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If Aerith is the best girl for you, then you’ll definitely wanna have a deep enough relationship with her before reaching the date in Chapter 12. This guide will teach players all the necessary steps needed to romance Aerith Gainsborough in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Let’s take a look at all the side quests, dialogue choices, story decisions, and other factors that can help you deepen your relationship with Aerith. We’ve already covered a similar romance guide for Tifa, if you are interested.

The Date Sequence in Chapter 12

Haunted House – Golden Saucer

Chapter 12 features a date sequence where a character will knock at Cloud’s door. The game chooses this character that is based on his relationship with the party members.

Note: You need to have a level 4 relationship with Aerith (Dark Blue smiley face) for her to knock on your door. If you have a level 5 relationship (Light Blue smiley face), then it will turn into an intimate date.

Our goal in this FF7 guide will be to ensure that Aerith knocks at Cloud’s door and you get to have a very special moment with her. So, let us go over the steps you need to take to raise the relationship status to at least level 4 or even 5.


Aerith’s Sidequests

Aerith 3 - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Aerith Romance

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is packed with sidequests in every region. Each sidequest will have a specific companion accompany you and show more interest in whatever you are doing. Completing these quests will raise your relationship status with that companion.

Since our focus is building a relationship with Aerith, we will cover all of the sidequests you encounter in Rebirth where Aerith will be the focus.

Keeping her in the party while exploring will ensure that we get to increase our relationship through combat as well. (more on that in the latter bits of the guide).

Here is a list of all the sidequests you can complete to gain a massive boost in your relationship status with Aerith:

  • Grasslands: Flowers from the Hill
  • Junon: Stuck in a Rut
  • Corel: Rendezvous in Costa del Sol
  • Gongaga: The Spice of Life | Woodland Vigil


Dialogue Choices

Aerith 2 - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Aerith Romance
A conversation between Aerith and Cloud

Cloud gets to chat with all of his party members at several points in the game. These are relation-building conversations. Whenever you talk to a character, you’ll be provided with three answers: The Best – Good – Bad responses. You have to say the right thing during these conversations to increase your relationship score with Aerith.

As we’ve mentioned in our Tifa romance guide, You won’t lose relationship points for choosing the Bad option. But you will end up missing out on an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Aerith.

Here is a List of all the relationship-building conversations you’ll have with Aerith:

  • Outside the Bookstore in Kalm: Choose the “Sure, let’s.” option.
  • At the Inn in Junon: Go with the “You shoved a flower at my face” option.
  • At the beach in Costal Del Sol: “They’re just thoughts”
  • Outside Zack’s house in Gongaga Village: Select “They didn’t seem to mind.”
    • You first have to start the Aerith’s Acquaintances Main Scenario and progress through it.
  • As she’s about to make her speech during Chapter 10: You have to “Encourage her.”
  • On the tower in Nibelheim: Choose the “Sounds like something I’d do” dialogue.


Story Choices

Aerith Cloud Gongaga Village
Aerith and Cloud in Gongaga Village.

Cloud also gets a few chances during the story bits of FF7 Rebirth to deepen his relationship with Aerith and romance her. Here are all the different instances where you’ll be able to deepen your relationship with Aerith.

  • Junon Inauguration Parade: You have to ensure that the 7th Infantry Division wins the parade by finding all the missing members and nailing the Quick Time Event to get a perfect score.
  • Costa Del Sol: Make sure that Cloud and Aerith have the same taste in swimsuits. Here’s how they match up:
    • Cloud Ocean Chocobo Casual Swimwear |Aerith Floral Delight Long Skirt
    • Cloud Wild Surf Shirtless | Aerith Pink Mermaid Short Skirt
  • Costa Del Sol: During the beach attack, choose to go and help Aerith, and Barret on the left side.
  • Loveless: When Aerith becomes Rosa, you have to ensure that you get a high score to deepen your relationship with her.
    • She will only become Rosa if you have a low relationship/affinity with Tifa.


Synergy Abilities & Skills

Aerith & Cloud using their Synergy Ability

Combat is also a great means to deepen your relationship with characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Just keep Aerith in your party as you play the game and use all of her Synergy Abilities with Cloud.

Read our FF VII Rebirth Combat Tips guide if you are interested in knowing more about Synergy Abilities in detail.

Here are all the Synergy Folios you need to unlock for both Cloud and Aerith to use all their linked moves:

  • Cloud: Firework Blade | United Refocus
  • Aerith: Combat Savior | Bodyguard | Spellbound Blast

If your Synergy Ability has a yellow marker next to its name, that means using it will deepen your relationship with that character. So, make sure you use and gain XP from all of them!

There’s no way to check the exact relationship level with any character before you beat the game besides the emojis you see by pressing L1. So, follow the guide, which should help you end up with the correct date partner.

Do all these things, and you should be able to romance Aerith in Chapter 12 of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. We hope you found this guide easy to follow and have a good time with your best girl, Tifa!

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