How to manually update to Genshin Impact 2.1 on PC

Genshin Impact is one of the biggest games in the world right now and continues to grow with every update. The developers are dedicated to their updates schedule, and the latest version, 2.1 is only days away from launch. Sadly, even now, the updating process isn’t as streamlined as you’d expect. If you want to manually update to Genshin Impact 2.1, you can follow this guide.

One of the more common errors with the game is the “Gamer Verification Error“, please follow our guide to fix that issue. We will be updating that as well, as soon as 2.1 is officially live so players can download and install the game from scratch.

Manually update to Genshin Impact 2.1

Manually updating the game is recommended, especially if you are running into problems with the launcher. This method also allows you to download files using the Download Manager of your choice. The launcher doesn’t always work well and can cause frequent slowdowns.

Note: This guide assumes that you are currently on version 2.0.

Required Downloads for 2.1

Download the following files, which are for version 2.1

Note: You don’t need to download all audio files. Only download the ones you need. You still need at least one. Also, please make sure to download the audio patch of the language your Windows is set to, meaning, you will English if that is your default language.

Updating to 2.1

Now that you have all the required files, we can move to the updating process.

  • Open the Genshin Impact launcher, and make sure it is updated to the latest version. This means, that the launcher version is updated, and not the game version. This process is automatic, and you will be prompted.
  • After that, click on the Update button, and then click Pause, after a few seconds.
  • Close the launcher, and make sure it isn’t running in the background. You can also check if it is running in the taskbar, close it from there too.
If you want to update to Genshin Impact 2.1 manually, you will need to close the launcher from the taskbar as well.

Head over to the following location

C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game\
  • Now, in this location, delete all the .zip_tmp files (temp files that were downloaded when you hit the Update button)
  • Copy all the files you downloaded in the β€œRequired Downloads” section, and paste them in the following location (the patch file for 2.1, and the audio files)
C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game\ (or wherever the game is installed, just make sure it is in the Genshin Impact Game folder)
  • Open the launcher, and it will say Pre-installation done

Important things to keep in mind

  • DON’T EXTRACT THE FILES. Please don’t extract the files, because if do so, you won’t be able to play the game until patch 2.1 is live
  • Pre-installation done means that you can keep playing the game until the patch is live
  • If you are following this guide after 2.1 is live, it will say Update instead of Pre-installation done. Click that, and it will install these files

We hope this guide was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Ali Hashmi
Ali Hashmi
Gaming enthusiast, massive soulsborne fan, and a passionate writer. Always on the lookout for interesting games with unique mechanics and design. He loves to write informative guides for newer and ongoing releases.

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  1. Finally, I’ve been waiting for this page for few days!! Thanks a lot, you always have been very helpful to me when new patch comes. I have few questions tho, i already downloaded required files, close launcher, delete zip_tmp files, and paste the files to Genshin Impact Game directory but it keeps showing “Game Pre-Installation, Get Now” in my launcher. Should I wait till the patch updated and manually extract the files later? If I download using launcher, it tells me to download 24,4 GB data size instead of 8 GB like others, is it okay?

          • Hey, i have this issue too. i’ve done with the step but the launcher keep display get pre download and its 29GB wow. then im running genshinimpact.exe . no issue here and i try to verify my genshin data. there are not wrong with the data. can you help kind of this too ?

          • Hey, i have the same issue here, i install genshin manually before, from scratch, and this is my first update, and i’m doing it manually too. I’m trying to update normally through launcher before, but it says 25.4 gb , and i think there’s something wrong, and i decide to update manually, but then the launcher keeps showing pre-installation done, get now. I try to run the game through exe. and it’s working fine. So… It should be fine till the 2.1 live, right???

          • i start download from launcher and pause it
            – i copy the name of the files and rename the downloaded files from here to that name
            – then i delete the tmp files
            -then i start the launcher

            thats how i do everytime, didnt try 2.1 update yet because of my shitty internet

      • Hey I downloaded the files and deleted all the previous files from 2.0 , but when I open launcher It doesn’t detect files ( patch is live now ) and when I extracted the files and tried directly running it , it is just showing a white screen

  2. thanks a lot, you are fast lol
    btw right after patch 2.1 is live, do we have to extract those files or we can just automatically play the game?

  3. Thanks so much bro if it wasn’t for you I would have gave up on playing genshin
    Hope you keep on for the upcoming updates and thanks again

  4. Hi Mr Ali! I have a question ^^ I downloaded the update using the launcher but halfway my internet gone bad so I cancelled the download (it was around 60% at that time). I decided to follow your tips to manually download the files, so I deleted the .zip_tmp files as you mentioned. But I found that the English and Japanese audio files are downloaded completely (from launcher just now). Is it okay that I kept the audio files from launcher while I download the the 2.1 Patch files (6.6Gb) manually..? Or I have to delete the audio files and re-download them manually from here..? Thank you in advanced!

  5. Thank you for the tips! I will try it later but before that i want to ask you

    My position now is my launcher detect it that i must download the all game contents (like 25gb)… if i following your tutorial, it can be updated? Or not? Thanks!

    But like you said when i downloaded the launcher, there is zip.tmp file in genshin impact game file, so if i following your tips, is it possible?

  6. What to do if the launcher shows “GET NOW” instead of “UPDATE” ?, Is it ok to extract the files manually ?
    NOTE: i downloaded the game manually cuz the launcher restart the downloading every time i tried to download the game, i am on 2.0 version now

  7. my launcher says “get game” ever since i was forced to download genshin manually from scratch in 2.0… would this work for me?

  8. My problem is Insufficient storage space in pre download. That make 60.5 GB space required. Can i use this method for updating this game?

  9. Hey! I wrongfully unzipped the files, when I open the game I get a message about the servers being under maintenance, will I be able to play once the update is live and the message will just disappear or should I delete them and download the 2.0 back and then the unzipped files ?

  10. So basically, the “pre-download” wants me to download 24GB of data… that’s basically downloading the entire game from scratch. I’ve seen a few others with the same issue.

    When i start “pre-downloading” the files that appear on my Genshin folder are named “GenshinImpact_2.1.0.zip_tmp” and “Audio_English(US)_2.1.0.zip_tmp” these aren’t update files since the names should be “game_2.0.0_2.1.0_diff_kYU5QpgOiPB1woI4”, it’s downloading the entire game from scratch for some reason, i already tried reinstalling (since i always have a backup of the current version of the game) but it still wants me to install 24gb.

    So.. my question is if it’s ok to manually extract the update files once the patch goes live and if it’s going to work, i already downloaded the update from the direct links.

    I never had to do this before, its the first time i run into this issue, usually i start pre downloading, stop, remove the tmp files and put the manually downloaded updates in, that had the same name of the ones i just deleted and then the launchers says that the pre-download is done.

  11. it’s confusing when i see 17gb in launcher patch download but just 7 – 8gb ini this file you’ve upload..
    is this really work? i’m afraid if there’ll be not working or corrupted files, can u explain why there’s different in the size?

  12. Hi Ali, thanks for sharing manual update, this very helpful for me. i also share this to my friends. but could you please upload full japanesse audio from 1.1, because in my game i just have English Audio. Thanks before πŸ™‚

  13. Hi! I just want to ask why is the game still telling me to pre-install the game (29 gb) even though I already done the manual installation? I’ve followed everything in the guide and made sure to follow it correctly but its still want me to pre-install.

  14. What happes when I extract in genshin Impact Game file is it bad cuz I was literally confuse when put the patch and the audio file in the genshin Impact Game file then I open the launcher there is still the GET GAME in the laucher so that’s why I extract

  15. Hello again Mr. Ali! I’m nervous for the update tomorrow since I run the game from the executable. I followed the steps and successfully followed this guide and good thing my genshin is still working properly. Will the game automatically detect the files when the patch goes live and “self-extract” when you log in tomorrow? Thanks again!

  16. Do you will put complete update link and installation method after 2.1 uptade is live?
    I prefer update it when the update is released

  17. Hello Mr.Ali, i just want to ask. My download is stuck at 100%, but the downloaded file already there (6,9GB). It’ll work if I just extract the file?

  18. For some reason my launcher says “Launch” rather than the “Update” option even though my game tells me to go to the launcher to update. Would it be okay for me to skip the steps involving the launcher and only download the files listed and then put them in the correct locations?

  19. hey ali, it works but genshin impact is redownloading all my english voiceovers which i have already uninstalled ingame, i use jp only but in the loading screen it always directs the english download, how do i permanently change it so that it does not download the default language ?

  20. Thanks sm but I have a question, I manually downloaded 2.0 from scratch weeks ago, so the update file (winrar) is and I have the previous one 2.0 game file, should I replace it, or just leave it like that? I don’t want these files to keep piling up with updates

  21. hi, my launcher game always makes me download the entire game (27gb) and when it’s done it restart downloading all over and over, what can i do πŸ™

    • Thanks for the tip! I’ve updated it. It’s necessary to download the language pack that Windows is set to alongside any additional packs.

  22. Hello dude, I am installing this game for first time and it always fails at verification.Will this problem will be solved with manual installation.??

  23. Thankyou very much brother,
    May ALLAH Bless you

    I’ve successfully entering the game,
    It’s just took me around 2,5 hours
    From download to enter the game

    • Ah almost forgot
      If you dont mind,
      I think it will be good if you can do this kind of stuff in the next update too
      Thankyou πŸ™‚

  24. Hey I have a question. I have downloaded the update patch and audio file and placed them into the folder after deleting all the TMP files. However when I open up the launcher it says update and proceed to download 24GB update. Am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks in advance.
    (P.s I also downloaded the game manually before and this is my first time downloading an update manually)

    • Try extracting the files in the same folder, and then run the game either through the launcher, or directly using the executable

  25. Followed everything, the launcher said “Launch” and then I clicked it and it still says im at 2.0, and yes my launcher has been updated.

  26. Hi these are the problems I encountered
    1. I clicked launched but it gave me only white screen.
    2. I needed to download the English Voice Files always
    3. When I clicked the executable, it gave me the 2.0 game and told me to download the latest one but I already did.
    I dont want to go to other sites because this is the only site I trust, the other gave a very complicated error on my other pc which required me to hard reset my pc losing all my game files and school files, so I deleted the whole game but I am not giving up, I dont have friends to play my account so I just left the whole game at the trash bin, do you have any solutions pls?

  27. Can i ask if i myself can update my genshin from 1.1 to 2.0 just doing manual patch? i want to manual patch because we only use a prepaid wifi so what i’m doing is going to my friend’s house with a usb then download the files from them.

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