How to manually update to Genshin Impact version 1.4 on PC

One of the most anticipated updates of Genshin Impact is version 1.4. It brings a bunch of new features, quests, and fixes that fans have been waiting for, for a while now. The new update is pretty sizeable as well, and ideally, you will be able to update through your launcher. Despite the extensive updates, Genshin Impact isn’t perfect, especially when it comes to the processes outside the gameplay. Installation and update are some of the most annoying parts of the process, and sometimes players have to resort to manually handling it. If you are running into any problems with that, here is how you can manually update Genshin Impact to version 1.4.

Despite our wish for future updates to be more streamlined, it seems that these issues will be present with 1.4 as well. The most common problem is the ‘Game Verification‘ issue, which often requires a complete manual installation. Apart from that, network issues are fairly common too including the error 403.

Manually update Genshin Impact version 1.4

A big reason to opt for manual updates is that you can use your preferred download manager. This will ensure that the file isn’t being downloaded through the slow launcher (for some users), and you will get better download speeds overall.

(Keep in mind that at the time of writing, the patch hasn’t unlocked but is available for download. You will be following the pre-patch method before it is officially out.)

Also, keep in mind that you should have the game at version 1.3.2 for this to work. If you are still at 1.3, you can update to 1.3.2 by following this guide.

After you have ensured that you are on 1.3.2, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Genshin Impact launcher, and make sure it is on the latest version. (We are talking about the launcher here, and not the game itself. It will give you a prompt to update it if there is a new update for the launcher available.)
  • Now, click on the Update button, and then click on the Pause button
  • After this, quit the launcher completely. To ensure this, make sure it is not running in the Windows Task Manager, or in the Windows Taskbar. This is the icon in the taskbar to show it’s running. Click on Exit, if it shows up here.
Closing Genshin Impact from the taskbar is essential when you want to Manually update Genshin Impact to version 1.4
  • After the game has been closed completely, open the Genshin Impact Game folder. This folder is basically in the install location. The default location for most users is the following, but it can be different based on where you installed it.
C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game\
  • Here, you want to delete the 1.3.2_1.4.0_diff_1P539V4J.zip_tmp file. This is the partial download
  • Now, head over to the following link to download the 1.4 patch (4.29 GB)
  • Copy the zip file (4.29 GB) you just downloaded and paste it into the Genshin Impact Game folder. The default location as we described above is the following. (DON’T UNZIP THE FILE, SIMPLY COPY IT)
C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game\
  • Run the launcher again, and click Update. This will unzip the file, and install it

Genshin Impact 1.4 Pre-patch

If you are reading this guide before the patch is available, you can still follow the steps mentioned above.

The only difference is that instead of Update, you will see the “Start the pre-download” button. After you are done with the steps and you re-open the launcher, it will say “Game Pre-Installation Done“.

If you have followed the steps correctly, you will be able to play the version 1.4 without any issues.

We hope this guide was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Ali Hashmi
Ali Hashmi
Gaming enthusiast, massive soulsborne fan, and a passionate writer. Always on the lookout for interesting games with unique mechanics and design. He loves to write informative guides for newer and ongoing releases.

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  1. hi thanks for tips man, but thing is, i cant use the launcher, when i try to use it to play the game, it says β€œget game” and that i needed to download 18gb again, eventho i located the game data folder, any solution ?

    • I think I know what the problem is, you might be missing the config file.

      Scroll down in this guide where it mentions the config file bit.

      Simply create it and paste it in the Genshin Impact Game folder

        • Not sure what the problem is then. You might have to reinstall it. Keep in mind, 1.4 isn’t live yet, and if you have followed the steps in the article, it should make sure that the game is ready for 1.4 when that does come out.

        • I found one solution for me. I tried everything, included full reinstall and manually doing everything and this was the only solution.

          I did a clean uninstall and reinstall in different disk. It was at local disk D and I installed it at local disk C then there is no more “get game”

      • never mind i solved it, the config file should lake the “.ini” so that the launcher can work properly for some reason, thanks <3.

        • Hi! πŸ™‚
          I’m sorry but can you tell me how did you resolve? like … i have the config file but I don’t know why i can’t name it “config.ini” …. when i save it its only called “config” … I don’t know maybe that’s why my launcher keeps telling me “get game”?

          • Okay, so here is what you have to do about the .ini issue.

            In Windows Search, type in “Folder Options”, and then click on “Folder Explorer Option”

            Next, click on the View tab

            Here, uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types”

            After that, right click on the config file, and change the .txt to .ini

  2. how to know if the game is 3.2 already? the guide for 3.2 does not work on me because i too have similar problem with the first comment. i just assumed its already 3.2 since i have hutao update and all

  3. I Hope 1.4 fixes my white screen problem since 1.3. ive tried everything from changing pc name in info.txt, clean install of genshin, reset my pc to factory, dxsetup, updated my nvidia and windows. even the lateset unicode utf-8 fix wont work.

  4. So, I have a Problem. I used your last guide, how to manually install 1.3. I can play the Game, but not the casual Way from the Launcher. I have to go to the genshin Impact Folder and open the Game there. So I’m skipping the Launcher. Now, with 1.4 it wants me to update it, but I just ran into the same problem with 1.4, likei I did with 1.3. I don’t know, what the Problem with the Launcher is, But I would be very grateful, if I can maybe get some help

    • I think I know what the problem is, you might be missing the config file.

      Scroll down in this guide where it mentions the config file bit.

      Simply create it and paste it in the Genshin Impact Game folder

  5. Hello,
    I have a different issue I’m not sure you’ll be able to answer. I just finish installing the game today, but when I start the game it pops up a message: “Version update found. Please start the launcher to download the latest version. Log in after the completion of this update to obtain 300 primogems”. I checked in the settings of the game and launcher version that they’re all the latest versions. I’m not sure how to fix this.
    Thank you.

  6. Hi,
    I think I have a problem. After I clicked update/ gest game I don’t have the file in Genshin Impact game folder there’s only GenshinImpact_1.4.0.zip_tmp and I don’t know why :<

  7. Pls help! I’m already updating the game but when I downloading the resources it show me an massege tell me that I should update the game

  8. what I did was unzip the file and merge to the genshinimpact_data but works so yea, just need to download 2gb ingame

  9. Hey, After my update was done i was able to play well but when I exit the launcher and open the launcher again it says I have to update and download 4.29 gb

  10. Oh wait I figured out how to comment but I am trying to make the config file but it does not give me the option to make a text file in this folder. It only gives me one option and that is folder

  11. Can I use this guide after the update is out? I had 1.3.2 version and unziped the 1.4 files in genshin impact game folder and select to raplace all. I also changed the file .ini with 1.4 but is still not working

    • Hey, you can use the guide, but you weren’t supposed to unzip the files. Instead, you had to launcher which would unzip it for you :/

  12. Im new to the game , ive just finished downloading
    , when i launch it and choose the server a message appears :
    ( version update found. Please start the launcher to download the latest version . Log in after completion of this update to immediately obtain 300 primogems)

    What should i do ?
    Even though i think theres no updates

  13. hello i put zip in genshin impact game and clicked update in launcher but at the end it said “failed to check files try again”

  14. hi
    i have an Issue with the normal update from the launcher, when finish the download and try to verify the files i receive this massage (files verification error) and start the download from zero.

    my question is this method you posted will bypass this issue?

    thank you

  15. Hi, I have a problem with this new version which is that after I press the play button the game works alright until it reaches the warning part. After that it directs me back to the first screen (the one where Rosaria and Venti appear, and where u have the play button). I’ve tried uninstalling and installing back, but the same problem keeps happening. Any tip on how can I solve this?

  16. I did everything but when I was unzaping the 20gb file I downloaded it said there are 10 files that are corrupted (“UserAssembly.dll,01133876.blk,13259742.blk,Chinese\VO_1.3_6.pck,English\VO_1.3_3.pck,Japanese\VO_1.2_0.pck,Korean\VO_1.4_8.pck,Banks4.pck,Music12.pck,MDAQ001_OPNew_Part2_PlayerBoy.usm”)
    other than that the game showed “Get game” only it never showed me the Launch button, I downloaded the game like 3 times from main launcher and everytime I download it, it insta delete itself because of some error, I have anti viruses disabled too I did everything, maybe the files are the problems? I tried repairing too and it didn’t do anything it basically showed me 20gb download, please help.

          • can you please upload the files needed? cause I really can’t handle downloading it again and again πŸ™
            If you can upload them It will be appreaciated
            here are the files I need and thanks anyways <3

  17. Hey everyone,
    Genshin installing problem here.
    Anyone here know why it keeps saying “game files verification error”
    This is a fresh install by the way.

  18. hello
    i want to ask,
    i just wanna to play this game in my pc from the beginning and my place wifi is so slow
    so i download the latest launcher from the official site and it took my pc around 12 hours to complete
    after that is stop and cant update anymore

    could you share the update from the beginning so i can download it at the other place
    and copy it to my pc

    tq very much

  19. Hi, I followed your method and it worked perfectlyπŸ‘Œ, it’s just my launcher never worked so I’ve been opening the game from the application in the compressed file. Would I have a problem for the version 1.5 and other versions since my launcher does not register the files and keeps telling me to download.
    I had tried downloading the game about three times before I aw your method and it still didn’t work so please help😩

    • Hey, when 1.5 comes out, I’ll write a guide for it as well. You will be able to manually update from the current version to 1.5, don’t worry πŸ™‚

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