How to Rank up Fast in CS:GO: 8 Pro Tips

The secret to ranking up is just playing better.

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu - CS2 & Valorant Expert
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Any serious CS:GO player wants to rank up as fast as they can. Nobody wants to get stuck in Silver forever. However, ranking up takes a lot of time, patience, and practice. Even the best CS:GO players had to grind their way to be as good as they are at the game.

However, there are definitely a few things that you can do to speed up your progress and get better at the game. Today, we have 8 pro tips that will teach you how to rank up in CS:GO. Buckle up, and get ready to climb the CS:GO ranks.


Prepare and Improve Your Mental

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The first and most important tip is to prepare and improve your mental. A huge problem that most players make when grinding the game is getting tilted. When you’re tilted, both your ability to think and your skills are hindered. This results in more losses, which then builds up your tilt again.

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Everyone loses aim battles, everyone loses rounds, and everyone loses games. You can’t win every single time. It’s just impossible. Once you lose, there’s nothing else you can do since it already happened. So why get mad, right?

Use your failures as a learning experience and try to see what you did wrong and what you can improve on. This way, you’ll be able to win the next time you’re put in a similar situation. Don’t focus on winning every single game. Instead, focus on improving every single time.


Always Communicate With Your Team

A photo of different microphones and headsets.

The next tip is to do your best to communicate with your team. Making sure that you can communicate efficiently and effectively is one of the best ways to help your team out. The best part is that it doesn’t even need that much effort to relay important information.

Make use of pings, accurate callouts, chat, and use your microphone. You don’t need to buy the best headset out there to effectively communicate. Just use what you have and relay any information you gather as quickly and as clearly as possible.

A great rule of thumb is to use the KISS Principle, “Keep It Short and Simple.” Don’t give unnecessary information, don’t over-pollute the comms, and please don’t be a backseat gamer.


Master The CS:GO Weapons

The buy menu in CS:GO.

Being a master at the different CS:GO weapons is a must if you want to rise up the ranks quickly. The best players in the world know the weapons so well that they can control the recoil patterns in their sleep.

Kidding aside, knowing recoil patterns by heart and knowing how and when to use the different weapons can go a long way. Ensuring that your bullets aren’t going all over the place is a surefire way to kill enemies.

However, mastering weapons also includes proper economy management. Knowing when to buy, when to save, and when to force are important factors that can help you convert rounds and rank up fast in CS:GO.


Learn the Different CS:GO Maps

Choosing a map in the lobby.

This is a crucial tip that surprisingly gets overlooked by most beginners. Everyone wants to play different maps for variety or shorter queue times. However, this will hurt you in the long run. You’re basically going in at a disadvantage if you’re playing on a map that you don’t know very well.

It’s important to play on maps that you know inside and out. This includes things like callouts, strategies, how to push, how to defend, and common angles to hold. This also ensures that you aren’t lost at any point in the game and can deliver accurate callouts to your team.

I definitely recommend familiarizing yourself with the various CS:GO maps by playing Deathmatch. Deathmatch not only allows you to train your aim but also allows you to practice shooting at the different areas and possible positions around the map.


Make Use of Your Grenades

Practicing lineups on Dust 2.

Grenades are an incredibly reliable tool in a game like CS:GO. They can help you push enemies back, block vision, force enemies out of hiding, or disorient enemies. Grenades can give you the upper hand and will make your time playing CS:GO way easier.

Knowing when and how to use grenades will allow you to quickly climb the ranks. Of course, you also need to know what to do if a grenade gets thrown your way. Quick thinking and quick reaction time are key when using and dealing with grenades in CS:GO.

I also highly suggest learning the best smoke spots and getting familiar with common grenade spots on all the maps you play on. This allows you to adapt your game on the fly and throw grenades toward areas where you need them most.


Learn the Various Wallbang Spots

Wallbanging on Inferno.

Learning the different wallbang is also another solid way to rank up fast in CS:GO. It’s already annoying being killed by an enemy you didn’t even see. But nothing is more frustrating than being killed through cover, thinking you were safe all along.

Knowing what you can wallbang adds an extra layer to your game and makes you more unpredictable. It can also help when clearing since you don’t have to hard clear at all times and wallbang instead. If you get a kill, it also makes you look like a cheater.

Wallbanging is especially powerful in the lower ranks. Most of the low-ranked players won’t know what can be wallbanged, giving you the upper hand already. Once you suspect that an enemy is hiding in a specific location, fire away and claim your free kill.


Try to Get MVPs

Getting MVP end-screen.

Now, let’s get a bit selfish. You can’t rank up fast if you’re not doing well in your games. One of the clear indicators that you can hold your own within the lobby is getting the honor of MVP. Collecting a lot of MVPs will help you rank up faster since you’ll be getting a larger share of points when you win.

The easiest way to score MVPs is by planting or defusing the bomb. Luckily, this is a role that most players don’t want to play, allowing you to easily swoop in and claim the role for yourself. However, you’ll still need to get a kill or two to secure that MVP, even after planting or defusing.

If the bomb doesn’t get planted, the MVP gets awarded to the player with the most eliminations for that round. Try to control your aggression and engage with your utility. Throw flashbangs, trade allies, and get those headshots to rank up in no time.


You Can’t Go Wrong With More Practice

A photo of playing deathmatch to rank up fast in CS:GO.

The final tip we have for you today is to simply practice more. There’s no point in knowing all of the tips we’ve mentioned above if you can’t execute them in-game. The only way to implement them into your game is by practicing them until you know them by heart.

Practice includes everything from spray control, grenade lineups, wallbang spots, movement, and aim training. I know it can be boring to practice instead of climbing the ranks, but it’s an important part that any good CS:GO player has gone through.

I highly suggest using aim trainers to help you solidify your aim while playing mini-games. You can also get a friend and do 1v1 battles to practice your core mechanics in CS:GO. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of Deathmatch. It’s a solid way to apply map knowledge while training your aim and improving your movement, among other mechanics.

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