How to Raise Fortitude in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Increase your Fortitude to dish out more damage!

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Fortitude is extremely important in Wo Long as it helps you build up your Morale. Having more Morale means that you’ll inflict additional damage and take less damage as well. If you are new to the game, we will explain how to raise your Fortitude in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Fortitude can be increased in a few ways but it can be a bit confusing for newer players. Worry not because we will show you everything you have to do. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

How to Raise Fortitude

Raising your Fortitude is extremely vital in Wo Long. Depending on your Fortitude rank, you will have that much Morale as well. So, if your Fortitude is 10, your Morale cannot be lower than 10. In any level of the game, the maximum Morale you can get is 25.

So, having more Fortitude allows you to easily increase your Morale without any issues. There are two main ways in which you can increase your Fortitude.

Also, just like your Morale, you will have 0 Fortitude at the start of every new stage. So, make sure that you build it up as you progress.

Battle Flag

Battle Flags act as the game’s Bonfire. They allow you to rest and level up your character or respawn at them if you die. Keep in mind that if you rest at them, all the enemies will respawn around you, so, be careful.

Battle Flags are a bit rare and can be found in specific spots. However, since you can respawn at them and rest there, it is a good thing that they are not spread everywhere since it would make the game too easy.

Marking Flags

Secondly, you can find various Marking Flags around the map. Upon raising them, you cannot rest at them nor respawn there. However, they will increase your Fortitude rank which is a good thing. You can find them spread at various locations so make sure that you check out every corner of the map.

If you are having issues with a particular enemy, chances are that you left a Marking Flag behind that would have increased your Fortitude rank.


And there you have it; that’s everything you need to know about how to raise Fortitude in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Increasing your Fortitude can help you take on stronger foes thanks to the increased damage. Otherwise, you’ll have to land a lot of hits to defeat an enemy whereas you can die in just a few attacks.

What are your thoughts on the game so far? Do you have a high Fortitude rank? Let us know in the comments below!

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