell you if you have created a perfect snow boy.

A perfect snowboy in Animal Crossing

What Happens if You Make a Snowball Too Big?

If you end up creating a boulder that is too big, you can make it smaller by rolling it around a surface that is not covered in snow. This includes custom paths, plants and flowers, and sand. When you roll a boulder over one of these surfaces, the ball will reduce in size at the same rate it grows.

Pushing snow boulders off of cliffs will cause them to break and disappear. However, after a while, a new one will appear on your island. This ensures that even if you accidentally break one, you can always create a snowman.

Two perfectly sized snowballs in Animal Crossing.

How Many Snowmen Can You Create?

You can create one snowman per day. After you have created one, you won’t find any more snowballs on your island. Snowmen survive for four days, after which they melt completely. They also reduce in size slowly as the days go on, as they begin to melt. Similarly, if you build a snowman on the final day of winter, it will disappear when the season changes.

Frozen ice DIY Recipes.

Frozen/Ice DIY Recipes

As mentioned, perfect snowmen give you frozen/ice DIY recipes. They also give you large snowflakes, which are one of the essential crafting materials to create them. Snowmen that do not have perfect proportions will not give you seasonal DIY recipes, so you will need to wait for the following day to create a snowman again.

That brings us to the end of the how to make a snowman in Animal Crossing guide. If you have enjoyed it, I have a bunch more guides that you can check out here! Happy crossing!

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