How to Make Stuff Bigger in Superliminal

David Rajan
David Rajan
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Superliminal is the kind of puzzle game where you need your mind a hundred percent focused on solving levels. The last thing players want is to be distracted trying to work the game’s mechanics. Early on, the core gameplay involves the resizing of objects to mimic perspective changes. Developers Pillow Castle intend for working these systems to become second nature for players, but they can be confusing to start with. Therefore, this guide explains how to make stuff bigger in Superliminal.

Enlarging an Object

The first step is to grab an item by left-clicking it. You only need to click once to grab and again to drop; holding the left-mouse button is unnecessary. Now comes the tricky part. In order to make the object bigger, you must manipulate perspective. One way to do this is to pull the object as close as possible. Then orient your camera so that the object appears to touch both floor and ceiling. When you drop the object, it will likely fill out most of the room.

Superliminal early level screenshot
Image Credit: Superliminal, Pillow Castle

Sometimes, a simpler way to enlarge an object is to grab it from close-up then turn so you drop it far away. This can be done by dropping the object in another room as well. The object will appear the same size as it was when close-up, but since it is now a distance away, it will be bigger.

Shrinking an Object

Both the main methods of shrinking an object in Superliminal are just the opposites of what was explained above. Either grab the object and orient your camera to show just the piece of floor at your feet, and drop it. Otherwise, grab an object from a distance away, and place it down next to you. This can work on a small surface as well, like a table.

Because of how this game’s dream world uses perspective, items are made smaller the closer they are placed to your camera.

Later Levels

The majority of early levels in Superliminal require changing the sizes of objects to progress. However, similar to other first-person puzzle games like Portal, levels become more complicated the further you progress.

Superliminal later level screenshot
Image Credit: Superliminal, Pillow Castle

This is why it is important to learn the game’s fundamental mechanics at the start. Later levels introduce breakable objects, illusions and climbing, adding new dimensions to the puzzle-solving. If you can resize objects subconsciously by then, you’ll be able to tackle the harder puzzles much more easily.

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