How to Move Buildings in Animal Crossing

Want to learn how to move buildings in Animal Crossing? Well then grab your Bells and read this guide!

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Are you in the midst of renovating your island, and want to move some things around? If you are, then you might be wondering how to move buildings in Animal Crossing. If you are, grab hold of your Bells and continue reading!

How to move buildings in Animal Crossing

How to Move Buildings in Animal Crossing?

You can move a building in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by talking to Tom Nook about layout changes in your Residents Services building.  Moving buildings costs Bells and takes an in-game day to complete the relocation. You can only have one building being moved at a time.

To start moving buildings, first pay Tom Nook a visit. When you begin talking to him, he will ask how he can help you. Select the option that says let’s talk infrastructure, and then select layout changes.

You can then choose to move a building from the options that are available on the screen. A menu will open that displays all of the moveable buildings. You can then select the one you want to move, and pay Tom Nook the moving fee.  

How to move buildings in Animal Crossing

What Buildings Can You Move in Animal Crossing?

You can’t relocate all buildings, but you can move most. The complete list of buildings that you can move are:

  • Villager Homes
  • Your Home
  • Nook’s Cranny
  • Able Sisters
  • The Museum

This only leaves two buildings left: your island airport, and Residents Services. These are the two buildings that you cannot relocate in Animal Crossing. The only way to ‘move’ these buildings is to make a brand-new island.

When you initially create an island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may have noticed that your Residents Services and Airport locations were different on each of the island templates you got to choose from. This is the closest you can get to relocating these buildings unfortunately.

How to move buildings in Animal Crossing

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Building in Animal Crossing?

As of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0, all buildings in the game cost 10,000 Bells to move. Be considerate about if you are happy with the building’s placement, as you will have to pay to move it again. Although, 10,000 Bells isn’t that much anyway and can be acquired quite quickly.

How Long Does It Take Buildings to Move in Animal Crossing?

Relocations ordered by Tom Nook complete by the following morning. This means that if you schedule a building’s relocation at any point of one day, then it will complete the following day. If you really are in a rush to remodel your island and don’t want to have to wait one day per building, you can always time travel a day forward.

That brings us to the end of the how to move buildings in Animal Crossing guide. If you have found it useful, please consider checking out my other articles!

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