How to Make Potions in Minecraft: Detailed Guide

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Ensuring you have a potion or two in your inventory is a great tactic when facing the dangers of your Minecraft world. From turning you invisible to instantly damaging your foes, potions are an essential part of every player’s inventory. But how do you make potions in Minecraft?

The whole process seems exceptionally complicated and requires some research to truly understand how it works. Luckily, we’ve made this potion guide for our readers to save you some time and simplify the process.

To make a potion in Minecraft, you need a brewing stand, blaze dust, glass bottles and potion ingredients. Keep this guide handy to discover where to find ingredients and what the recipies for each potion are.

Materials & Ingredients for Potions in Minecraft

You won’t be able to make a potion without ingredients – it would just be water. Even the brewing stand requires a heat source that’s no coal or lava. So what ingredients do you need, where do you find them, and what perils do you need to face?

Without a doubt, Blaze Rods and Blaze Powder are two of the most important ingredients when making potions in Minecraft. You can’t make a brewing stand without a Blaze Rod, and you can’t power the stand without Blaze Powder.

In addition to Blaze Rods, you’ll need Nether Wart. This plant grows on Soul Sand and is the base for all potions. Unfortunately, these are only found in the Nether, which means you’ll need to suit up, gear up, and head through your purple portal.

Five rows of Minecraft potions in item frames against a stone wall.
Some of the different types of potions you can brew within Minecraft.

Our Complete List of Ingredients for Potions in Minecraft

Here’s a complete list of ingredients and materials you’ll need for potion-making in Minecraft. However, it’s important to note that you won’t need them all at once. Find the basics and then choose a potion before running out and finding the specific ingredients you need.

ImageIngredientHow To Get It
Blaze RodsObtained by killed Blazes which are found in Nether Fortresses
Ghast TearDropped by Ghasts
Magma CreamDropped by Magma Cubes or crafted Blaze Powder and a Slimeball
Nether WartGrows on Soul Sand and found in Nether Fortresses
Dragon’s BreathCollected using a bottle when the Ender Dragon breathes fire
Glistering MelonCrafted by using Melon and Golden Nuggets
Golden CarrotMade the same way as Glistering Melon but with a carrot
Phantom MembraneDropped when you kill a Phantom
PufferfishKill a Pufferfish or get one quickly from fishing with an enchanted rod
Rabbit’s FootDropped when you kill a Rabbit
Spider EyeFound when you kill a Spider or when dropped by a Witch
SugarCrafted from Sugar Cane
Turtle Shell (Scute)Crafted from Scutes dropped by Baby Turtles
Fermented Spider EyeCraft a Fermented Spider Eye using a Brown Mushroom, Sugar, and of course, a Spider Eye
Glowstone DustMined when you break Glowstone
GunpowderDropped by Creepers, Ghasts, and Witches
RedstoneRedstone dust can be mind from Redstone ore
A Complete List of Ingredients for Potions in Minecraft

Equipment Used to Make Potions in Minecraft

Once your potion chests are stocked, the next step is to ensure that your brewing room is set. There are three items that you’ll need; however, one of them is optional. These are the brewing stand, a cauldron (optional), and glass bottles.

The Brewing Stand

Bewing Stand In Minecraft
Crafting recipe for a Brewing Stand

The brewing stand is what you’ll use to make your potions. You can brew all sorts of potions by placing Blaze Powder at the bottom, glass bottles in their slots, and ingredients at the top.

To make a brewing stand, you’ll need the following:
3 x Cobble Stone
1 x Blaze Rod

Alternatively, you can find Brewing Stands in a Village Church or an Igloo with a basement. Check out our 1.19 Minecraft seeds article, of which some have villages and igloos close to spawn.

A Cauldron

Cauldron In Minecraft
Crafting recipe for a Cauldron

The Cauldron is an optional block that not only acts as a water source but also as a decorative block. You can fill a Cauldron with a bucket of water and then use the Cauldron to fill your glass bottles. Alternatively, you can fill a Cauldron with lava to give it a more menacing look.

To make a Cauldron, you’ll need the following:
7 x Iron Ingots

Note that Cauldrons are a limited water source; you’ll need to keep them filled using a bucket.

Glass Bottles

Crafting Recipe Glass Bottles
Crafting recipe for Glass Bottles

Lastly, you’ll need a grand supply of glass bottles. The Brewing Stand can hold three bottles at a time and, as such, brew three of the same potions in one use. Glass bottles are made from three glass blocks just like you’d make a bucket.

Glass bottles are reusable unless you turn them into splash potions.

Potion Recipes in Minecraft

Before we begin to flesh out our potion recipe books, we need to look at the three different types of potions available:

  • Potions
  • Splash Potions
  • Lingering Potions

Regular potions need to be drunk by the player for the effects to take place. Splash potions are used by throwing the potion at a player, affecting all those in an 8.25 x 8.25 x 4.25-block radius. Once a splash potion is used, it disappears from your inventory, unlike regular potions.

Lastly, you can create a lingering potion by combining Dragon’s Breath with a splash potion. These are used the same way as a splash potion, except the effects linger for about 30 seconds, slowly shrinking in radius as it disappears.

Positive Potions in Minecraft

We’ve compiled a complete list of potions with positive effects in Minecraft. Below we’ve mentioned the potion effect, duration and ingredients needed.

Fire ResistanceFire Resistance3:00Awkward Potion, Magma Cream
Fire Resistance+Fire Resistance8:00Fire Resistance Potion, Redstone Dust
HealingFour health pointsAwkward Potion, Glistering Melon
InvisibilityInvisibility3:00Night Vision Potion, Fermented Spider Eye
Invisibility+Invisibility8:00Invisibility Potion, Redstone Dust
Leaping+0.50 Block High Jump3:00Awkward Potion, Rabbit’s Foot
Leaping II+0.50 Block High Jump8:00Leaping Potion, Glowstone Dust
Leaping++1.25 Blocks High Jump1:30Leaping Potion, Redstone Dust
Night VisionNight Vision3:00Awkward Potion, Golden Carrot
Night Vision+Night Vision8:00Night Vision Potion, Redstone Dust
Regeneration+1 health point per 2.5 seconds0:45Awkward Potion, Ghast Tear
Regeneration II+1 health point per 2.5 seconds1:30Regeneration Potion, Glowstone Dust
Regeneration++1 health point per 1.2 seconds0:22Regeneration Potion, Redstone Dust
Slow FallingSlow Falling1:30Awkward Potion, Phantom Membrane
Slow Falling+Slow Falling4:00Slow Falling Potion, Redstone Dust
Strength+3 melee damage3:00Awkward Potion, Blaze Powder
Strength II+3 melee damage8:00Strength Potion, Glowstone Dust
Strength++6 melee damage1:30Strength Potion, Redstone Dust
Swiftness+20% movement speed3:00Awkward Potion, Sugar
Swiftness II+40% movement speed1:30Swiftness Potion, Glowstone Dust
Swiftness++20% movement speed8:00Swiftness Potion, Redstone Dust
Water BreathingWater Breathing3:00Awkward Potion, Pufferfish
Water Breathing+Water Breathing8:00Water Breathing Potion, Redstone Dust
Postive Potions in Minecraft

Negative Potions in Minecraft

We’ve compiled a complete list of potions with adverse effects in Minecraft. Below we’ve mentioned the potion effect, duration and ingredients needed.

HarmingDamages six pointsHealing or Poison Potion, Fermented Spider Eye
Harming IIDamages 12 pointsHarming Potion Glowstone Dust
Poison-1 health point per 2.5 seconds0:45Awkward Potion, Spider Eye
Poison II-1 health point per 1.2 seconds0:21Poison Potion, Glowstone Dust
Poison+-1 health point per 2.5 seconds1:30Poison Potion, Redstone Dust
Slowness-15% speed1:30Leaping or Swiftness Potion, Fermented Spider Eye
Slowness II-15% speed4:00Slowness Potion, Glowstone Dust
Slowness+-60% speed0:20Slowness Potion, Redstone Dust
WeaknessReduced melee damage by 4 points1:30Awkward Potion, Fermented Spider Eye
Weakness+Reduced melee damage by 4 points4:00Weakness Potion, Redstone Dust
Negative Potions in Minecraft

Turtle Power

We’ve compiled a complete list of potions with mixed effects in Minecraft. Below we’ve mentioned the potion effect, duration and ingredients needed.

Turtle MasterSlowness IV and Resistance III0:20Awkward Potion, Turtle Shell
Turtle Master IISlowness IV and Resistance III for 0:400:40Turtle Master Potion, Glowstone Dust
Enhanced Turtle MasterSlowness IV and Resistance IV0:20Turtle Master Potion, Redstone Dust
Turtle-based Potions in Minecraft

Potion Modifiers

Modifiers can be added to any base potion to change their effect duration, make them a splash potion or even change the strength.

Redstone DustExtends the potions duration
Glowstone DustEnhances the potion
Fermented Spider EyeChanges the potion effect negatively
GunpowderTurns a potion into a splash potion
Dragon’s BreathTurns a splash potion into a lingering potion
A list of Minecraft potion modifiers

How To Brew Potions in Minecraft

The first step to brewing Minecraft potions is creating an Awkward Potion. These act as the base for all potions. To create an awkward potion, you’ll need three glass bottles of water, Blaze Powder and Nether Wart.

Once you have your ingredients, open the Brewing Stand interface and place the items where prompted by the icons. The Blaze Powder acts as fuel for the stand, and once the potion is complete, you’ll hear a glugging sound.

Now that you have your awkward potion add other ingredients to create your designed potion. For example, with the awkward potion in the stand, add a Phantom Membrane to brew slow falling.

Brewing GUI Minecraft
The Brewing GUI in Minecraft

How To Use Potion Modifiers

As mentioned before, potion modifiers change the effects of the potion. For example, adding gunpowder to the potion creates a splash potion.

To do this, simply place your chosen modifier where you’d typically place the ingredient. Next, keep the potion bottles in the stand and ensure you have enough Blaze Powder to complete the process. Once the brewing is complete, you’ll see your glass bottles change into Splash Water Bottles. These can be thrown at your enemy or even placed in dispensers.

Lastly, to create a lingering potion, follow the same process but add Dragon’s Breath to the ingredients slot and ensure that splash potions are in the Brewing Stand.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has shed some light on potions and explained their mysticism. As you can see, brewing potions isn’t as complex as it may seem, but they are still challenging.

Venturing into the Nether is always challenging, especially if you’re not a seasoned player. However, ensuring you have all your ingredients is the hardest part of the process.

In addition, most of the ingredients required are drops from mobs, so you’ll need to gear up and earn that monster hunter achievement before you can put on your witch hat.

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