Quick And Easy Way To Obtain The Ghost-In-Training Achievement In Modern Warfare 2

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Abdul Wasay Farooqui
Abdul Wasay Farooqui
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Modern Warfare 2 campaign has many achievements, and players are looking at ways to complete their platinum trophy by becoming a completionist. This guide will dive deep into the quick and easy way to obtain the Ghost-In-Training achievement in Modern Warfare 2.

This Detailed guide will explain all there is to know about this mission and how to obtain the achievement, including detailed steps and images. You earn this achievement by completing the 11th mission, “El Sin Nombre,” in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. 

How To Obtain The Ghost-In-Training Achievement

To obtain the Ghost-In-Training Achievement, you have to infiltrate El-Sin-Nombres Villa and capture the required target without being detected. If the alarm gets triggered, for instance, you will not fail the mission. However, the achievement will become unattainable, and you will have to restart the mission. 

We have divided the mission into three phases for your convenience.

Phase One

The mission begins with Soap willingly becoming a hostage to gain intel on El-Sin-Nombre, and Alejandro infiltrates the building as a guard. After the cartel captures and questions Soap, it is revealed that El-Sin-Nombre is in the penthouse on the top floor. Afterwards, Alejandro rescues Soap. And Soap informs Alejandro about the location of El-Sin-Nombre, they both decide to capture El-Sin-Nombre alive.

Phase Two

You'll see some guards talking

From here on onwards, you, as Soap. Have to infiltrate the penthouse without getting detected. After the cutscene ends in the hallway, head towards the left. Here, you will see some guards talking to each other. Walk past them into the open area. 

Heading to the open area

When you reach the open area, walk a few more steps, and you will see a gray gate with an open space behind that has an open balcony. 

The patio inside the drivewya
Reaching the stairway

Climb on the patio and get inside the stairway. After reaching the stairway, Go up the stairway. Pick up the bottle while going up. It will come in handy especially when you have to distract a guard.

The two doors

Here, you will see two doors. You need to go inside the door on the right. Here you will see a guard in front of you. Wait for him to leave the area and open the door on your immediate right.

Finding thje door on your immediate right

This is the bedroom area. Pick up the bottle on the table and go to the open balcony.

The bedroom area

After climbing across the balcony railing, you look towards the roof, and you will see a ladder going up. Use that ladder and go up. 


Phase Three

After getting to the roof, have a quick peek around. Here, you will see three guards. They will shoot you on sight, so be sure to use the reload checkpoint, because they will ruin your overall progress for the achievement. 

Roof Guards

After checking all the guards, move parallel to the roof tiles towards your right. After reaching the right edge of the roof, you will see a ladder in front of you. You need to get to that ladder undetected.


In order to get to that ladder, the best possible way is to crouch your way to the railing by sticking close to it. This is a bug left by the game, which allows you to sneak past all the enemies.

Hidden Railing

After sneaking up to the railing in front of the ladder, climb inside and get to the corner. Because the guards will now be checking on the roof ends, you will be noticed if you start to climb the ladder immediately.


After the guards have finished checking the outside parameter, you can finally begin your climb after climbing onto the ladder. You will meet Alejandro. 


After meeting him, jump inside the elevator, and use the elevator buttons to reach the third floor. Upon reaching the third floor, use the emergency unlock button, and you will see a hallway. 

Elevator Entrace
Elevator Controls

After reaching the hallway without getting caught, you will as a result be given the achievement.

Ghost-In-Training Achievement Unlocked


This was our in-depth guide on the quick and easy way to obtain the Ghost-In-Training achievement in Modern Warfare 2. Make sure to read our guide on how to obtain the Nessie Achievement. Please comment below if you have a better route and want us to share it with the world. We would love to have your feedback.

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