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Becoming a CEO in Grand Theft Auto Online is not only simple, but it is also one of the best things you can do to start earning large amounts of in-game cash quickly! You’ll only need to follow our short and simple tutorial, and you’ll be your own boss in no time. In this article, we’ll run you through why you should be a CEO, and how you can register as CEO in GTA 5.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why you SHOULD want to become a CEO!

Money and XP

Money and XP

Becoming a CEO in GTA Online doesn’t just mean getting a cool new title, it also means you’ll be able to access several methods to making large amounts of XP and money, actively and passively. For example, being a CEO is crucial for acquiring businesses such as nightclubs and arcades, but also import/export businesses that allow you to generate passive income, as well as active income through free-roam missions.

Police Immunity and Map Immunity

Police and Map Immunity

Speaking of free-roam missions, the CEO role has two primary benefits that will make carrying out these missions a breeze. Once a CEO, you will be able to pay $15,000 for two minutes of immunity from gaining a wanted level, which means you’re able to do anything you want in that time, and the police will turn a blind eye. Additionally, you can pay $12,000 to hide yourself and your associates from the mini-map, preventing other players from easily locating you and stealing the goods you’re transporting, or from killing you mid-mission.

CEO Vehicles


CEOs can spawn in several vehicles and equipment at leisure, by using the CEO menu or their phone. Therefore, you’ll be able to change out vehicles or equipment on the fly, which can be extremely powerful during free-roam missions when you require a faster vehicle or stronger vehicle. Or, if you simply just need more ammo.

How to Register as a CEO

How to register and locations

The first step to becoming a CEO requires you to purchase an Executive Office. Executive offices are properties that can be purchased in GTA Online and can be found on the Dynasty 8 Executive website. These offices come with additional features that can be purchased, such as gun lockers, accommodation, and vaults.

Currently, there are four different Executive Office locations, each of which is priced vastly differently: Maze Bank West at Del Perro for $1,000,000. Arcadius Business Center at Pillbox Hill for $2,250,000. Lombank West at Del Perro for $3,100,000. And Maze Bank Tower at Pillbox Hill for $4,000,000.

Interaction Menu

Interaction Menu

You’ll need to follow these brief steps on how to become a CEO in GTA 5:

  1. Open the In-game Interaction Menu using ‘M’ on the Keyboard, the touchpad on PS5, or the View button on Xbox Series X.
  2. Head to SecuroServ, which should be below the Services tab.
  3. Within the SecuroServ option, you’ll find the option to Register as a CEO.
  4. Register your business, and hit enter to become a CEO in GTA 5.

To recap, you will need to head to the Interaction Menu whilst in free-roam, and head down to SecuroServ, enter this sub-menu, and you will see the option “Register as a CEO”. Once you have registered as a CEO, you will then be able to benefit from all the previously mentioned extras, as well as purchase things for your office and businesses.

You will also be able to access this information from your Executive computer, located within your office.

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