How to Remake in VALORANT (Explained)

"Don't worry, guys, he'll reconnect." He said 10 rounds ago.

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Climbing the Valorant ranks is already hard enough when playing on equal grounds. It gets incredibly more difficult when it turns into a 4v5 because of an ally being disconnected before the match even starts. Luckily, Riot has a Valorant remake feature that allows your team to forfeit the game without any consequences.

Here’s how to remake in Valorant.

The Remake Feature in Valorant

Let’s start things out by explaining what is a remake in Valorant. Remakes in Valorant are in place to prevent unfair matches where one or more player gets disconnected. This system allows players to end games within the first two rounds without any penalties to their ranked MMR.

The Steps to Vote for a Remake in Valorant

Here are the steps you need to take to remake in Valorant:

  • Press Enter, then type in “/remake,” then send.
  • This should trigger a lobby vote which asks all connected players from your team if they want to remake or not.
A photo of the remake vote in Valorant.
  • All players must agree to vote yes in order for the remake to be successful.
  • Once all players have voted yes, the match will automatically end.

You can only call for a remake if one or more players have disconnected before the start of the first round. Anyone from their team can then trigger the prompt using the /remake command. The remake can occur anytime during the second round, only if the player/s still hasn’t reconnected.

Unfortunately, remakes in Valorant can only be triggered if a player gets disconnected before the start of the first round. If the player disconnects anytime during the middle of the round, then the remake command wouldn’t be available.

Remakes aren’t available to premade groups of five. However, if you are playing with a duo or in a trio, then remakes are still accessible to your team.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When Should You Remake in Valorant?

You should almost always remake in Valorant. It’s the best action to take whenever a player disconnects before the pistol round. It doesn’t give you a RR deduction, so there shouldn’t be any reason for you and your team to play out an entire game at a huge disadvantage. 

The only reason why you might not want to remake is if it is your duo/trio who disconnected, and you’re certain that they’ll reconnect soon.

What Happens to the Player Who Disconnected?

The player who disconnected will receive full RR penalties as if they lost a game. They will also receive additional RR deductions for leaving the game. Finally, they will also receive a leaver time-out penalty, where they can’t queue for a certain amount of time.

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