How to Make a Private Match in Apex Legends

Here's how you can make a private match in Apex.

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If you were curious about how to make a private match in Apex Legends, then you’re at the right place. Private matches are a great tool for experimentation and for trying out new things without ruining the experience for the other players.

Private matches are not bot lobbies, you cannot add bots to fill out the ranks. Whenever you make a private match, it’s just you and your buddies.

How to Make a Private Lobby in Apex Legends

how to make a private match in apex legends

To make a private match, all you have to do is go to the Game Mode Selection button in the Main Lobby. Once there, look at the top of your screen. The Private Match option should be available right next to the Public Match button.

If you want to make a private match in Apex Legends, select the Create Match button, however, if you want to join a private match, then put in the match code that you’ve been provided with.

Customizing Your Private Match

Did you know that you can customize your private matches? To do this, go to the Settings tab once you’re in a private match. If you’re the one who created the match, then you should be able to alter the settings of the match however you desire.

Private matches are how they gather all the best players in Apex Legends together. Talk about a premium club.

When customizing a private match, you have very few restrictions. As such, you can freely change the map, game mode, chat, and even disable aim-assist.

You Need to Have Turned on Crossplay to be Able to Play Private Matches

If you’ve turned off Crossplay, you might want to turn it back on again if you want to participate in a private lobby. So, if you’re organizing a tournament. Make sure each and every player has crossplay turned on, or else they won’t be able to join.

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