How to Revive Pals in Palworld

Find out how you can revive your Pals if they faint.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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When your Pals have their HP reach 0, they will faint. This will cause them to be out of action until revived. That is why this guide will show you how to revive Pals in Palworld.

Unlike Pokemon, you cannot go to centers and revive your Pals. Surprisingly, the game doesn’t explain how you can revive Pals either. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

Palworld: How to Revive Pals

Once your Pals faint, you’ll have to go back to your base and place them in the Palbox. This will start a timer next to their name.

Once the timer reaches zero, you can put your Pals in your party or your base to work. Thankfully, the timer isn’t a lot so you can revive your pets within 10 minutes depending on their level.

Make sure that you keep your Pals healthy in case you run into an emergency. Occasionally, random starving Pals will attack your base and wreak chaos. Make sure that you have extra Pals ready and healthy so that they can protect your base.


And there you have it; that’s how you can revive Pals in Palworld. Make sure that you keep your Pals healthy so that they can work or fight whenever you want.

Do you like the revive mechanic in Palworld? Or do you prefer having centers like the Pokemon Center? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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