How to Move the Big Blue Bird in Remnant 2 (Explained)

Just Let Me Squeeze Through Birdie!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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While crossing the jungles of Yaesha in Remnant 2, you might have come across a big blue bird in the Koara Kuri Nest area. There is a purple item behind this bird, but it won’t budge even if you shoot at it. So let’s figure out a way to move the big blue bird in Remnant 2 and pick up the purple loot from its nest.

To move the big blue bird in Remnant 2, you’ll have to explore the Koara Kuri Nest and kill all enemies in the area. Start moving toward the dungeon’s exit door, and eventually, you will hear a loud shriek and wings flapping. That means the big blue bird has flown off its nest.

Let’s take a look at a few different methods players have been using to move the big blue bird in Remnant 2 and pick up the loot from its nest.

Moving the Big Blue Bird in Remnant 2

Koara Kuri Nest

Alrighty then, you’ve made your way to the ending areas of the Koara Kuri Nest. There is a big hollow tree trunk in the middle of the area. On top of that trunk is a giant blue bird’s nest. You can try to scare him off or shoot him, but it won’t work.

Blue Bird Nest

The bird won’t budge unless you perform a few actions in the area. These actions vary based on your RNG, so we’ll be talking about all of them.

  • In our case, clearing the entire area from enemies and roaming around the exit gate of the dungeon triggered the sequence where the bird flies away. You can

You’ll know it has gone away when you hear a very specific and shrill shriek…followed by the noise of giant wings flapping. Once you hear this noise, return to the nest, which should now be vacant.

  • Some players have reported that shooting the red birds near the exit gate triggers the sequence, so you can try doing that.
  • Others have reported that the bird won’t move unless they defeat the boss in the next dungeon and go back to check on the bird.
  • Some players in the Remnant 2 community have suggested that killing all enemies and then exiting and re-entering the dungeons triggered the bird to fly away.

You can try your luck with all of these methods and see which one works for you. Once the bird vacates the nest, go there and pick the purple item (Kuri Kuri Charm Amulet)

Kuri Kuri Charm

Kuri Kuri Charm

You’ll pick up this useful Amulet from the bird’s nest. The Kuri Kuri Amulet appears to be tailor-made for healer builds. The Amulet allows you to gain a 10% increased Relic Use Speed and a 7% chance that you won’t consume a Relic Charge when you heal.

Whether you wanted the healing Amulet or just wanted to pick up the purple item from the nest, we hope you found this guide helpful. Keep visiting WIG for more in-depth & fun Remnant 2 guides.

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