Quick And Easy Way To Obtain Nessie Achievement In Modern Warfare 2

The Nessie achievement requires you to be extremely..."Ghosty!"

Abdul Wasay Farooqui
Abdul Wasay Farooqui
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Modern Warfare 2 Campaign has recently dropped, and players are looking to complete all of their achievements to become a completionist. We have also covered how to obtain three stars in Mt.Zaya, Denied Area & Low Profile In this guide; we will be looking at a quick and easy way to obtain the Nessie achievement.

This in-depth guide will explain all there is to know in order to complete this achievement, with detailed images and steps. So let’s get into it!

You can earn this achievement on the third mission of the campaign, called WetWork. The main objective is to secure a boat with cargo onboard but to secure the ship. You have to get rid of all the guards protecting the docks.

To get the Nessie achievement, you have to kill all the guards and secure the boat without triggering the alarm; this can get troublesome pretty fast if you go in without a plan, but luckily for you, we have written this guide for a quick and easy way to obtain Nessie achievement so that you don’t have to waste any time doing it.

We have divided the mission into three simple phases for your convenience.

Phase One

The mission begins with Captain Price infiltrating the docks. Without a weapon, the first task is to get a pistol that will come in handy later.

In order to grab a pistol, swim to the first dock on your left, and eliminate the enemy standing there with your throwing knife. After that, pick up his firearm. 

Enemy One

Phase Two

Phase 2

After picking up the enemy’s pistol, look over to the docks on the eastern side. Swim across there, and you will find a guard on the dock’s left side. Wait for the boat to cross so you do not get detected and eliminate him.

Enemy Two

After eliminating him, head towards the back of the same docks and swim across the boats to the next dock.

Enemy Three

After reaching the next dock, you will see a guard standing on the dock close to you, eliminate that guard and get onboard the dock, and shoot the guy a little further. after shooting him.

Shooting Enemy 3

You will see a red boat on the northern side of the docks. This boat is where the mission will end, allowing you to obtain the Nessie achievement. 

Enemy Four and Five

After swimming to the red boats, you will see two guards patrolling side by side. Eliminate them carefully, as they can often trigger the alarm. If that happens, do not panic. Just reload from the previous Checkpoint

Heading back

When you are done eliminating those two guards, head over to where the guards were coming from. When you reach the end of the pier, you will see an enemy that needs to be eliminated. 

Moving back

After eliminating that enemy, head back to the same dock on the opposite side and swim across the boats and docks where the last three enemies stand.

Reaching the final three enemies

After reaching the last three enemies, wait for them to have a gap in-between and silently eliminate them from your throwing knives.

Final Three Enemies

Phase Three

After getting rid of the last three enemies, a patrol boat will be patrolling nearby. Wait for it to stop at the docks slightly, and take them both out with your throwing knives as the pistol has recoil, and you can easily mess up.

Patrol Boat

After killing the enemies onboard the patrolling boat, your new objective will be to swim back to the red boat. Swimming there will trigger the cutscene and give you the Nessie achievement. 

Unlocking the Nessie achievement in Modern Warfare 2

If you have done everything correctly, you will get the Nesse achievement. Otherwise, you can try again by restarting the mission if you get detected somewhere in between.

Not getting detected


This was our guide to an easy and quick way to earn Nessie achievement in Modern Warfare 2. If this guide helped you achieve the achievement, please share it with your friends who might be struggling and drop a comment if you have a better method of obtaining it. We would love to hear your feedback.

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